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  1. I found that the USSR had a Yak-38, which was VTOL, but the engines were: Powerplant: 1 × Tumansky R-28 V-300 Vectored-thrust turbofan engine, 66.7 kN (15,000 lbf) thrust for lift and cruise thrust Powerplant: 2 × Rybinsk RD-38 turbojet engines, 31.9 kN (7,200 lbf) thrust each lift-jets in fwd fuselage behind the cockpit
  2. So, i decided to make a station in KSP v1.4.5. This station consists of around 200 parts. Hope you like it! Link: https://kerbalx.com/KSPBaron145/Space-Staton-MKIII
  3. @Kopernicus:AFTER[KOPERNICUS] { Body { Welcome! PQS { Mods { VertexNiceTutorialMusic { music = idk doesThisModExist = nope isThisJokeGettingTooLong = true } } } } } All kidding aside, welcome to this tutorial on Kopernicus modding. So, let me teach you how to use perhaps one of the most creative and powerful mods there is for KSP: Kopernicus. While you can simply download packs, some of you may be willing to give it a try for yourself. However, many of you probably have no idea what all those confusing lines and numbers do. I will explain
  4. I also found something else regarding the problems I mentioned earlier in the thread (page 200) on the strange Megajoule/Kilowatt Hour drain which I tracked down to being the result of firing the "Heavy 5-way RCS Block" RCS thrusters, and made a new discovery by looking through the part files to see what could cause this. I noticed that even though the Heavy 5-way RCS do not show up as an electric thruster, their part definition file references "ElectricRCSController" as a module. So are they supposed to draw electric power? But if that's so, then it seems they're bugged in other ways because
  5. Stop it already with your awesome mods. *looks at GameData folder with 200 directories* There comes a moment.. *whooooshh*
  6. I run a pretty heavy modded install (over 200 mods) and I am plagued by a certain message showing up hundreds if not thousands of times in my log: Input field is focused, disabling keys This is filling up my log, and it is unfortunately not tagged with a mod. Verbose logging has done nothing to find the culprit, and my search through the mod sources have yielded nothing. If anyone has had this show up, and know what might be causing it, please let me know. It's driving me insane(r)!
  7. But that takes away 1/3 of damage, which could be eradicated with 200 tons of active sheilds, very heavy but doable on an ion ship like I'm doing. Needs 200 ec/s, so you need big solar panels, like Dream Big's. At least Eeloo isn't hellish in terms of radiations belts, and at Jool its pointless b/c it will barely have an effect with the overwhelming radiation.
  8. Im not sure If I did everything correct so please outline anything hat is incorrect. Also I am confused but certain lines. What does this mean? ScaledVersion //Update scaledspace { type = Atmospheric fadeStart = 0 fadeEnd = 0 Material { texture = (filepath)/Sule_color.dds //Texture map normals = (filepath)/Sule_normal.dds //Normal map shininess = 3 specular = 0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0 rimPower = 3 rimBlend =
  9. This was a fun challenge! I'm not used to designing tiny planes so this was something new and interesting. I aimed to optimize for cost, mass, and part count, but not time. Craft in VAB. 2375 funds, 9 parts, 688 kilograms mass. The parts are three elevons, a Juno, an air intake, a basic fin, a command seat, a liquid fuel tank, and a small hardpoint to act as a landing skid. This craft is actually pretty fun to fly. I'm not used to flying without SAS so it was a bit annoying at first. Cruise at 200 m/s. Kerbal drag is really really high so I couldn't really go
  10. Neptune Camera Download and Releases (GitHub) Source Code (GitHub) Only compatible with KSP 1.10.X and above. Neptune Camera is a utility to add basic camera functionality to parts. Images produced by the camera are saved to the KSP Screenshot folder. The following features are present: Different camera types (Full colour, Red, Green, Blue, Ultraviolet*, Infrared** and Greyscale). Optional errors (dropped pixels) on images taken. Optional noise grain. Configurable FoV and resolution. Full colour cameras can produce separate Red, Green, Blue,
  11. I think that keeping in the spirit of the challenge would require using 1x timewarp at periapsis. In 1x time warp, the closest you can get without resorting to exploits is something like 150,000-200,000 km from the surface. With exploits you can get all the way to the atmosphere:
  12. I don't even COMPARE to some of the people writing stories here. But, I want to share mine anyway. I now have a better title Part 1: (Name Coming Soon) Jeb was focusing on landing the shuttle back at base, with callouts from Val guiding him along. It was so much trickier at night! "600, 500, Gear down, 400, watch the nose! 300, 200-" Then an alarm sounded, Chamberlain 5CLSTSL-1 launch at T-3:00 minutes. All systems internal. "WHAT!?" Jeb ran as fast as he could out of the simulator, racing to mission control. He looked at the rocket outside the big windows. It w
  13. Mission Realizing that the next great conflict shall be settled by aerial gun chariots animated via the electrical airscrew, we have commissioned you to build such a contraption or a team of such contraptions in order to secure victory in battle against other such craft. Required Mods Reasonably Modern version of KSP with Breaking Ground DLC. Ferram Aerospace Research Continued, 16.0.1 or latest, and dependencies. BD Armory Continued for Runway Project, or latest, and dependencies. Aviator Arsenal 1.5 or latest. Optional mods B9 Pro
  14. This pack is for the modders who create IVA for the spacecraft ASET props pack is a set of almost 600 different devices and decoration elements for creation of interiors of space ships. It includes MFDs, various switches, devices and tools. view imgur album (v 1.3) ASET Modular Push Buttons Manual (PDF) ASET Modular Toggle Switch Manual (PDF) This pack was originally designed for my ALCOR capsule but now I also use it in my other projects. Also some of others modders started to use it to make their own interiors. That's why I decided t
  15. Noticed you have more Keostationary satellites than you need and want to convert some into polar orbits to extend the network coverage? Having launched a probe mindlessly firing eastward into space just to find out that you actually need a polar orbit? Burning normal does help you change the inclination of an orbit, but if you have some experiences in orbital maneuvers, you probably already know that it is one of the most fuel-consuming one, and you probably also know, either from your own experience or from other players, that it is a fuel eater because you are burning perpendicular to your v
  16. First of all one of the best mods ever. Thank you @FreeThinker. I am experiencing interesting issues with Computer Core. If I use Computer Core on a ship then following happens: 1. Something is starting to eat up processing power of the threads on which the game resides, and the game turns into a slide show, but when I do NOT use the computer core everything behaves normal. IHAL does not have this issue 2. When "Auto Stabilizing" is set to "Enabled on either Computer Core or IHAL translation using with RCS is not possible unless the ship is ordered to rotate first, that does som
  17. Probably around 300-400, but most of those hours where I left it on overnight because I forgot to turn it off. It is probably only 100-200 active hours.
  18. That would be good too. About the sizes I would like to go custom size to another custom size. Say 60% to 200% and back. ME
  19. Crew rating the lunar version is a much lower bar than as a crew launch and return vehicle I would imagine. The landing is entirely propulsive, and in fact far easier than landing it on Earth. This is particularly true given the landing thruster addition to the lunar version. Seems like they can make those arbitrarily powerful via whatever throttle capability they have, combined with having so many they can selectively shut groups of them down. Unlike F9, or the "flip" we see in Boca Chica, it should be able to hover. There will see be some assessment of LOC probability, and I'm sure that's so
  20. Olympus Station! A 230 part, 200 ton Station to LKO Launch 1: Deliver the main body of the station to LKO Attempts Launch 2: Send temporary crew Done, Although the TWR of the first stage was that of a sounding rocket, shooting right off the launch pad Launch 3: dock ore tanks and ISRU to the station. Done Launch 4 and 5: Dock refueling tanks and send final crew Shuttles suck. But, Part 1 is done. Part 2, not yet
  21. @boolybooly I see my Advanced Pilot Precision Award x5 and raise myself Advanced Pilot Precision Award x8. In VAB, first lap Second through fourth laps Laps 5-8 I had 40-50 m/s of deorbit burn for each of my eight orbits for about 360 m/s wasted. I probably wasted another 200-250 m/s on orbital insertions. Maybe with a bit more fuel and better flight profiles I can fit in a ninth orbit but I probably won't attempt it. Edit: Instead of "Untitled Space Craft" can you call it "Relay Race 2"
  22. Chapter Five - The Arrival (that sounds ominous) Even after getting my pending agenda done at that time, even after getting the Duna satellites into place, laying down my Minmus operations, running more tourist and rescue missions, testing a few additional craft, there was still like sixty to seventy days left before the main DoD I fleet arrives at Duna. Now I could spend the remaining time productively, taking on contracts to earn more Funds, research more Science from the gobs of data from the Artemis I mission, rescue more Kerbals and take more tourists all over Mun and Minmus...
  23. Soon they will reveal the actual cost of all those multi-million rocket things. Why a aluminium barrel covered with rubber costs 200...1000 mln.
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