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  1. Just bring on my station 4 modules to dock 4 engines. The Grabbing Unity was pretty usefull for this work
  2. Ok ty all for explaining, totally forgot the refueling thing The science lab so is used to store lot of science and then sending it on kerbin?
  3. So, I noticed that docking ports are unlocked later in the game, and actually they are useless, by the fact that i already send some probes to gather science from space near kerbin, the Mun and Minmus, and the various biome. So what's the point to send some kerbals in a space station? Just for fun or what?
  4. wait, what do u use for this awesome light? Shaders?
  5. So i was reading about delta V and the various formulas, like: So i was wondering about what ln​ stands for? Anyone can help me?
  6. These are my first three part of my Cryogenic Space Station. Next i will dock some scientific stuff and some kerbals. After all i'll dock some thruster and i'll just fly to other planets
  7. Some screenshoot of my Cryogenic Space Station's core. It's in wip but i'm optimist c:
  8. So this week i was trying to do a Munar Space Station, and today I docked the last module, the one who will bring my kerbonauts down on the Mun and back. So the docking went pretty good, even if the Space Station was rotating on herself. Then i prepared one of the kerbonauts in the lander and undock it from the station, so i burned retrograde until the orbit was good enough to land. So u know i landed but, even if in the station i have a module for the refueling, i went out of oxidizer and after 10 seconds my engine just died and left me alone 15km high
  9. Markhoz


    Hi everyone from Italy, so I hope I'll have fun and learn some good things about KSP here Just a question, how do I change my avatar? I read the FAQ but in the settings page it doesn't let me to upload a new one. Pls help
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