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  1. Has anyone found the sigsev offsets for 1.0.2 yet? I did not see a solution in the linux compatibility thread yet.
  2. Could I recommend that the thread owner alphabetize the list. Please. Pretty Please.
  3. Has anyone given you some repository software to play with yet, Majir?
  4. Can those updated mods work with .23 instead of .23.5? The versions which I installed are for .23 not .23.5. And I did not turn trim on, if it was on it started that way. The problem went away when I removed FAR.
  5. Ferram: I had a control problem with FAR. I used FAR before and it worked fine. This time though, when I went to launch the roll, yaw and pitch controls were not centered. I am still using .23 with the following mods: 6s Service Compartments v1.1, Connected Living Space v1.0.3.0, Engineer Redux v0.6.2.3, Epicsharks Hollow Space Station Parts, FAR v0.12.4, FusTek Station Parts, Kethane v0.8.4, FusTek Station Parts Expansion r0.03.5a, SDHI SMS v1.6, KSPX v0.2.6.1, LLL v12, LLL Extra v12, MechJeb2 v2.1.1.01, NovaPunch 2.03a, RealChute v1.1.0.1, RemoteTech2 v1.3.3, ScanSat vb5, SXT alpha v13, Univ
  6. Thanks, no I did not take the experiments from the lunar lander. Now I have to go back for it.
  7. I spend 3 hours playing just to lose my research from minmus. Created my first separate command module and lander rocket for my second landing on minmus. Went to the moon and landed. Took a surface sample. Made an EVA and Crew report while on the moon. Went back to the orbiting command module (found out that 2 rcs modules leaves the 3rd axis not covered). Transferred Jeb to the command module. Did a crew report from orbit. Then ditched the lander and went back to Kerbin. When all said and done. Got 25 points of research from the Crew report from orbit and no points from successfully retrieving
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