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  1. This is the KSPI-E support thread where you can ask questions on KSP Interstellar Extended If you want to chat about KSP Interstellar you can do it at our KSP Interstellar Discord Server For talk about new development and features request you have to be in the KSPI-E Development thread For any release related news or issues, please discuss them at KSPIE Release thread KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program, designed to encourage bootstrapping toward ever more advanced levels of technology as well as utilizing In-Situ resources to expand the
  2. Including Iridium Next, New Horizons and soon many more! (Check roadmap for what is coming) Join me on Discord! (DEV talk only) (Special Gojira Guide HERE) Tundra Exploration pics: Tundra Technologies pics: Planned features Roadmap Known issues IVAs are weird. A future update will be focused on IVAs! Is your Starship black? Go to the main menu > Settings > Graphics > Make sure the Reflection Refresh Mode is on. "No tank type named 'RR_CryoMLOX' exists" means you have RR but not CRP, or you have RR, CRP, and WBI classi
  3. KSP 1.11.x Near Future Propulsion [1.3.3] Last Updated April 16, 2021 This pack contains advanced electric engines for deep space travel. Generally engines split into the following categories: Gridded Ion Engines: like the stock Dawn, they have low TWR and great Isp. They run on Xenon fuel. Hall Effect Thrusters: similar to Gridded thrusters, but with better TWR at the cost of some Isp. They run on Argon fuel and are pretty cheap! Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters: with the best TWR of all electri
  4. you have to use a quote from a show / real life. for commenting on peoples quotes i will allow the hidden content thingy. ill start us off “ This is Peridot, transmitting on all frequencies from abandoned Crystal System colony planet Earth, to Yellow Diamond. My mission has been compromised. My escort and informant are gone, and I am now stranded. PLEASE SEND HELP! ” —"Cry for Help"
  5. I think it has come to a point where I am going to ask people to not talk about the account deletion. I've seen people starting to speculate, and I don't wanna cause trouble for Take Two nor Private Division. 

    I'll post updates when I can but until then I ask you don't talk about it.

    May your rockets fly high and let kraken be at bay,


    1. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      Okay. Wait your account  got deleted?! When?

    2. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      It's a long story, but overall, someone else than me got access to my account and deleted it. That's all we know so far, and all we really need to say until we get more info

  6. Welcome to Kerbalism Hundreds of Kerbals were killed in the making of this mod. Kerbalism is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that alters the game to add life support, radiation, failures and an entirely new way of doing science. Go beyond the routine of orbital mechanics and experience the full set of engineering challenges that space has to offer. All mechanics can be configured to some degree, or even disabled if you don't like some of them. A big part of the mod is fully data-driven, so that you can create your own customized game play with only a text editor and a minimal amo
  7. Lately fourms are getting clumped and messy I am meaning There is a Variety of them and they need to be Organized together into Sub-categories of sub-categories So lets start at this standpoint Add-On-Development > Mods But it should be like : Add-On-Development > [Type of Mods, e.g Terrain shader, part mods] And it should be extended for all sub categories of the fourms like Mega-Threads category Mini thread category Types of missions/Challenges category Self promo/ Group promo category etc. Share your thoughts below and give ideas If the Mods see this thre
  8. At first I thought: "I'll just get to the Mun and back. That's it. Then I'll be done." Then it was: "Just plant a flag on Minmus, that's enough." "Just see how mining and refueling works..." "Just rescue my Kerbalnaut stranded in Munar orbit..." "Just plant a flag on Duna..." And for a while, that was enough. I did the rendezvous and docking tutorial. One go at that tedium was more than enough. I was even getting a bit bored babysitting every single burn. Going elsewhere with robots was unexciting, and flags and footprints meant docking. Nope. Crew transfers or rescue
  9. There is a LOT of great stuff going on in Fanworks and Mission Reports now, with some new stories and some continuing ones. Some are all text, some are text and screenshots, and there are at least two graphic novels. I've had some good conversations with other writers in PMs and thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can talk about things like characterization, canon/fanon, plotting, tone, things to avoid, etc, etc. If I may be so bold, I propose a few ground rules to start: All of the Forum and Community rules apply. They apply VERY much. Don't criticize an
  10. Originally there was talk of not reusing them, and instead using them as cargo. Since then they decided to make dedicated cargo versions. They're largely the same, but simplified for better cargo capability.
  11. p1t1o

    Shower thoughts

    Batman isnt the word for a Bat-like man, (although of course he is somewhat bat-like) he is a unique thing with its own name "Batman". There isnt another Batman and if you created one, he wouldnt be Batman, he'd be something else with another name (Like "Ultimate BAtman" "Batman Alpha" or anything, but there would never be two "Batmen" - well not at the same time at least), because you would always be able to say, "Theres this guy, and theres Batman" and you'd always know which one is Bruce wayne, because he's Batman. And if someone were to liken himself to bats somehow or whatever, or d
  12. You can disagree with colonizing Mars (I certainly do), but the capability to send large masses to space (or Mars) comes with existential risk mitigation for the ride. The same would be true of Blue Origin's goals (Bezos is one of "Gerry's kids" an L5, orbital habitat guy). A transportation system that gets large masses to space that does not cost many billions per flight, and indeed drops costs towards FedEx overnight package delivery rates per kg means we can get large spacecraft built. This mitigates risk because if we were to detect an Earth-crossing threat, we'd have the ability to t
  13. KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program, designed to encourage bootstrapping toward ever more advanced levels of technology as well as utilizing In-Situ resources to expand the reach of Kerbal civilization. KSP Interstellar Extended aims to continue in @Fractal_UK original KSP Interstellar vision in providing a realistic road to the stars. Players will first gain access to contemporary technologies that have not been widely applied to real space programs such as nuclear reactors, electrical generators and thermal rockets. By continuing down the CTT tech tree and
  14. Ive made a sub reddit for KSP content creators to Collab, meet, and talk. https://www.reddit.com/r/KSPContentCreators/
  15. Isn't squad headquartered in Mexico City? I hope everyone on the team is okay. @SQUAD Are y'all alright down there? This isn't really the right forum, but I bet a mod'll move it to the right place soon enough. If you want to talk about extra-forumal affairs, the Lounge section is the right place. If you want to have meta-discussions about the forums, check the Kerbal Network(?).
  16. Half Life: Alex (and a few other Valve games) has a developer commentary mode where you can play through the game as normal, but you can pick up Walkmans that have the developers' voice memos throughout the levels. They talk about struggles with lighting, how they decided on the movement system, the deliberation of plot points, and more. What if you found cassette tapes of floppy disks around the KSC with developer insights in a special mode? You could build yourself a little rover and drive around learning about the games' development.
  17. Chapter Nine, Sol 3 -- The Elcano (Beat of the Rising Sun) Let's finish this BRN Rachel S'Jet --- Year: 2 Day: 62 Time: 1:54:15 Departing Area JR-3X NO. NO EUROBEAT. Okay. Fine. I've got nothing to talk about for 99km until the Western Canyon, anyway. But if we're going to do this, while we're driving this war car (because Duna = Mars, get it? Get it? ), we're using the Fifth Stage OST. "A Perfect Hero" - Chris Stanton - SUPER EUROBEAT presents 頭文字[イニシャル]D Final D Selection "Give me your sexy body" indeed, Chris. "Orange sus." "THEY'RE ALL ORANGE, N
  18. This challenge was continued with permission from the previous thread manager @sdj64 LINK to the old Jool-5 thread There are over forty-five pages of entries and discussion, so look and see what made it and what didn't LINK to the older Jool-5 thread. There are hundreds of pages of entries and discussion, so look at it to see what worked and what didn't! CHALLENGE RULES Given the scale of this challenge, everyone who completes the mission successfully gets a spot in the hall of fame. 1. No cheating, including the stock debug menu cheats, HyperEdit, kraken driv
  19. Like on some names I have problems, beeing a non-native english speaker for example I always thought Vanamonde was Vananamonde or damonvv damovv so: let's talk about how your name is pronounced correctly or someone elses for example mine is Star- Helper- Dude, pretty easy I would say
  20. I wouldn't want to talk for Dylan, but I don't think it'll be out soon. Give it some time, maybe he's just busy with other things?
  21. This topic is used to talk about flags created by everyday people and the largest modders in KSP alike! We welcome any flags, as long as they are Safe For Work. I guess that's it, keep sharing your flags! (eventually I will make a picture of a vessel with all the flags on the topic, to participate you must include a link to your flag in the description as well as the pictr) Posting NSFW flags on this topic will be reported to the moderators.
  22. KSP 1.11.x Kerbal Atomics [1.2.0] Last Updated December 23, 2020 This part pack is designed to provide some new nuclear thermal rockets for your spaceship-building pleasure. There are eight new engines, one in the 3.75m size class, four in the 2.5m size class, two in the 1.25m size class and one in the 0.625m size class. They are fuelled with LiquidHydrogen, and in some cases can use Oxidizer to boost their thrust at the cost of specific impulse. Liquid Hydrogen is less dense than liquid fuel, so for the same Delta-V, you will need more tank volume.
  23. I was playing KSP1 earlier and got to thinking about it. In my opinion it would be great for fixing things on outposts (like in the current KSP), exploring and just all around immersion. Have you guys heard anything and if not, what do you think?
  24. Henlo this is some things about my carrer save i guess. the company i play as is called Venus Aerospace Inc. they do a lot of small scale missions and general missions and dont really have a set focus this has been my TED talk i hope you enjoyed peridoot out
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