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  1. I am far from a smart guy (I get the feeling you're smarter than I am) but . . . I think the secret is that temperature and heat are not exactly the same thing. I remember once reading a similar discussion wherein a smart guy pointed out that, while the average temperature of North Atlantic water is not much above freezing, it still contains a tremendous amount of heat energy. In a similar way, I think those interstellar clouds of gas contain very little heat energy while having a high temperature.
  2. And (if I counted correctly) 63 consecutive successful landings (I consider the successful launch streak more important than the successful landing streak)
  3. I am in Illinois, and even northern Illinois, but in an area of pretty severe light pollution, so I'm not expecting to see much
  4. Geez, seriously? Are you trying to make me feel ancient on purpose? I remember being a kid watching the Gemini 7 flight.
  5. No. Very roughly speaking all objects are moving away from each other. (This is a ridiculous oversimplification . . . ). This is very much not the same thing as "every object moves away from one point". The point you are looking for does not exist.
  6. Seems like a pretty outlandish hypothesis. I can't imagine something like that scenario actually . . . <oh, crap>
  7. That thing is cursed! I wouldn't fly on it (in it?) for all the money in the world
  8. None of which, of course, answers your original question, which boils down to, what are the radiuses of those zones? A very interesting question, that I certainly can't answer. But I'll bet someone, somewhere, somewhen has done the calcs.
  9. I have absolutely no physics or math to back this up, but I suspect that you will suffer permanent hearing damage before you are close enough to incur other injury.
  10. That's always been my theory
  11. Phil Plait says it was real time. https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/bad-astronomy-perseverance-rover-sees-phobos-transiting-the-sun
  12. Vowels and consonants are categories of sounds. 'W' is a letter, not a sound. Letters are used to represent sounds. Sometimes the sound represented by 'W' is best described as a vowel, rather than as a consonant. In the word 'down', the 'W' is not representing a consonant sound. It represents the second vowel component of a diphthong.
  13. Quoting from the article: "When Columbus sailed to America, there were both better boats and sailors. But no one else did it. He did. All it took was three weeks. It was not difficult; it was fear that held everyone back. It was believed that one would fall over the edge of the earth. Or be eaten by sea monsters. He showed... that was wrong." Hoo boy. OK, there may have been better sailors, but no, there were probably not better ships (ships, not boats). It only took three weeks because Columbus vastly underestimated the circumference of the earth. He would have starved long before actually reaching Asia. He was just lucky the Americas were there. It wasn't fear that held everyone back; it was the knowledge that Columbus was wrong about Earth's circumference (OK, I'm vastly oversimplifying here). "You have to work hard, but you do not have to be very smart," Tina Sjögren added. Well, she's got that part down.
  14. To be fair, I'm exaggerating for the sake of my parody of nut-ball conspiracy theorists.
  15. Well, that's because no subs can do much more than that. All this nonsense about submarines being able to go 100s of meters down is just a huge lie the naval powers of the world have been telling us for over a century now. It obviously just isn't possible. (This is my personal version of 'the moon landings were faked', 'the earth is flat', 'birds aren't real', etc.)
  16. So, to sum up: Q: what if the speed of light suddenly became infinite? A: nothing good
  17. I used to know a guy who said "I'm not that tall really; I'm only six nineteen and a half"
  18. I think it's worth noting that this planet is not yet confirmed. https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/bad-astronomy-proxima-centauri-third-planet-may-have-been-found
  19. Neil Armstrong saving Gemini 8 ranks right up there
  20. Which union represents matter? Has the union complained to the labor relations board about this?
  21. There are two fundamental issues that any calendar/clock reform has to deal with: 1. Because the second is the central base unit of the SI, redefining the second requires redefining every* other base and derived unit in the SI. In practical terms, this means you cannot redefine the second. You can mess around with any larger units of time, but the second, at this point, is baked into so many other things as to be pretty much unchangeable. 2. The seven day week is here to stay until all three Abrahamic religions go away (which is not likely to happen for a very long time). I know that both of these points have been made up-thread, but I think they bear emphasizing. * Well, I guess not the mole.
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