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  1. KSP 1.11.x Near Future Propulsion [1.3.1] Last Updated December 26, 2020 This pack contains advanced electric engines for deep space travel. Generally engines split into the following categories: Gridded Ion Engines: like the stock Dawn, they have low TWR and great Isp. They run on Xenon fuel. Hall Effect Thrusters: similar to Gridded thrusters, but with better TWR at the cost of some Isp. They run on Argon fuel and are pretty cheap! Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters: with the best TWR of all elec
  2. Yeah, assuming 24 hour growing is desirable (I have no idea about plants and any day/night cycle benefits for their health). Calling glass fragile... why? 30mm, laminated glass is fine for crowds to walk on. There are glass-bottomed swimming pools that hold vastly more than 1 atm (I want to say a household fish tank is substantially higher than 1 atm on the side walls). The 24/7 (25/7? What does Mars do for months?) light means that the space is not ideal for dual use (I was also considering the space as someplace people might like to be around, vertical hydroponics along the glass w
  3. They have to do that for the Moon, as days are a month long (so 2 weeks day, 2 weeks night). Using solar seems dumb if you have a 25 hour day. Why take ~20% of less insolation instead of 100%? Solar radiation is ~590 W/m2 at Mars (vs ~1000 W/m2 here). PVs will get you 20%? So at Mars PVs get you ~118W/m2. LEDs are 40-50% efficient. Call it 50%. So we're at ~55W/m2 of light for every m2 of PV on the surface. So for the "price" of the same surface covered with glass on a greenhouse, you need roughly 10X that area covered with glass that happens to be PVs. My PVs are ~3-4mm of glass, so the
  4. KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program, designed to encourage bootstrapping toward ever more advanced levels of technology as well as utilizing In-Situ resources to expand the reach of Kerbal civilization. KSP Interstellar Extended aims to continue in @Fractal_UK original KSP Interstellar vision in providing a realistic road to the stars. Players will first gain access to contemporary technologies that have not been widely applied to real space programs such as nuclear reactors, electrical generators and thermal rockets. By continuing down the CTT tech tree and
  5. Welcome to Kerbalism Hundreds of Kerbals were killed in the making of this mod. Kerbalism is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that alters the game to add life support, radiation, failures and an entirely new way of doing science. Go beyond the routine of orbital mechanics and experience the full set of engineering challenges that space has to offer. All mechanics can be configured to some degree, or even disabled if you don't like some of them. A big part of the mod is fully data-driven, so that you can create your own customized game play with only a text editor and a minimal amo
  6. My forum and wider internet search-fu is failing me today, and I'm hoping some of the brighter and more educated minds inhabiting this forum can help me with this query: It's easy to envision a rigid-body tetrahedron suspended in free space rotating around its own center of mass. Without resorting to any math it's easily conceivable that there are an infinite continuity of possible roll/yaw/pitch rates possible, up to the limits of the material shear strength anyway. However, this does not mean that the vertices of such a rotating tetrahedron are *individually* follo
  7. Including Iridium Next, New Horizons and soon many more! (Check roadmap for what is coming) Join me on Discord! (DEV talk only) (Special Gojira Guide HERE) Tundra Exploration pics: Tundra Technologies pics: Planned features Roadmap Known issues IVAs are weird. The next update will be focused on IVAs! If your Mk4 is black. Make sure your KSP settings have shaders enabled (settings on the homescreen). Required Mods Kerbal Reusability Expansion (For the F9 legs and grid fins) B9 Part Switch
  8. This is the KSPI-E support thread where you can ask questions on KSP Interstellar Extended If you want to chat about KSP Interstellar you can do it at our KSP Interstellar Discord Server For talk about new development and features request you have to be in the KSPI-E Development thread For any release related news or issues, please discuss them at KSPIE Release thread KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program, designed to encourage bootstrapping toward ever more advanced levels of technology as well as utilizing In-Situ resources to expand the
  9. pfft you're one to talk! Use a visual pack! DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT
  10. So with all this ISRU stuff I think we should talk a little bit about resources. Also I know this is stepping into spoiler territory and you guys could do a whole Dev diary on this but I'm just wanting some vague answers. How "specific" will resources be. For instance will it be uranium-235, or just uranium, and will it be deuterium and Helium 3 or fusion fuel? Also is electricity still measured in electric charge or is it measured in something more realistic like megajoules? And one more thing how will energy/resource transfer work between buildings will they just auto-connect or
  11. I did not have a good relationship with my father, I was able to talk to him again a month and a half before his death from cancer, and recently on his computer I discovered that he had played KSP at first (1.2), I have a lot of regret for not being there at that time.

  12. Hey there! Grant here, franchise producer for KSP. I wanted to chime in with a quick update on the ESA content for console. Right now, we are tackling the last few feature additions and are looking towards a release this fall. And while I am here, I figured I would talk just a bit about our approach to updates for KSP Enhanced Edition. When we released Enhanced Edition in 2018, our goal was to bring the KSP experience players loved on PC to consoles. After release, our initial focus was on addressing and resolving console specific issues. Then we turned our attention to bringing
  13. So I want to present a scenario of how I think it would go in this situation. It may be a oversimplification, but hear me out. You open KSP 2, and head into a game with multiplayer functionality. You are at KSC, and you look at your map and see where everyone is in the game and what they are doing in their seperate timelines. You see someone who helped you out before, and you talk to him and he explains he needs help building a orbital shipyard. He has already put some of it in orbit around Kerbin, only requiring one more launch to make it operational. You say, "I can do it, give me permi
  14. You should talk to these guys. https://digthisvegas.com/
  15. Sure if you're up to adding contracts that's definitely welcome by any means - I don't have time/energy to continue work on it myself for the foreseeable future, though I will provide support where needed of course. The best way to contribute is by using GitHub and creating your own forked branch - then making pull requests whenever content is completed. I recommend using the desktop app to make it easy for yourself. I'd prefer if you contact me through messaging to talk through the details if you're going through with it.
  16. Only talk in binary. Oops I broke a rule. 01010111 01100101 01101100 01101100 00101110 00100000 01010111
  17. NOTICE: This theory of Kerbal Space Program is based off of the names, Linx’s Beyond Home mod, and Matt Lowne's Kerbal Space Program movies. When people think of game lore they think of like Minecraft or Fallout. However people don't think KSP has Lore. Well. I proudly announce that I'm going to make some serious lore about it. However most of it depends on Linx’s Beyond Home mod and Matt Lowne's Kerbal Space Program movies. And I do hope this amazes you. When I talk about the past of Kerbalkind I am talking about a few billion years. Like 3 billion years ago i
  18. Yeah I do like TR head changes. I feel like there was a mod out there that just does that. I might of been using TR if it was not for the suit problems. I feel like that feature should be removed from mod, so that the game can use its own stock suits from DLCs. I believe stock game allows suit replacements with out a 3rd party mod. When I get more venturous, I might talk to Shaw about it, but since I don't use mod at all, I am not driven too.
  19. What's the point of this? Mod creators give their stuff away for free, and if you want to support them, the ones who accept donations usually have links to their Cashapp or Patreon. You're creating a solution without a problem that 100% won't be endorsed by Squad and the mod team. Financial education? Young people can go to Khan Academy for that or just, you know, take a class at school. No one's coming here to learn how to manage investments and file taxes, were coming here to talk about KSP.
  20. TBD, probably, yes. Correct The number #1 rule about cardboardman is that we don't talk about cardboardman
  21. KSP 1.11.x Kerbal Atomics [1.2.0] Last Updated December 23, 2020 This part pack is designed to provide some new nuclear thermal rockets for your spaceship-building pleasure. There are eight new engines, one in the 3.75m size class, four in the 2.5m size class, two in the 1.25m size class and one in the 0.625m size class. They are fuelled with LiquidHydrogen, and in some cases can use Oxidizer to boost their thrust at the cost of specific impulse. Liquid Hydrogen is less dense than liquid fuel, so for the same Delta-V, you will need more tank volume.
  22. Hi, my name is Shana Markham and I’m the lead designer on KSP2. I’m the “why” and “how” to Creative Director Nate Simpson’s “what.” I work with him to ensure what we’re building meets our vision for the game, and that it results in the most enjoyable and worthy successor we can build. I’m more of a scripting-and-spreadsheets sort of designer, so you’re going to get some “interesting” art here. Sequels are a balancing act. If we only added more content, that would be better done as DLC. If we revise gameplay wholesale, then we run the risk of not making a sequel anymore. How do we make sure w
  23. Have you ever pulled on a door that was meant to be pushed? It’s a frustrating mistake that often leaves you blaming yourself, ultimately bringing your intelligence into question! HOWEVER, the fault is not yours! It lies in a failure in the door’s design to communicate the action you should take. Hi, my name is Levin [ luh–vin ] Sadsad. I’m the Lead UX/UI Designer here at Intercept Games. Welcome to my Ted Kerbal Talk! “What even is UX/UI?” one might ask. Well, it stands for User Experience and User Interface. Where Game Design provides KSP2’s vision, the UX Team delivers the look & fee
  24. Hi! My name’s Nate Simpson, and I’m the creative director for KSP2. Welcome to the first official KSP2 blog post. In the coming months, the Star Theory team will be checking in here periodically to give you glimpses of what we’re making and how we’re making it. Now that the trailer’s out, I can finally tell the story of how we went from “it should probably have some rockets in it” to “whoa, this is making me cry” in less than two months! The story begins with Tom Bass, the head of Private Division marketing, and Ara Josefsson, the KSP marketing lead, who put together a trailer animatic and f
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