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  1. Haha, wow, it's weird seeing a (modified) comparison shot that I made over 2 years ago being dug up now! I posted the original image in this reddit thread. I prefer the art style of the new cockpit but like the design of the old one. IMO something like the MK1 cockpit from Ven's Stock Revamp (link) would be pretty cool.
  2. Probably not, as this has not been mentioned or spoken about in the weekly Devnotes, on twitter / Facebook / Reddit, or on dev streams. On a slightly unrelated note, it is unlikely that 1.1 and Unity 5 will bring massive performance gains or unleash your RAM. The changes that occured in Unity 5 are drastic, but physics-wise we are still hampered by the fact that only 1 thread can be dedicated to a ship for physics calculations, so large ships will still be very slow. Not to dash your hopes or anything, but that's unfortunately how it is.
  3. Terminators are the boundaries between the day side of a planet and the night side of a planet. Scatterer makes the terminator glow with a bunch of beautiful reddish hues, as it simulates the heavy atmospheric scattering the light undergoes in that region. Here is an image of a terminator: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nasamarshall/6731872025 On another note, incredible work Rbray! I look forward to using this in my Linux save.
  4. I'm quite nervous about this decision, as this now means Squad has a large corporation breathing down their neck each patch. And console players are a lot less forgiving of bugs than the PC crowd. The game already has enough bugs and issues as is, porting it to a weaker and less popular market seems like a bad idea. The tweet for reference: https://twitter.com/Maxmaps/status/610993844679630848
  5. Mu was talking about hitting Mach 3-4 at sea level, around 1300 m/s. That is unrealistic. Fighter Jets can hit mach 2 at sea level, I believe, but they usually hit these speeds at high altitudes where there is much less drag. Anything larger than an Aeris-3 A sized jet shouldn't be blasting off of the end of the runway at breakneck speeds like they used to.
  6. During the Squadcast with the team, Mu commented on the recent aero changes in the patches. I took some notes below: SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT. PLEASE REFER TO THE STREAM FOR MU'S FULL COMMENT. 1.0.1/1.0.2 fixed a bug with occlusion in the 1.0 drag; made some parts have less drag than intended Scott Manley told them that the pods did not slow down as enough; drag was upped to compensate As a result, lift and other values were tweaked. You really shouldn't be able to hit high mach levels at sea levels using jets. Will be changed in the future, but aero is working as intended Transonic drag profiles are being tweaked and such.
  7. Hmm... Preliminary testing on my part appears to show that at lower altitudes, drag has increased, while at higher altitudes, you can gain speed faster. I used an Aeris 3A with a turbojet for these tests: Max speed @1000m - 370 m/s Max speed @12000m - 1200 m/s (before stuff began to blow up) Looks like you now need more thrust lower in the atmosphere to overcome that initial drag. Seems realistic enough, although older designs may be (and probably are) broken.
  8. Let's see here... I've made a couple of critical posts about Squad on the forums and reddit, but also posted positive things, so... I guess it cancels out. Kind of like renegade's situation.
  9. I've found that reducing the gimbal amount for your engines helps reduce wobblyness in the atmosphere, likely because the SAS overcompensates and your gimbal is either all or nothing. Luckily the gimbal limit can be adjusted mid-flight, to prevent uncontrollable wobbling.
  10. Well, like, yeah... On a side note, I have 8 unmodded copies of KSP, from 0.20.2 to 0.90 (ARM inclusive), and 1 modded copy. What else will I do with 1 TB of HDD space?
  11. Yes! I love these summaries! I timed the startup on my phone, and I got 13.35 seconds, but yours is probably more accurate. Something in that range.
  12. Get Better Kasper! Great to hear the physics bubble has been extended, though I wish that we can toggle the distance to what we desire. Hope that the tech tree modding tools get added in as well, that should allow for some alternate playstyles like BTSM and the Community Tech Tree.
  13. Thank you OWK! Really helps to have this when I miss the streams! And I think you missed something by the fairing descriptions, it abruptly cuts off:
  14. Spuds

    1.0 date?

    It will release when it is finished. Squad has never liked giving out release dates, because they don't want to have to inform a disappointed userbase that a bug slipped through QA that needs to be patched. Even so, you can get a rough idea of how much they have done and have to do before 1.0 releases. Just looking at the last Devnote Tuesdays, the new Aero model has been pushed to QA, while the new procedual fairings have begun development.
  15. Yeah, as said before, I think that a saturation system is in order, as well as a nerf. A nerf is needed because I can hold landers at a 45 degree angle, which is very strange, even to the newbies playing this game. There should also be a saturation system in place for 2 reasons: 1) Their fuel (electricity) is easily replenishable. This means that you can use reaction wheels for a long time, wait a bit, and then use them for a long time again. 2) They get rid of the need for RCS. If all of your orientation controls are through reaction wheels, there is no need to have RCS, except for docking. Heck, with good engine control you can DOCK without RCS, which effectively gets rid of one important aspect of the game. The saturation system doesn't need to be complex; it can be a simple timer that slowly ticks down until you regain power. The reaction wheels NEED to be nerfed though, for the sake of balance.
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