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  1. Going from Moho to Eeloo is only 10% harder than going from Moho to Kerbin.
  2. You want to kill a Kerbal? This is Val, after they told her she did not qualify for the Mun Mission. It killed her, it did.
  3. noun: colony a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country and occupied by settlers from that country. plural noun: settlers a person who moves with a group of others to live in a new country or area. Ok, so you want us to demonstrate a *FAILED* colony of 10 Kerbals to Eve?
  4. Parachutes are a no-no. It's rocket propulsion all the way. And nice squishy landing legs. I would be amazed if anyone gets this down to even 2g
  5. Getting the Kerbals there, is no problem. Building a nice base is only slightly problematic, mainly due to the difficulty of getting docking ports to adhere with greater force than the gravity's bending of everything. Also longdistance rovers are not very practical. Not when they are portaging base components from miss-dropped landing sites, over mountains and lakes. Supplying them with a mean to get home? AY CARAMBA! I will be skipping this one, thanks.
  6. You should get an Eeloo-> Kerbin transfer once per Kerbin year (plus a few hours)
  7. Russian Apollo???? Do you Mean the Soviet Soyuz A-B-V circumlunar complex, as in early designs, or the later N1 LOR concept, including the LK-R uncrewed L3 complex and two Lunokhod automated rovers to work as radio beacons for crewed LK, with the LK-R used as a reserve escape craft?
  8. Did you have something like this in mind? It's only 75 Kerbals, but it is SO tedious loading them all onto the rocket at launch, I didn't want to do more.
  9. Easy. Do all of these *at the same time*. i.e. Start a new career, and as quickly as you can build a Mun base which you then relocate to MinMus. Do this using a large number of Kerbals on command chairs, riding re-launchable rockets. And in the process, neglect to *ever* build your comms center, so you have no maneuver nodes for anything. I'm pretty sure that in the process of doing this, the "Release Kraken" and "Destroy KSP Buildings" bits will happen all by their merry self.
  10. The first prep and then the Kerbin,Mun,MinMus, Eeloo,Dres,Duna missions are absolutely trivial The Moho mission is easy The Jool-5 is a very,very tuff nut to crack, with a SINGLE launch, and requiring orbital dock etc. each landing. No refuelling? wow. Eve and gilly. manned. return. from a SINGLE launch (From the launch pad, even). Ok, sorry, here I give up.
  11. You hate Val? No problem. Just have her sit in a command chair, with a nice view of the Launchpad and Runway. And watch as all the other Kerbals get to go to Space, while she just.....sits. I'm pretty sure that will kill her spirit worse than anything else in this thread.
  12. Launch: trivial Orbit: no problem Get to Mun: easy-peasy Land: omfgwegonnadiehelphelphelpaaargh! launch, Mun orbit: easy return: easy land: easy, with parachutes So, I can do 6/7 of the challenge. update: 2 ulcers later. Note: due to the nature of SRB's, this involved many,many F5-F9 cycles. And even then... owch. Basic brute force lifter, at 134.7 tons. fancy-schmancy lander, with multiple seperatrons set to very low throttle, providing about 1.2 mun-g of deceleration. and with throttle-control by having each pair of seperatrons on ejectors, for when I don't want their thrust any more.(final landing) imgur album here: https://imgur.com/a/n5sItx1
  13. Poodle is a MUCH better engine, with almost 30% better TWR at sealevel. Same design as before, just swap out the engines, singles on the core and 9 inners, triple poodles on the 4 outers.(for that low thrust in thick air) Is this "orbit" enough for you? Jeb, on MinMus, 745m/s fuel left in the tank. If I'd bothered putting a chute on the capsule, he could have landed back at home from here.
  14. Actually, doing this with a rocket is *trivial*. But when trying to do so with a spaceplane, I keep on having to add more engines to get enough TWR to maintain flight, which used fuel faster, needing more tanks, causing more drag, needing more engines, and I end up wit, really, a horizontally launching rocket. This very crude asparagus can send Jeb to Mun, (on an uncontrolled flyby)
  15. 0.000001 seconds my twin-mammoth-powered "scout" plane does not believe in grabbity.
  16. No Nukes, No Ions? . . Realistically, this challenge then devolves to "who can build the most durable heatshield", As the speed achievable from a low(ish) solar flyby will be the determining factor, and the better your heatshield the better your speed. Ok, here's my entry: top orbital speed: -> 95379.6m/s
  17. Gargamel..... Are you seriously saying you launched a ballistic orbit from one of the flats of minmus, headed *east* (in the direction of MinMus rotation), that managed to orbit all the way around and impact 1500m east of the launch point, *at the same altitude* as the launch? As the launch altitude cannot possibly be lower than your perigee, it must be at or above perigee. Thus, the perigee position must be at or to the west of your launch point. . Which point, due to the rotation of MinMus, is 20.9km+1.5km east of where you started? YOU HAVE DISCOVERED A WAY TO ROTATE PERIGEE BY 22.5KM WITHOUT PROPULSION!!!! . . I.E. I claim you are a cheating skunk that hyperedited your projectile for a closer fit. The ONLY way to actually achieve this challenge with a launch towards rotation is to have the launch point on a mountain, allowing the initial launch angle to be very very slightly below horizontal, yet clear terrain on first pass while slamming into your mountain after one orbit.
  18. What can one say about that rocke..erm, airplan..erm, Cigar of 4x4Cheesecake? Wings? Where we are going we won't need...wings. . or how about: That's one small flight for Cigar, One Giant flight for Kerbalkind. . Ouf.. I've been testing your Cigar's claims to "fly pretty well" Well, it does. It actually flies better than most of my planes! Landing is another matter entirely. The turbine lag on that engine and the very narrow base make a tail landing a work of art, not just skill.
  19. Minmus burn must be pure retrograde? and AT perigee? Owch! Actually, I'm claiming Heisenberg, and stating that allowing a burn only *at* perigee must be of zero duration, thus some higher order of infinite acceleration.
  20. Watches ManEatingApe start a career, 2 missions, and get to both Duna and Eeloo. . Picks jaw up from ground. Considers sweeping up shattered ego, but its too finely broken to bother.... . wow!
  21. Its easier to handle your rover if you redefine the keybindings for rover movement to be different from the ones for spacecraft motion.
  22. Oh, you wanted the New Glenn too? Here is my rendition of B.O.'s New Glenn, carefully engineered to be up-to-date An engine test of the be-4 engine, and some conceptual structures.
  23. ...."and land it on the launch pad" erm, I'll pass on that bit, every time i try to land on a building , the building blows up on me. Still, here is my new Shepherd's B.O.
  24. Actually, for me the limit on Hard difficulty is not the science gain, but the **obscene** cost of the last tier of building upgrade to allow that science to be turned into tech. Getting 4mil++ from just contracts is *hard*, time consuming work.
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