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  1. hey has any one noticed empty tech tree nods? I not sure what the problem is but it could be I have more mods that need to update, but yeah no parts in the vab no parts in the tech tree nods, if any one can give me a clue as to what might be happening let me know
  2. Thank you for your heard work Frizzank that is I have always loved your work since I found it
  3. I need to find a way to clan up my parts, as it stands now I have 3 X-1 engines and and extra baby Sargent
  4. its just that with RO we had to do something because of all the odd sizes. the P-inter stage with the p-fairings works vary well because of the wide rangers of sizes parts of rockets can be. I mean my sounding rocket has a .3 m diameter. and something like a Saturn 5 is over 4 m in diameter... and with the inter-stage and faring you can get that cool drop away of the faring after stage separation like we see in the NASA videos
  5. The procedural faring are easier to work with, and a must of you use RO and Real fuels as your the basic decouplers dont really work
  6. could that be part of test flight? because that is not uncommon malfuction in rocket engine clusters, or having some burn out early I seem to remember a satern test lauch had the 2nd stange hand an engine burn out early, so the buth when the gidince package tried to cut the fuel flow, it cut it to a deffren engine so it shut down early to
  7. yes it is usually done with solid rocket motors. but some like explorer 1 uesed a tub like in a washer to spine the explorer satellite. if you watch the launch videos you can see it spinning at the top of the Juno Rocket... not sure how Vanguard did it they may well have used solid rockets to impart the spin
  8. there are more ways to generate power with out solar pannels, you can do it with a fuel cell for example
  9. make sure you do not down load the RT Ro config.... I had the same problem and that seemd to clear it up
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