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  1. Yep, if you weld the tanks to the landing surface, you're creating only one point of buoyancy. You'll need to keep your tanks separate from the surface if you want it to balance between multiple points of buoyancy.
  2. I'm noticing that control surfaces won't always mount perpendicular to the wing surface. Seems like it's related to the wing you're attaching it to. I can place a new wing and the existing control surface will attach properly. But, I can't attach a new control surface to an existing "broken" wing.
  3. I saw this same behavior with the stock airbrake. Only one out of a mirrored set would actuate on a custom group or via the standard "Brakes On" button. If I placed multiple mirrored sets, still only one would work. I deleted them all. Messed with other stuff. Came back later and re-added the stock airbrakes again. And, they worked. So.. maybe fiddle a little bit and see if the B9 ones actually work as well as stock. Could you provide your module{} section for me to test with?
  4. It seems the Airbrake module isn't working now? The part doesn't seem to effect drag even though the right-click context menu, when in flight, says "Drag: 8". I am running FAR. Is anyone else seeing this? Thanks.
  5. Looks like the FS airbrake part is also broken.
  6. You may need to force the combo card to run KSP.exe with the nVidia chip. Open nVidia Control Panel. Expand "3D Settings" if it's not. Click "Manage 3d Settings" Click "Program Settings" tab. Find or add KSP.exe to the drop-down list. Choose "Hi-Performance NVidia" from the 2. dropdown. See if that defaults you to the NVidia now. Cheers
  7. Hey guys. I hope you're all having a great day. I'd like to share a video I produced recently. A friend and I re-did all the sound in this 3 minute scene from Five Deadly Venoms. It's a funny little adaptation of the original dialog. Along with all new sound effects recorded in my own apartment. A real tribute to foley design. It's entered in a competition. Please vote on it by clicking "like." Having said that, I hope you like it yourself. Thank you! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153126874034395&fref=nf
  8. Looks niiiice. I've found the B9 VTOL engines hard to place elegantly. You've done a decent job at using them wisely
  9. Super awesome. May I suggest you use B9's invisible struts? Would help clean up this super awesome design a wee bit.
  10. Super cool and cute. But, ya don't need all those RCS pods. One set of four around the CoM would do just fine. Keep it up!
  11. It gets very choppy and slow right after opening the KVV window the first time in VAB. It stays choppy even after closing KVV. I have to re-load the vessel for it to clear up. I'm guessing the shaders are being loaded on every frame?
  12. Thanks for your concern, blowfish. It seems, you were right about the docking fuselage part being weird. It shows no drag value with the FAR drag overlay on. The drop bay and rear-end-engine-mount part may be acting funny. I'll have to play around a little more to see what I can find out.
  13. Hey B.O.M. The newest version sure runs slow, even after the UI has been closed, even with preview off. Might ya know why?
  14. You've a great modeling style Yeon! Thanks for your contribution. I want to reiterate a couple points that are bugging me. Firstly that gap on the drop bay, I know you know of it. Secondly, I don't think blowfish's MM patch for FAR is right either. Maybe it's just me but the these parts seem to have very high drag. Parts placed inline don't appear to be "hiding" drag from parts further back in the airflow like I see with other part packs. Yeon, join us on IRC on esper.net, #kspmodders if you'd like to chat. Ferram is oft around and typically a helpful person.
  15. The problem appears to be with TweakScale's interaction with Modular Fuel Tanks. Removing MFT fixes TS and B9.
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