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  1. What you describe here is actually very similar to what my Mod does, but I ain't mad Good luck to you.
  2. Both are required but order in the CFG shouldn't matter one bit to the best of my knowledge.
  3. I don't even play KSP anymore I brought it up because people have been bugging me about it ever since KCT stopped doing sims
  4. A part needs to have a config to work with TestFlight, but configs can be setup to work with multiple parts. You said you were using Stock configs provided by someone, so it just depends on how those are setup. But yes, the part needs to have a config for it to work.
  5. Would be great if this could integrate with the TestFlight API to do some things, at the very least an option to disable part failures during sims like KCT used to have. You could additionally do more complex things like allow some test data to be acquired during sims but be capped, or allow disabling or triggering of specific failures. You can do alot with the API
  6. Some raw initial thoughts re possible TestFlight integration What is a "like" part? When parts are re-used how much player interaction is there? Does the player make decisions on what old parts to use? Can they see any data on individual parts? Are there options for payed refurbishment, or skipping such?
  7. TestFlight provides an API that authors of Simulation mods can use to interact with TestFlight specifically for this purpose, but sadly KCT was the only one to ever do so. Poke the author of the sim mod to tell them you want them to do that Sorry for the confusion. The problem is I don't play KSP anymore, but I try to keep TF up to date so as to not leave everyone hanging. A consequence of that though is I focus on updating things on GitHub but don't make the effort generally to come here and do the forums as well. Managing all those pieces really does get to be a lot of work. The latest version of TestFlight on GitHub, is for KSP 1.2.2 The configs for TestFlight are what controls these things. There are various stock configs floating around from various people, but the ones that used to come with TestFlight were deprecated a long time ago and were never really well done to begin with because when I played KSP it was never in Stock, only RO. RO provides its own TestFlight configs, but I don't think they touch the batteries yet. You can transfer from multiple parts. The transfer is one a time thing the very first time that a part is flown.
  8. Anyway for this mod to have the keys configured? Not everyone has a numpad. My keyboard is a 10keyless as are a lot of gaming keyboards.
  9. Thanks I got it working! @Tristonwilson12 Any chance you could add spotlights to these? They are very cool but at night very dark There is another KK setup called KSPFloodlights that does this very well but of course i'd rather use yours
  10. I didn't copy it over. From the main menu I went to Start Game, then Load Game and selected my career. The once in game I hit Esc and went to Save and saved it as KK. Then when I restarted I loaded that. Are you saying I need to start a brand new career playthrough? Also what do you mean by "modify its parameters". I saw nothing about that step?
  11. Is this workaround working for anyone? I am wondering if I am not doing something correct? I removed all mods except KerbalKonstructs and of course Squad, and started KSP. I loaded my existing career then saved that to a new save called KK. Next I quit KSP and deleted the KerbalKonstructs/statics folder. Lastly I copied back all my mods, loaded KSP, loaded my career and loaded the KK save I had made. But after doing all this, in the VAB the KK button does nothing, and if I go to the launchpad it is unchanged.
  12. I totally ran into the issue of having the AP reference frame set to vessel.reference_frame, so yeah I would vote for an error in that case as recovering from the insane spin that os induced in just mere seconds is pretty hard heh.
  13. Ok so I managed to get this working by using MechJeb to align to the sun, then I got vessel.direction(sun.reference_frame) and recorded the values. Then I just set the AP to use that ref frame and those values. This works, but I have no idea how I would have derived it myself.
  14. Ok so here is my weekly confusing reference frame kRPC problem.... I want to point my vessel at something. Seems this would be a very common thing right? In my case I want to point my vessel at the sun so that my solar panels get optimum exposure. Actually I want to point the back of my vessel at the sun but I figure if I can get the front pointed the right way I should be able to just invert it or something. Anyway I have had no luck at all in making this work, and I feel like I must be overcomplicating what is probably a often done task in kRPC. Can anyone provide some assistance?
  15. The reason I am asking you is because I **don't** want the mods to take your links down, but if they don't follow the forum rules they will be If you can just provide a link ti the post where SpaceTiger gave permission to do so that would be great. As for the question "More to the point how do you expect to know if the dll provided matches the source code provided? Release of source code proves nothing about the binaries after all..." that is literally the case with any mod, but with the source posted someone can compile that provided source and verify it is the same. Again this is just a forum rule.
  16. Hi, while I do appreciate you doing this, please realize the MODs license is All Rights Reserved and therefore you are in violation of the license when you recompile and re-distribute a new version. Further more by releasing a DLL you are required to release the source code for it, by KSP rules, even if you made no changes (how do we know you didn't?).
  17. In the MechJeb example, MJ exposes an API then moves the kRPC functionality into a separate DLL that uses its own API. I plan to eventually add a kRPC service for TestFlight and this is exactly what I plan to do. Not saying it is necessarily ideal, just that it is doable
  18. Typically what I do in the case of hard dependencies is separate out the functionality that needs that other mod, and place it into a separate DLL. If setup properly KSP will then only load that DLL if the other mod is present, or ignore it if not. For example this is how TestFlight hooks into RealFuels without actually requiring RealFuels. Same with TestFlight and ContractConfigurator.
  19. Possibly. My vessel is still sitting on the launch pad, as I want to use this number to help determine when to actually launch. However even a vessel on the launchpad has an orbit.
  20. Huh I thought that was what I was basically doing before. Maybe I messed something up. I'll check this out in game and compare it with what I have. By the way, though maybe I would post this here. I've gotten a lot of people interested in kRPC after I did this. This mission, originally done as a livestream, is 100% run by kRPC. From liftoff to splashdown, including the camera views (I wrote a custom kRPC service to control the FlightCamera), and UI telemetry all handled by kRPC. I just started the script on my Macbook, and then handled commentary. KSP runs on my Windows machine so not only was the entire mission run by script, it was run by script over a network