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  1. I would test these. I love flying SSTO's.
  2. These are awesome. To go interplanetary you should make one that you can swap engines in orbit and refuel.
  3. It has 598 Atmo Delta V and 789 in Vac according to mechjeb. A little more with no pilot but not much.
  4. Thanks for the rep It has 1 small battery and fuel lines underneath and in between the wings.
  5. Here is my rescue SSTO in my new .24 career I have not unlocked rcs thrusters or docking ports yet. I went straight for the turbojet It has around 874 delta v left after orbit.
  6. My hybrid turbojet/Ion engine powered SSTO The Ions are clipped inside the turbos
  7. Wait what about KerbalZ, a kerbal fps survival horror game! lol
  8. They allow me to launch at anytime of day/night and still circularize using ions. Plus they look cool
  9. Something I was working on last weekend. Not 100% finished yet still working a few things out. Can take off vertical or horizontal but its kinda hard to land so i put a few chutes on for now to land it on the tail. Has Ion engines inside the turbojets and lots of battery power to use them with low or no sunlight. It can also circularize/deorbit using rcs. And has 2 sets of landing gear one for tail and one for belly. Video of a test flight
  10. Pictures or a video of the flight and recovery would help otherwise we are all just guessing at what is going wrong.
  11. This is how I learned. Not the most fuel efficient way but man is it easy. I still use this method when I am not worried about fuel and I want to rendezvous fast and easy.