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  1. Hi, I have a clean 1.5.1 install with recent CRP mod and ScanSat. Using the ScanSat resources scanning (no stock instant scans). Performed resources scan with stock M700 Survey Scanner. It shows that Kerbin oceans have more abundance for Ore than any crust part. Checked resources configs for Ore - its' ResourceType = 0 (Crustal). So, why it presents in oceans and in such high abundance? Same story for some other resources. It looks like resources abundance mapping is somewhat inverted.
  2. Using the last version with a clean ksp 1.5.1 install. Sandbox mode. When using FungEye "Release" menu item - a single NRE message thrown. And when clicking Toggle GUI afterwards - a massive NRE spawn starts.
  3. Horus

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.1

    Yeah, I saw that side notes. The hint is really really really deep somewhere there. I give up trying to solve this Mason riddle Or should I say "Mellon" to start it? I'm a simple man, I need buttons. I want to walk a kerbal near some part, click it\grab it and recycle just that part with "Recycle, you.... thing!" chant. I can make a recycle-dozer and chase all those blasted vehicle parts. But that's ... Darn it... not really a nice option for my taste.
  4. Horus

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.1

    Thanks for the hint I read the whole document. I saw that recipes idea. But I still have NO idea if it's possible to break down a separate part (parts) without using a Recycler and how to achieve it. The recipes describe how a part can be recycled, how resources can be split and transferred, but no freaking clue where's the damn button to start that damn recycling. I'm too dumb to make guesses today.
  5. Horus

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.1

    Hi, Does this mod have a possibility to scrap parts without using Recycler? Similar as it's done in MKS or Konstruction mod (it was there, afair) - recycling a part via context menu. The major problem using recycler is that when I pull some vehicle to he scrapped near the recycle - it destroys vehicle part by part (not as the whole) causing it sometimes blow into pieces and hurling them all around. Quite annoying. Or I might just be using the mod features incorrectly. This is quite possibile
  6. How did you make the Block-D connecting struts (the very side it attaches to the rest of the craft) fit the width of the next stage tank?
  7. @Beale, please correct me if I'm wrong - the ATV & Cygnus were permanently removed from the mod or are subjected to be reviewed and added sometimes later?
  8. @Nertea, correct me if I'm wrong - the M-2 Cryogenic Gas Separator is pretty useless for Xenon Gas production due to resource abundance too low numbers, right? Or am I missing something there?
  9. You mean Shai-Hulud, right?
  10. @Nils277, I was testing the recent version of KPBS on the runway. A simple modular base craft was moving on the retractable mod wheels perfectly well on the runway, but when I moved a bit aside of it - on the grass - it could barely move there. What might affect that? I had no log error spamming of else.
  11. I've set a waypoint with WayPoint Manager, selected is as an active one, pressed "Poehali!!!".... aaaand... nothing happens. Just a "Bon Voyage control lock active" message across the screen. The rover's not moving. EC capacity & generating volume are sufficient.
  12. @Nils277, thanks for your mod update There's something wrong with K&K Attachable Landing Gears - they are weirdly animated when driving & steering Also, those wheels are almost useless when you get on grass (near runway). K&K Airlock is missing textures when internals are displayed. Seems that 1.4 is sooo raw with sooo many issues that it's totally not worth updating (both game & mods) yet.
  13. Hope sooo much for the long expected return of awesome robotic wheels
  14. Nooo! *disappointed Luke Skywalker picture*