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  1. I...I have no words. This is the best film I've ever seen in a long, long time.
  2. Well I must have done something bad, every interstage is now completely messed up and doesn't work at all, They make the noise of staging when I activate them, but the vehicle doesn't separate properly and I can even control the throttle of the lower engine ! Maybe a conflict with another mod. That said, the last mod I installed was DMagic Orbital Science.. quite strange. EDIT : It works now. It's my fault, I made a mistake while stacking the parts. One millimeter away and you miss the good attach node y'know
  3. Anyone else getting the 5m decoupler interstage not decoupling ? Edit : Oh... looks like I'm apparently not the only one
  4. Is there a medium resolution EVE ? Because there is a high resolution EVE but I see nothing else. Since I have a truckload of mods, I would like to spare some memory.
  5. Where are they located ? Does someone have a photograph of them ?
  6. Argh, I cannot imagine this mod being discontinued, It was one of my favorites and most used addons
  7. Well, the models look cool but I hope that the textures are temporary
  8. Damn... I wanted to use both of these mods... Guess I'll have to make a choice.
  9. Does someone have any picture of the new models prototypes ?
  10. You are undoubtedly right. I read the translation of the transmission, and the fact that the woman is talking about flames entering the craft during reentry makes me skeptical, since there shouldn't be any transmission during reentry. And something more bothers me : shouldn't we hear the mission control as well, since it should be on the same frequency ?
  11. Description of the video : "Kosmonauta is a visualization of an actual sound clip from a female cosmonaut in distress. The signal was picked up on a soviet space frequency in 1962 and gave rise to the theory of the (lost) first female cosmonaut. This project was made by Mirjam Veske (Production Designer) and Nils Eilif Bremdal (Cinematographer). After finishing their exam films at the Norwegian Film School they teamed up for this final project before graduating from the film school. They worked as a Production Designer and Cinematographer, but made all directorial decisions together all through the production process. Accompanied by Thomas Grotmol (Editor) and Vegard Soldal (Sound Designer) and fellow students and friends, the film has been a great collaborative experience. If you want to see stills from behind the scenes, go to flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14184763815 Music by Ólafur Arnalds - "Out To Sea""
  12. Could be a good idea if well balanced. Sir, you have my support !
  13. Launch vehicle : Ariane 5 ECA Payload : MeaSat-3b and Optus 10 satellites. Location : Kourou Space Center. Live here : http://www.videocorner.tv/videocorner2/live_flv/index.php?langue=en http://www.videocorner.tv/videocorner2/live_flv/index_fr.php?langue=fr#.VBIVH_l_utb (French) Enjoy !
  14. It should be every man and woman's dream to go to space. I also think it's the next logical step for mankind to reach. I mean why the hell are we even still on this planet ? Our destiny lies above us. (Interstellar quote)
  15. The fact is that I stopped playing KSP until every mod is 64 bits compatible. I play with a truckload of mods and having crashes bored me. So now I spend my time on DayZ standalone, ArmA III, Insurgency... and I'm hysterically waiting for the new Rust version to be more complete
  16. I...I'm sorry...I don't like it. Doesn't sound very...Kerbal... More like a Russian LGBT Club music for a space themed party...
  17. I think the textures should be redone. They seem a bit...obsolete. Great models though.
  18. http://www.ulalaunch.com/webcast.aspx Putting GSSAP 1 & 2 satellites in orbit.
  19. http://www.ulalaunch.com/webcast.aspx Putting GSSAP 1 & 2 satellites in orbit. EDIT : Damn...a there's a storm.
  20. "Evidently the car also heated up to 250°C in the sunshine when subject to perpendicular radiation. It was left behind and is still there today! The rubber tyres didn't melt. What a joke!" Made my day.
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