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  1. @artwhaley I'm also gratified that you saw the "balance" I was going for. I'm a grown-up Lego kid basically. I won't even use Tweakscale because I feel it kills something about the problem solving that is inherent in Lego-type solutions. (That's the real reason I never got to it.) The goal was to be able to make any shape you might see in Colliers; or any piece of Nasa art, old or new really. Any part I felt dubious about, I left out. We need even larger tanks though, for BFR type construction. Sea Dragon, etc. Cheers!
  2. @artwhaley Thank you very much! I'm quite flattered so many folks understood their value. That said, If it wasn't for our hero Linuxgurugamer they would never have been complete. BTW -There's more coming soon-ish.
  3. I think so. Sounds right. That would be my guess too. I'll extract it and check to see if that's what's up this weekend sometime. If that's all it is, it should be quite simple to fix.
  4. Hello everyone, Please forgive my ignorance but I have been away for a while. Are we still on Unity 5.4.0p4 or am I reading Dankgum's response correctly in that this release of PartTools runs in 2017 ? Cheers
  5. Hi JPLRepo,

    I'm sorry to bother you but I have a quick question.
    Is there any way to run the KSP part tools without a 5.4.0 compatible version of TextMesh Pro?
    It currently only supports 5.5 and up. There doesn't seem to be any way of getting the older version.
    I really need to update my mods to be in line with the new KSP release.


  6. Hey everybody, Sorry for my absence. Work pretty much took over my life and with a new XCOM out I just ended up wussing out on updates. Also, after Kerbalstuff went down I got kinda frustrated. But now we have Spacedock! So... We have a shiny new overhaul and what seems to be nearly final implementation of KSP. (Insofar as it would affect fundamental architecture.) I'm currently trying to update for InterstellarFuelSwitch (which has changed a bit) and Crossfeed Enabler. Once those are in the can I'll finally make good on my promise to hook up Tweakscale. It also seems that FSFuelSwitch got some love since we switched to InterstellarFuelSwitch so I'm going to look into support for both simultaneously. Hopefully w/o creating conflicts. I'm not sure this is possible but I think Necrobones has done it in his fuel tank mods. Not completely sure on that so don't quote me. It is my hope to have everything working sometime next weekend. I will do my best and update with any changes or delays here. Anyway, just wanted to pop in and give a long overdue update to let everyone know I haven't completely abandoned anything. Cheers! Munar Industries PS - The work on rover parts also continues.
  7. Actually, the skirts will come when I do structural parts. You will be able to attach them in different lengths. It's a bit more flexible that way. No more unshrouded nukes. Cheers
  8. Thanks for catching that. I will make the appropriate changes in the next revision. Cheers - - - Updated - - - This is true. They are mostly parts that work with the existing Mk2 & Mk3 cross sections so they can be used for rovers or whatever you like. When I'm ready I'll start a thread about it. Cheers - - - Updated - - - Sounds like a reasonable thing to add and you have made it easy for me so how can I refuse? Thanks! - - - Updated - - - That is planned along with at least 2 other tanks. I just haven't been able to find the time to build them yet. Cheers
  9. Ok. That should do it. New version that replaces FSfuelSwitch with InterstellarFuelSwitch is up. Cheers!
  10. Ok Guys... Sorry for being away so long. Work sometimes gets the better of me and I just can't get myself to come home and do more work. With Siggraph over, I have more time again and will attempt to make a close to final version of this mod. With that said, there will be an update today sometime that replaces the old FSfuelSwitch with InterstellarFuelSwitch. I have been testing for a while now and can't find any issues. This should fix the persistence problems we were all encountering. Again sorry for the delays. Things are going to get rolling again. Cheers! -Munar Industries PS - Go see 'The Martian' if you haven't already!
  11. Yeah, sorry the amounts are still being adjusted. I had to eyeball them when I first made these in the interest of just getting something out there. That said, your numbers are a great help. If you feel so inclined, feel free to do calculations for everything, comparing each class of tank to the stock classes. I will happily implement your results in the mod. I prefer things to be as accurate as possible myself as well. Thanks and great job!
  12. Yes. I would just edit the patch files to say InterstellarFuelSwitch where it now says FSFuelSwitch. ( I am currently doing this and can find no bugs.) I like having it in a patch file so people who might not wish to use it can just dump it w/o having to edit a bunch of config files. There would be no change in current functionality. I just won't have all the Tweakscale values in there until I finish adding the support for that. Yes, Tweakscale support is coming as well as a couple other tanks to fill a few gaps. Soon we can close out this mod except for bugs and aesthetic fixes. Then I can move on to the the new command pods I have been working on in secret I know I said I would do Structural next. That is still coming. It's just that the new pods are really needed in my humble opinion. Cheers!
  13. Is anyone able to get FSfuelswitch to work recently? Nothing leaves the VAB/SPH for me with anything but default settings. This has been true for me for the last few versions. I kept thinking it might get repaired due to the ubiquity of it, and have been reluctant to do away with it. I think the only solution will be to switch over to InterstellarFuelSwitch. The persistence problem is apparently nonexistent with it. Anyone, have any objections to this? Thanks -Munar Industries
  14. I believe this is an issue with FSFuelSwitch. I have been thinking about switching to InterstellarFuelswitch instead. When I finally get the TweakScale stuff done I will probably switch to it. The author,FreeThinker, says he eliminated the persistence problem and that it provides better compatibility with TweakScale. Cheers.
  15. It's actually the reason there are 2 large radial slant adapters in this pack. One for port and one for starboard. Cheers.
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