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  1. Hey, uh. I don't like the strange rainbow effect this adds to the atmosphere. Is there a way to disable that?
  2. So I decided to try this mod today, but I'm having some weird memory issues. Just loading the home base with the high detail mountain ranges around it seem to kick my computer up to 16GB of memory usage. And I only have 16GB of RAM so it crashes shortly thereafter. If I manage to get into the tracking station before the game crashes, memory usage drops down to about 8GB which is more along the lines of what I would expect. Anyone else having issues like this? Definitely seems related to the mountains around the base. If I go to the launch pad and face out to sea I hover around 9GB. As soon as I pan the camera around to the mountains around the base I run out of memory and the game crashes.
  3. Hey KillAshley, Just wanted to say even if you never get around to updating this, I enjoyed the hell out of it back in the day. I got a lot of hours of enjoyment out of this. Even if I did curse you a few times for making me escape a double gravity well to get out of the starting area. Cheers and hope things are well.
  4. Ok, makes sense I suppose. But that's not what the earth looks like from space right? Isn't it a bit too hazy?
  5. Why does Kerbin look so hazy from space once you are in game? Why doesn't it looks like it does on the main menu screen? You can see what I mean on the first post on this forum page by Bandus.
  6. Proot, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Awesome work! Been waiting for this forever seems like! I sent you money Cheers!
  7. After updating to 1.6.6 the game will no longer load. After the loading sequence I just end up at a black screen with the words "Kerbal Space Program" in a small grey box in the upper left hand corner. Anyone else run into this?
  8. I have encountered this also and its very frustrating. I brought along several heatshields to aid in aerobraking on Eve, and when I got there they are already almost gone. This despite having several radiators on my ship. Four hours into my mission, the whole thing is a bust now. Sick of these stupid bugs.
  9. Man, just spent a horrible couple hours trying to do a part recovery mission from the surface of Aptur. Everything went fine until I got within a about a km of the part, then I noticed it was floating about 100m in the air. When I got within a couple hundred meters it 'reset' itself and jumped down to the surface.....on a the dark. (I know, my fault for not bringing lights). Then every time I got close to the part it would then sink through the world and glitch out. Reloading the game and trying to go to the space center and back would sometimes halt its fall through the world, but by then it was stuck sort of halfway into the ground. After like 50 tries I finally got a lander with a grapple to attach to it, and tried to take off into orbit. Only to have my ship explode. Apparently since the part was halfway sunk into the ground it collided with the surface when I tried to pull it out. BLARGH! - - - Updated - - - Btw, I keep getting missions to recover ore from Sonnah also.
  10. This is just outstanding, thanks for putting this together. It really adds a beautiful element to the game. I'm running a handful of other mods including Engine lights and Hot Rockets, and I just had a 'wow' moment. I fired off the nuclear engine and the red glow reflected off the solar panels. Nice stuff! If anyone else hasn't seen this, below is a good reference for adding game beauty. I chose not to install the KSPRC stuff yet, waiting for the official release. You'll need to do the 64 bit work around too to avoid numerous crashing from low memory. (Wish I would have done that ages ago, the game is so much more stable now, lol). And I'm really enjoying New Horizons, feels like a free expansion pack. Beware though, it ups the difficulty level a bit. Having Kerbin as a moon of a heavy gravity gas giant means you have to learn how to leverage gravity assist whenever possible.
  11. This just happened to me. I made a basic lander with a hitchhiker module as the root part. I landed it on the mun and re-fueled it with a fuel truck using the claw. Now when the lander is in orbit and I try to time accelerate, the root part freezes and all the rest of the parts fall off and drop to the mun. This is accompanied by the nullreferenceexception spam in the debug log. Its almost like the claw doesn't get removed from the craft properly when its released, like there is still a ghost reference to it. When the game tries to pack the craft for time warp it fails. UPDATE: So I restored from an earlier save, and re-enacted everything I'd done. I worked on it a while and tried tons of different variables but I'm not able to recreate the bug. I can't find a smoking gun on what caused it.
  12. Please for the love of God, fix the dang memory leak on the temperature gauges. I can't tell you how many times I've crashed because of this. Every time I forget to turn them off, or I actually need to troubleshoot a heat issue, BOOM KSP.EXE has stopped working. It's driving me crazy.
  13. Hey thanks, yafeshan, appreciate it! KillAshley: So I completed my low orbit recovery mission for Sonnah, was very challenging with the heat and gravity issues. I used an LVN recovery vehicle with lots of fins for radiators and a service bay to shield the heat sensitive stuff. Question for you though. Just out of curiosity, why is Sonnah hot? Aren't most gas giants cold? Just curious what the logic is behind it. If there is a reason why its hot then I say leave it as is...
  14. Hey so I'm trying to get KSPRC working with NH. I've followed all the instructions and recommendations. But I find that when I load my game and go to KSC and click on the tracking station, everything locks up. If I remove Texture Replacer this doesn't happen. I've updated Texture Replacer to 2.4.6 but still no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?