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  1. I believe it has to do with outdated part mods. Squad changed the way parts connect in 1.0, so some mods might be a bit buggy if not properly updated.
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  3. Maybe use these telescopes to measure phase angles to perform interplanetary transfers?
  4. Science is a cool feature. That is a fact. However, the current implementation is far from accurate and it kinda hurts the gameplay. Science as of now is a miracle resource. You find it in new places and you build all your new tech out of it. All science is identical. A science point from a crew report on the launchpad is exactly the same as a science point from an atmospheric pressure reading from Jool's lower atmosphere. The can both be spent on any technology in the entire tree. I say that the science system needs an overhaul! FOR EXAMPLE: First, you should start out with solid boosters that get lower end ISP's. After some data on the rocket and how it flies is collected with instruments, It should open up options to develop improvements to those SRB's and, after some upper atmosphere science, open up the thrust tweakable and possibly liquid fuel rockets. The system for getting new parts would be pretty complicated. The first step towards awesome parts is to send a probe with all the scanning parts to the celestial body you are interested in. Then, your scientists tell you the possible technological advancements and what to do to further progress toward them. FOR EXAMPLE: If you want to improve armor plating then you might take samples of craters on the Mün for meteor chunks containing new metals. After you find a crater containing a new metal, you could take the samples back to Kerbin where you can initiate research on the utilization of those metals. The research would probably cost a significant sum of cash but, after completing it, you can equip your vehicles with this new and more advanced metal for a small amount of extra money per part. All in all, I don't know how the economical system will work, but I really hope that Squad makes some significant changes to science. Add what you think about science and how it should be changed.
  5. I'd like a Science overhaul. Something to turn science from pressing buttons to performing experiments yourself.
  6. Perhaps putting your experiments in a lab on-site could give you, for example x2 science after a couple weeks. It would encourage making larger landers and/or bases. Its also not spammable.
  7. All systems, Prepare for lithobrake! Now!
  8. How am I do tell which is which? I'll end up thinking KSP is having a seizure while is only the radiation interfering. It's still awesome and I want it NAOW!
  9. Very interesting idea. I would certainly enjoy trying to neutralize a potential danger to my space program, or just helping out some kerbals for a bit of money to give my space program a boost.
  10. Perfect solution to FTL vs. STL Argument! Just jump into a black hole!