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  1. I only just noticed. Ferram Aerospace Research = FAR. Neophyte's Elementary Aerodynamics Replacement = NEAR. Far and Near? Igeddit.
  2. You might wanna steer a bit off course of Exotic Matter, or at least go with a different name so KSPI won't use exotic matter generated from this warp drive, and vice versa. Because it might be a bit of a cheat, not having to use Megajoules.
  3. Is it normal that I have increased building destruction on all my ships? EDIT: No wait, I had Jebediah on all my ships. Sorry about that.
  4. This is no rocket. This is the SEADRAGON.
  5. I'm pretty sure it would need to be manned. (to bring science you need Kerbals.). See the post previous of me (which is also mine) relating to the topic.
  6. He meant so in Career mode, we can do SCIENCE!!! (e.g surface samples, eva reports, crew reports, etc.)
  7. Ahem. It specifically sates ALL ADDONS, PLUGINS AND SIMILAR WORKS. This, technically is an addon. So therefore, it needs a source.
  8. Looks great. Oh yeah, can you make a Mechjeb body? Oh yeah also despite me not being a mod, There's no source code.
  9. I think this a great mod. However, the Launch Escape Tower HAS already been implemented, although in 0.23.5, which is the ARM update. I think you should remove that. I don't wanna get confused between KSPX's one and NasaMission's one.
  10. Try using hyperedit like Danny did in the intro of MAIKSP7. (Messing Around in Kerbal Space Program 7)