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  1. Greetings!

    • ChopShop

    I am asking for your permission to update / continue / adopt / release ChopShop.

    I absolutely love this mod and really want others to enjoy it as well.

    Hopefully I hear back from you with an answer, but in case I don't hear back from you I intend to respectfully proceed as soon as the end of Sep 2021, as permitted by the license of this mod.

    I will provide recognition of original authors/maintainers; and I will gladly step aside should you ever want to continue this mod yourself.

    Couple of requests:

    • In the interest of continuity and for the players, I am asking to be added to the Curseforge 'Authors', as well as the SpaceDock 'Authors' so I can update / release using the same listings. Using the same listings will benefit the players and avoid confusion.

    • A posting on the related Forum thread would be swell along with a public posting in the mod's thread tagging and telling @HebaruSan / @DasSkelettabout this adoption so CKAN will be smoothly updated. I will create a new forum thread once I am ready to release.

      Thank you kindly in advance!

    Chop Shop gplV3



    CurseForge-Listed-blue.svg?labelColor=6441A4&style=plastic&logo=curseforge <-- link

    SpaceDock <--link

    Github <-- link

    Thank you kindly in advance!


    Authors: Dr. Jet Dr. Jet @Dr. Jet

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