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  1. I didn't use it myself for a long time, but it adds the controls to Blender that allow to set various properties to objects, making them, for example, into colliders. I know that many part modders use it solely, without Unity, for complete workflow. So I suggest you to read their forum thread for instructions: Why does your model for hangar adaptation has animations? If the original has, it should animate the doors and their colliders as is; the adaptation usually only adds the inner space mesh and the trigger collider, which are not animated (at least not in any hangar I know of). Then again, I never had any difficulty with exporting animations through FBX 6.1, you just need to export with the "default take" option.
  2. The reason is the doors animation: If you scale a model anisotropically with respect to rotation axis of a door, it would change its size while rotating. This... looks awkward, to say the least Like this: [____ ____] -> [ ] -> ____[ ]____ | | <-the doors here are much shorter Quite right. Add to this that you can use the great https://github.com/taniwha/io_object_mu importer/exporter, which allows you to first import the part itself and use its meshes as the basis for the new ones (that's what I did with Mk2/3), and then to export the new meshes directly into .mu file without ever needing to launch Unity Editor.
  3. Not modified, but the additional models that are added to the part via MODEL nodes of its config. The original model stays as is, but to the tree transform several invisible meshes and colliders are added for the Hangar module to work.
  4. Only the hatch is fixed to the asteroid, providing the docking port for the Factory. So the factory can travel from one asteroid with a hatch to another. For the Factory to work, though, it has to be docked to a fixed hatch, optionally through a corresponding docking adapter. Don't know about the crash; this requires an investigation of the Player.log and may be unrelated.
  5. Oh thanks for the report! Indeed, the .version file has 1.12.3 KSP version instead of 1.12.2 This should be the reason why CKAN prevents you from installing; but you may configure accepted KSP versions in CKAN client itself. As for the assembly line door (I presume you're talking about the ground variant), I need to check that; and it would also help to see the contents of your Player.log.
  6. Great, thanks a lot, that's just what I need. I'll take it from here; it does look like some sort of a bug in the landing logic.
  7. I'll investigate as soon as I can the issue with 1.12.3, but I need a .craft file with a stock-parts-based ship that reproduces this behaviour. As for RO, I never got to install it, so have no idea what could be wrong there. I reckon, many things may. But again, a .craft or .sfs file with minimum of other mods to reproduce the issue on my side would help greatly. Thanks for the report!
  8. That's a common library for all my plugins. The parts listed in the log, @SkyFall2489 , are all stock, as far as I remember; and the only meaning of that list is to show which parts have to be treated differently when the library calculates their volumes and convex hulls. The term "bad parts" is poorly chosen.
  9. Thanks, glad to hear Adding MM patches for Hangars to use them as Assembly Spaces seems doable. I'll consider it. The "eating" of docking ports is optional and configurable from the construction window of a Construction Workshop. Click on the kit being constructed and switch the "After construction: Launch/Dock" to Dock, then, below, in the "Dock via:" part toggle the switch "Wield" so that it is not active (not green if you use the default color scheme).
  10. On surface you don't need to build inside the workshop space. You can create an empty container, place near the assembly line, then build a kit of any size in this container, then transport the container to the construction workshop, deploy it and build the final construct. You just need the ground assembly line for that to work. Orbital one only works with containers docked to its ship.
  11. Fixed. For TCA as well as several other mods.
  12. Oh, thanks a lot! I see I messed up my release automation script, and it uploaded the ".log" instead of the ".zip"
  13. Nope. It's just that I haven't recompiled and tested it under 1.12 yet. It's quite possible there isn't any conflicts with the 1.12 API and in this case, with the way C# dlls are loaded, all should work.
  14. Ah, so the module is installed, but it's disabled. Maybe it's a career game and you just haven't purchased it yet? I need more context. Maybe the Player.log would tell (just don't post the whole thing here, use GDrive/Dropbox/whatever)
  15. Currently all pods should have TCA. Is there a problem with your ModuleManager installation? To be exact, all parts with ModuleCommand should have TCA, including all pods, cores and such. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[ModuleTCA]]:FOR[ThrottleControlledAvionics] { MODULE { name = ModuleTCA } }
  16. I'm not sure if current version is compatible with KSP-1.12.* I currently don't have any capacity to prepare an update; looking for a new job right now. But as soon as I'm past that, I'll resume the development. Have so many ideas for new things!
  17. Colors dialog is opened with RMB, while the main interface is LMB.
  18. I'll create a new thread for the 1.0 release that is to come next. For now it's just another (BIG) step toward it. Consider it to be BETA v0.3.0 KSP: 1.11.1 Orbital Accelerator integrated textures made by @JadeOfMaar lowered mean density to 1.5t/m3 decreased deployment and construction speed improved model in-game performance added all colliders UI: Added Construction Window to control segment construction Construction can now be aborted via UI at any stage Extended the range of PAW controls to 500m Added remote connection capability: no more need to enter the loading chamber to communicate with an accelerator Workforce is updated on vessel change (e.g. on dock) as well as on crew change Fixed FPS drop in CONSTRUCTION state Contributors JadeOfMaar CargoAccelerators- 2.12 MB Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz)
  19. It's been too long This is the release of work I've been doing before I had to pause. But later is better than never, I guess. The KSP-1.12 compatibility update is on its way after this, but I won't give you any estimates on time. Version 2.7.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.1 Released on 2022-02-19 KSP: 1.11.1 Added support of attach nodes in Part Variants for construct docking The construct from Docked Container is wielded to the base ship excluding the docking port When construction is started, the required crew is automatically transferred into the workshop if not present UI Added Get Crew and Dismiss Crew buttons to the Workshop Window Added Warp to Deployed button to the Workshop Window Updating Editor UI on ship naming change Corrected ETA display The deployment of a container does not decrease container size Fixed task synchronization of tasks between workshops in Workshop Manger recycling report on failed resource trasfers kit mass calculation NRE in Docked Kit Container UI AOR exception in Jobs+stage derived methods/properties Download (16.04 MiB)
  20. This compatibility release is still for KSP-1.11.1 The work was mostly done a year ago, but the release never came due to RL circumstances. I plan to work on the release for KSP-1.12 next, but won't promise any particular date. Version 2.6.2 for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.1 Released on 2022-02-19 Compatible with KSP-1.11.1 UI: using G9 formatter instead of R for better performance API: removed ITankManager.AvailableVolumePercent Download (497.79 KiB)
  21. This is just a compatibility release for KSP-1.11.1 But it's here and it incorporates some important internal changes in AT_Utils. The work on the release for KSP-1.12 is still in progress. Version for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.1 Released on 2022-02-19 Compatible with KSP-1.11.1 Download (30.47 MiB)
  22. It's been too long This is the release of work I've been doing before I had to pause. But later is better than never, I guess. The KSP-1.12 compatibility update is on its way after this, but I won't give you any estimates on time. I'll just try not to overdo it once again Version 3.8.0 for Kerbal Space Program 1.11.1 Released on 2022-02-19 KSP: 1.11.1 UI Advanced Tab: added Show CoM toggle to visualize the CoM with an Icon Indicator sounds are paused with the game REN: improved calculation of the best in-plane ascent orbit fixed NRE ToOrbit: reimplemented gravity turn logic target correction logic added Max AoA and Max Dyn.Pressure settings First ApA setting correctly handling gravity turn in case we passed suborbital ApA Engines: fixed the order of calculations in InitState added WeightedThrustMod calculation added isThruster and thrustLimiterLocked flags ThrustM differentiates between throttleLocked and thrustLimiterLocked ThrustAtAlt respectes thrustLimiterLocked flag UpdateCurrentTorque sets throttle to 1 if engine.throttleLocked Merge pull request #102 from HebaruSan/patch-1 Fix version file compatibility (KSP 1.10) Download (588.29 KiB)
  23. Well, RCS are not engines, they are controlled differently, so, indeed, TCA cannot handle them as such. But there is a monopropellant-fueled engine (Vernier it's called, if I'm not mistaken) with the same Isp as conventual RCS thrusters.
  24. Ok, l didn't try this particular approach, but I should be able to reproduce it with the new settings I've already introduced into ToOrbit. Looking at the remaining dV I realize that the drag indeed eats much fuel. I wonder what would following prograde do for heavy and powerful rocket with respect to fuel efficiency... But there's one thing I didn't mention about the orbit I achieved: it has 5.1deg inclination, witch also costs some fuel, both as is and for continuous correction. Even more, inclination correction requires more than 2-3 deg deviation from prograde to be efficient.
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