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  1. Welcome to Kerbalism Hundreds of Kerbals were killed in the making of this mod. Kerbalism is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that alters the game to add life support, radiation, failures and an entirely new way of doing science. Go beyond the routine of orbital mechanics and experience the full set of engineering challenges that space has to offer. All mechanics can be configured to some degree, or even disabled if you don't like some of them. A big part of the mod is fully data-driven, so that you can create your own customized game play with only a text editor and a minimal amo
  2. Welcome to our official newsletter, KSP Loading…! If you want to learn about all the current developments of the KSP franchise, then this is the place to be! First of all, we hope all you Kerbonauts are safe and well during this pandemic. These times have been difficult for most and in such times it’s important to hang in there, do our part, and follow hygiene and safety measures to help stop the spread of this virus. Our hearts go out to those who have lost someone or their livelihood during these difficult times. Like everyone else, we have had to adapt to the current circumstances, bu
  3. This is the KSPI-E support thread where you can ask questions on KSP Interstellar Extended If you want to chat about KSP Interstellar you can do it at our KSP Interstellar Discord Server For talk about new development and features request you have to be in the KSPI-E Development thread For any release related news or issues, please discuss them at KSPIE Release thread KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program, designed to encourage bootstrapping toward ever more advanced levels of technology as well as utilizing In-Situ resources to expand the
  4. Forgotten Space Program Latest Post: 2019-07-30 - Alone on Duna -- It's happened again. Those well meaning kerbals ran off and completely forgot about their space program. Maybe there was a global crisis. Maybe they ran out of funds. Maybe the Kraken ate the ship Jeb and the Bs were in. Or maybe it was just snack time and the cheese dip was really, really good. Unfortunately nobody remembers what went wrong because nobody remembers being there. Space? Whazzat? And so years pass. Eventually an eccentric millionaire stumbles on the ruins of the long-forgotten program. Tr
  5. Will KSP 3 features alien Kerbals, black holes?
  6. Today was an auspiscious day. My cousin sister got engaged to a guy, the guy belongs to a rich family and I was invited. So, a huge feast happens on engagement day usually and since I love eating (not binge eating, just trying different foods) I had fasted for a day before the engagement. So here I was, at the hotel where the engagement ceremony was being organized. The groom's family had spared no expenses. I congratulated the bride and the groom and their families and socialized a bit. The food was served buffet style, and I headed to the Buffet spot after a while. However I bumped i
  7. Including Iridium Next, New Horizons and soon many more! (Check roadmap for what is coming) Join me on Discord! (DEV talk only) (Special Gojira Guide HERE) Tundra Exploration pics: Tundra Technologies pics: Planned features Roadmap Known issues IVAs are weird. The next update will be focused on IVAs! If your Mk4 is black. Make sure your KSP settings have shaders enabled (settings on the homescreen). Required Mods Kerbal Reusability Expansion (For the F9 legs and grid fins) B9 Part Switch
  8. According to wiki, the world's supply of uranium is ~5 mln t, including 0.7% (i.e. ~35 000 t) of 235. It's not just "few", it's "nothing" if talk about millenia. Even if increase it with oceanic uranium. So, spending uranium now literally means to leave the future humanity without both fission and fusion. The fission is just a short-term temporarily available technology given to us by Mother Nature to implement the fusion. So, advantages of the fission above the fusion don't play any role, like advantages of oil and gas. Even if they are easier to use, their supply is very lim
  9. That’s fair and (seriously) good on you for doing the research and deciding it’s not for you. If more folks did that, gaming forums would be a nicer place to be. And, as I said, my ED combat experience is way out of date so probably doesn’t match up that well to the latest videos. Just as an aside - and I respect your opinion on the game so I’m not trying to talk you out of it - I think Lee Hutchinson over at Ars Technica has it about right. ED really nails the sense of flying your futuristic sci-fi personal starship and the sheer sense of scale involved in flying around the galaxy.
  10. It's finally time to bring our Orblab 1 astronauts home! I've been excited to get moving on space station contracts, so we talk through that, and start looking into the future of space stations in LEO. Then, we take a design/research interlude, where I walk through the next steps in our tech tree. Finally, a daring rescue of a wildly spinning Moonhopper!
  11. KSP 1.10.x Near Future Propulsion [1.2.2] Last Updated August 2, 2020 This pack contains advanced electric engines for deep space travel. Generally engines split into the following categories: Gridded Ion Engines: like the stock Dawn, they have low TWR and great Isp. They run on Xenon fuel. Hall Effect Thrusters: similar to Gridded thrusters, but with better TWR at the cost of some Isp. They run on Argon fuel and are pretty cheap! Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters: with the best TWR of all electri
  12. This challenge was continued with permission from the previous thread manager @sdj64 LINK to the old Jool-5 thread There are over forty-five pages of entries and discussion, so look and see what made it and what didn't LINK to the older Jool-5 thread. There are hundreds of pages of entries and discussion, so look at it to see what worked and what didn't! CHALLENGE RULES Given the scale of this challenge, everyone who completes the mission successfully gets a spot in the hall of fame. 1. No cheating, including the stock debug menu cheats, HyperEdit, or file edi
  13. Well, as @Snark already wrote, the short answer is that if you want to do that in one hop, then you want modded antennas. Even the fully upgraded (stock) tracking station cannot talk to itself over that distance. To have a satellite that could talk to (a copy of) itself at that distance it would need 14 RA-100 antennas on it. A satellite that could talk to a single RA-100 or Communotron 88-88 over that distance would need a strength of 4748G or 172 RA-100 antennas. (Can be done, but I question if it should be done.)
  14. Update: LGG's beta fix working perfectly. I'll talk about this too there on OPEN COCKPIT's thread, they were having an issue there and this appears to be related to it.
  15. In terms of gameplay, colonies as integral element of exploration, multiple star systems, rather than just the two, physics overhaul for the rockets, a more coherent replacement for career mode, and I'm pretty sure multiplayer was just an idea and only became a feature post E3 hype the game got. In terms of visuals, dense biome-specific procedural placements (vegetations, rocks, etc.), PBR, atmospherics, reflections, and based on this trajectory I expect virtual texturing and dynamic tessellation for terrain or something similar. To be clear, some of these things would happen regardless,
  16. Have you watched any of the interviews with Nate Simpson? All the times he had to force himself from not to talk about what they are working on. I can say he does care about KSP. Plus I've said this before, we are not entitled to progress reports, what they are currently working on, and internal happenings within Intercept studios. Only Private Division and Take Two can demand that.
  17. I learned it at school, I think my english is good in relation to my classmates, which talk like this: ''I don't have a Drucker zuhause, could du please geben mir a Drucker?'' Really someone in my class talked like this. My ''spoken'' English is not that good but my understanding of sentences/reading/hearing is really good IMO
  18. UPDATE 9/11/20 - 9+11=20, did you just see that? Anyway, updated for 1.10.x. Getting into the game it helps to give the Kerbals a little bit of character. Using Final Frontier and my ribbon pack gives you the opportunity to acknowledge the experience and expertise of your Kerbals, besides through their skills. These are all user-assigned. But I am keen to talk with anyone who might like to write a plugin to make promotions and assignment of roles easier. ALSO: Want a set of ribbons for your expeditions like the ones below? Ask, and I'll see what I can do. FAQ below.
  19. And, as I said, the core gameplay loop is designing and flying a rockets and spacecrafts to solve a specific problems. In KSP1 except for a very basic science system and some random contracts you have to make up every single problem and make your own constraints, KSP2 is obviously set to overcome that limitation and replace abstract random contracts with a miriad of actually working secondary gameplay loops, like colonization, resource gathering and offworld ship-building. The two aspects of the game are meant to work alongside each other, not "rocket building first and then colonisa
  20. Omg that robot made me laugh so much...''Life....don't talk to me about life'' (Warning : video is not spoiler free) https://youtu.be/Eh-W8QDVA9s
  21. Rules: 1. You have to use a planets name from the Kerbal Universe to make a sentence. 2. You cannot repeat the same sentence but, you can repeat the same planet. 3. As usual stay within the forum rules 4. I post per user So I'll start: This is the most easiest forum game. EVE-n a baby kerbal could play it!
  22. KSP 1.10.x Community Tech Tree [3.4.2] Last Updated August 1, 2020 The Community Tech Tree is a mod designed to extend the stock technology tree to accommodate many community mods in an inclusive and extensible manner. This takes the form of expansions to the current tech tree. It provides new and extended branches for command pods, thermal management, ion engines, nuclear power and propulsion, and many more useful nodes. You'll need to install ModuleManager version 2.7.1 or higher, if you don't already have it, in order to extend the
  23. there is probably no way that we could talk, because it is 25,640 light years away
  24. Audacity Memoirs of a Kerbonaut by Martina D Kerman Contents: Chapter 0 - Maps and stuff Chapter 1 - First Contact (scroll down!) Chapter 2 - Perseverance Chapter 3 - Darude Chapter 4 - Aftermath Chapter 5 - Gategrash Chapter 6 - Overture Chapter 7 - Progress Chapter 8 - Expectations... Chapter 9 - ...and reality Chapter 10 - Ablaze with stars, part 1 Chapter 11 - Ablaze with stars, part 2 Chapter 12 - Ablaze with stars, part 3 Chapter 13 - Love, and loss Chapter 1 – First Contact It was the m
  25. That tiktok is flatly wrong. All medical tests have a false negative and false positive rate. The true FP rate for PCR is very low, but not 0. A number I have seen is 0.4%. At low prevalence as a prior, a substantial % of tests become FPs. Due to the exponential growth with each cycle, however, PCR detects virus LONG after people have recovered. At a cycle threshold of 40, out to ~12 weeks. People are not infectious after ~9 days (higher the sicker they are, with the longest times for ICU patients). They have been unable to culture live virus in anyone with a test that required 35+ c
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