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  1. Naturally the answer is still yes. Anything that is 1.X.1 or later is nothing more than a large bug fix patch to the main version. Also I run an open server for ANY STOCK AND MODDED INSTALL OF KSP install that will work with the latest DMP version here, so for those who want to join or just test DMP you can use it as well:
  2. I am not certain if anyone has suggested this in the past, but I was curious if there could be in the next or future KSP release(s) a simple Vehicle and Subassembly name search in the list like the part search that was added in 1.1 so players with hundreds to thousands of vehicles and subassemblies saved, like me, could find vehicles faster than having to scroll through them all. If not, is there a way to mod it into KSP like the part search before version 1.1? Thank you for your time in reading this, Jason
  3. Also asking about the next release for a mod when people have already asked before is now prohibited in the forums. (Quoted from "Guidelines" post.) 2.3 Forbidden messages A-E... F. Messages that repeat inquiries about updates or content from modders.
  4. Ah that's good to hear. I'll have to ask Squad if possible, but if you want and have steam I can share my KSP copy with you so you can develop the mod during the 1.1 beta.
  5. I've been watching the streams for KSP 1.1 and I only have one question: Will you be updating DMP for 1.1 when it comes out, and will 32-bit players be able to play with 64-bit players? I really want to restart my server again, and with the massive performance boost having multiple players in the same area shouldn't cause as much lag anymore, plus we can use more mods with the 64-bit edition.
  6. Well there's a "newer version" of KG2 for 1.05 here which might help, but currently it seems to be buggier than this older version here: I'd back up your old KG2 version and saves before trying that version, if it doesn't work try running stock KSP with just KG2 then add mods back to it until it starts messing up again. Also i have a stable version available from my mod packs I made for 1.05 for my KSP multiplayer server that works just fine: (NOTE: it comes with many other mods so it's not advised to use it just to extract KG2 from) ALSO I DECLARE THIS THREAD DEAD AS THE MOD IS NOW DEVELOPED BY ANOTHER AUTHOR IN THE LINK MENTIONED ABOVE SO THE MODERATORS CAN CLOSE THIS FORUM IF THEY WANT.
  7. You HAVE TO update the Kopernicus folder from the mod's version to the latest release. Same goes for the E.V.E. folder if you want to upgrade the clouds for the planets. Yeah I figured, I'm kind of tempted to take over the updates for the mod if I could, but my coding skill are too sub-par to do that. I hope that he will come back or someone else will pick it up to update it for 1.1 in the future.
  8. Well I wanted to make a video on KSP multiplayer with DMP to show how it works for those who want to know more about it, but unfortunately time escaped me and the one I made isn't a that good of video compared to my normal ones so I'll have to redo it when I get back from vacation.
  9. Rather than tack each one of these questions individually I'll just answer them in the video as I show them. DMP already has many of these functionalities built in, but I'd be re-writing the manual for it if I tried to type it all here in detail. Well it's up to you to believe what you want, I nor anyone else can't change that. To clarify Squad isn't even close to actively developing multiplayer at all, and will always prioritize working on the single player experience over the multiplayer one. Just remember everyone multiplayer is technically nothing more than "single player" sharing the same resources with other "single player" games. Same applies to how DMP and SMP (probably will) works.
  10. Well multiplayer isn't for everyone that I can agree with, but I know for a fact that Squad won't FORCE you to use it. Beside if they did I think 80% of the fan base would just leave due to a stupid rule like that. I'm sure Squad wouldn't want to ruin themselves like Maxis did with SimCIty.
  11. 1. I've run my server with some fairly old/under powered computers and it runs fine for me and most people involved. Most of the physics is done by the player's PC for ONLY their currently loaded ship, the server handles the rest. Most lag is caused by multiple people being in the same area with their own ships and the server being unable to process all the commands fast enough for each person. I've run my modded ksp game setup just fine on a PC with only an Athlon 64 X2 4600+ dual core cpu, an on board Nvidia GeForce 6150 gpu and a Geforce GT 210 gpu card, with 4GB of DDR1 RAM, with out much lag even for large 500+ part ships. 2. Ships ONLY load if you have the mod. If you don't then the ship DOESN'T load even if you're only missing one modded part and/or resource. 3. The moment you start warping the game moves you to you're own "sub-space" separate from everyone else until you "sync" to another player or they sync to you so it doesn't affect anyone around you. 4. Yes, you're ship won't be loaded in anyone elses game untill it's about 100m away from the starting point. If your ship is 100m+ long then the entire ship must be that length plus 100m away. 5+5a. The save is both locally saved and copied to the server. You can change it in single player, but when you log back in to the server it will be overwritten by the server's copy of the save file. Ships craft files and assemblies will remain unchanged though. 6. The same rules apply as warping normally just in reverse. Even if you or someone else turns it off it still functions for everyone including you do to a restriction by the KSP game engine. The only problem is when you make major changes to your ship, kerbal, or someone else's ship then revert them. This make MAJOR ERRORS in the server save and will make it eventually corrupt beyond repair, thus quick load/save and reverting is almost always banned (but unable to be turned off) or ill advised by the server admins. 7. Works as it normally does, but due to some minor bugs expect to see 20 of the same kerbals magically reappear later. As it stands now KSP is technically not 100% suited (85% from what I've experienced with DMP) for multiplayer, but in concept real space agencies use it all the time to collaborate missions, launch payloads, etc. There's no such thing as "perfect" when it comes to video games, it's impossible due to software and hardware issues (even on consoles).
  12. If you progress time normally with out syncing: You would still be 300 behind his orbit as your time sub space would still be 300 behind his in real time. He and the planets would be at x+300 of his orbit so x+600 of your orbit in the past. x-300 = x so your new orbit would be (x -300)+300= (x+300)+300 which is "x = x+600". If you sync: You would be in the same time sub space as he would since syncing would set your time of x to be equal with his. He and the planets would be at x of his orbit. Your new orbit would be (x-300)+300 = x which is "x = x ". Time warp is an instantaneous change as the server temporarily stops broadcasting the time warping player to the other players until they exit time warp, then it Castro their current position and time in the future. This also applies to quick loading or reverting to the past, but it's EXTREMELY ILL-ADVISED to load/revert as it creates major time paradoxes and error in the host server files and can corrupt the entire server save file. I've had to completely reset my server 6 times due to the errors caused by reverting after a major change in the future.I can make a video explaining how this works if you want.
  13. Assuming you don't "sync" and running in "real-time", you would pass though the same point he did 5 min in his past with out collision as he would still be 5min in the future. The past doesn't change the "future" version of a vehicle nor the future change a "past" one. If you "synced" with him before then you would be in the SAME time subspace as him, THEN you'll probably end up colliding with him.
  14. As someone who runs his own Ksp multiplayer server using DarkMultiplayer on version 1.0.4 and 1.0.5, let me clarify something whit the current multiplayer system and how it MIGHT work with squad's version when it comes out. Multiplayer in ksp, in my opinion makes the game 100% better than simply playing by yourself. You can compete with other players to do mission, build space and ground stations, fight* each other in land, sea, air, and space, help others test their spaceships, etc. The DMP and most likely SMP handles lag fairly well by only loading ships to your pc when in physics range. Granted large ships still lag alot, but the same lag fixes for single player seem to work in multiplayer as most of the physics is done by the other player's pc for their ship as long as they're flying it. Mods are relative to the player's game install, so unless you have the EXACT same mod installs as the other player then ships won't load without those parts as they wouldn't in single player. Large groups can do combat, but due to sync issues it's alot harder. *only applies if you use the BDarmory mod with EVERY single player involved. Subspace is relative to the player(s) time warping as it is in single player. If you want to know more about how the "current" multiplayer system works, just ask and I'll answer as best I can. Also here's some info about my KSP server: