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  1. Final Frontier kerbal individual merits current version: 1.10.0-3485 Sometimes it's hard to choose a kerbal for a mission because they are all the same... well, they differ in courage and stupidity but they have no history, no personal merits they have achieved. Do you remember who was the first kerbal in space? No? Ok, who was the first kerbal on Mun? Still no idea? The Final Frontier plugin will handle this for you. Each kerbal will get ribbons for extraordinary merits. And the number of missions flown (i.e. vessel recovered), total mission time and total EVA time is rec
  2. You have reached 200 posts! Congratulations!! :D

    You are also almost to 500 rep points!

    1. Stormpilot


      Oh hey your right! Thanks!


      I would like but the forums say: YOU HAVE GIVEN TOO MANY REACTIONS TODAY :( 


  3. Leg 16 [prev] [next] [progress] [click + arrow] slideshow Departed: -59.210/31.415 @ Airborne: 45m Heading: 243 Distance: 297.3 km Altitude: 2.0 km Arrival: -60.337/-27.427 Yes, I know what you're thinking... "Come on, Dick! Get a move on!" Or you'd even completely forgotten multimillionaire Dick Smith's solo attempt to circumnavigate Kerbin by helicopter?? Nope, it's still happening. At snail's pace. What a great flight, though! The scenery was great. The transition to hover was effortless. And we got a bonus (pa
  4. In order for me to reach the 50 years and 95 days my ship has I needed to turn on every single habitat. If I missed even one the highest I could have gotten was 44 years. I designed it this way intentionally. I also ensured my nom o matics were enabled and loaded the craft up with batteries. If you watch the video linked in the post (here), you can see the ship being fast forwarded through 200 days or more and because everything is turned on none of my resources drop. If I had even one habitat turned off I wouldn't have reached the 50 years and 95 days I had before I started the vide
  5. Almost at 200 rep, thank you all so much! :happy:

    1. SpaceX_Boi


      5 more!! :D :D 

  6. KSP is not known to tackle down all the bugs of a major release before issuing the next - it's exactly the opposite. Once a bug happens, you can expect it to linger for years without being correctly handled. So, unfortunately, every bug that happened in the past cannot be considered completely fixed and need to be considered a probable suspect when coincidences are detected on 'new bugs' (that, not rarely, are only different side effects of a root cause that was not tackled down). So the thing is specific to Mk1 Illuminator? That makes things easier (or less hard) to replic
  7. @Lisias I think the ablator resource also has a "storage tank" on part's that have ablator... hmm. RESOURCE { name = Ablator amount = 200 maxAmount = 200 } from HeatShield1.cfg. Could it help to set maxAmount to some value that's big enough? This is from a save: RESOURCE { name = RefundingForKSP111x amount = 1150.0000000000002 maxAmount = 0 flowState = False isTweakable = False
  8. I can't remember if I've done the math on this before or not.... 120 tonnes dry mass, 30 tonnes landing reserve prop, and 100 tonnes payload to LEO, so mf is 250 tonnes. 1200 tonnes prop at staging but that presumably includes those 30 tonnes in the header tanks so m0 is 1420 tonnes. So dV expended to LEO is 6473 m/s. We know that Starship needs all six engines to light at staging to help avoid overmuch gravity drag, which means a fairly lofted trajectory and some gravity drag losses -- probably as high as 600 m/s. So we can ballpark staging velocity at LEO - 5873 or roughly 2 km/s.
  9. Hi all, I had a big ship hit within 200 m of a passive seismometer on the Mun and only got 3 science points- very annoying. I'm not the only one. @RizzoTheRat Perhaps we should read the directions: What point? I did some trials: My best effort was >0.9999 at 3978 m. It impacted >1000 m/s and I got >100 science. That's more like it! Using the Impact Marker in Kerbal Engineer Redux is very helpful. I don't know if the optimal distance is the same for other celestial bodies. Please report if you try it elsewhere. Good luck!
  10. About: To Boldly Go (TBG) is a stand-alone application that allows users to create a procedural galaxy. It leaves the stock game's planets untouched, but adds new stars, planets, and moons--all using real-world calculations (adjusted for the oddities of the in-game physics). The original author, @daniel l., has asked me to take the lead on development, and after a long time of inaction I have finally made a new thread. Current release: For KSP 1.9 (requires Kopernicus Continued 1.9.1): https://github.com/kjoenth/To-Boldly-Go/releases/latest Instructions: Install Koper
  11. I'm in Sandbox and in the GDLV3 (doesn't really matter the rocket) and I lose connection at ~100,000m above in a suborbital trajectory. For the ComSat Lx, it's around ~70,000. Others vary between ~70,000 and 200,000. Also, it doesn't matter if theres an exposed antenna or not. https://imgur.com/a/w7ueI58 Ha, I've been on here since 2019. Anyway, yes, my probe has power, and I'm in sandbox mode. Someone mentioned something about CommNet, but I'm not entirely sure what.
  12. And thus total amount of heat to warm the cabin or to leak and self-ignite on a tank damage, say, on a hit by ground or on the upper stage destruction, is by an order of magnitude greater. All initial presentations were about the Crew Dragon landing on legs and engines, rather than chutes, and they were trying to proof that the chutes are too heavy, etc. And as the Dragon uses the crewed capsule as a way to make all engines reusable, they have to keep all fuel in the capsule, so inside the capsule heat protection, right under the crew cabin. To vent by RCS, say, 200 kg of the
  13. Yeah, it's a pretty niche "record". The longest time a "US" "crew capsule" has been in space. Because the Shuttle used to just drop people off and come back, it never stayed there that long. The Russians tend to rotate their Soyuz capsules, but they routinely stay up there more than 200 days, so 168 days is only a US record. The Russians can pretty easily rotate their crews through different capsules, with a departing crew just taking the oldest one up there back home. That might become difficult for the US, if there end up being both Boeing and SpaceX capsules up there, because I don't t
  14. Last year In the summer I was playing ksp on career mode and having fun as usual until one day I was viewing planets in the Tracking station and boom my game crashed. Now I got used to the game crashing alot because the game would backup and usually fix the problem. but not this time. when the game crashed I was like Oh okay that sucks welp reload. so I went on to doing that but when I pressed resume save and pressed the load it didn't load. all I heard was the music which at first I thought this was a little problem but later I realized I couldn't even load it even after closing the applica
  15. We have them now! The small batteries! We have small batteries. Image Part Radial size Cost () Mass (t) Max. Temp. (K) Tolerance (m/s) Tolerance (g) Capacity (⚡) Z-100 Rechargeable Battery Pack Radial mounted 80 0.005 1 200 8 50 100 Z-400 Rechargeable Battery
  16. Dacott Kerman, ”hey is that a docking port?” -Dacott Kerman while “litho braking” with a space station docking port at 200 m/s.
  17. The chair has a 200 unit battery, it does not produce electricity, just uses it to power everything. That was where the drain was. Separately the Porpoise point drive no longer produces electricity because it runs off it to heat and push water, but the sub runs on RTGs so that isn't a problem.
  18. I wish there were smaller batteries than the Z-100 (maybe 25?). For small probes, the probe core itself often has too little EC for my comfort, but the Z-100 is enormous both in size and capacity, and since I often end up putting two of them for symmetry it ends up being no better than the Z-200 (which is really tall relative to its diameter, so I don't like using it). Especially now that we have smaller RCS, the Z-100 just sticks out like a sore thumb and it's getting harder to resist the temptation to clip it. Another option would just be to add more EC to the probe cores.
  19. Every time I attempt to assemble the American Modules together in the VAB, some of the part clips through the other due to nodes. I tried to fix this by stacking C-200's together, is this normal? I have to stack 3-4 C-200's on the end of every module for them to connect?
  20. @Kopernicus:AFTER[KOPERNICUS] { Body { Welcome! PQS { Mods { VertexNiceTutorialMusic { music = idk doesThisModExist = nope isThisJokeGettingTooLong = true } } } } } All kidding aside, welcome to this tutorial on Kopernicus modding. So, let me teach you how to use perhaps one of the most creative and powerful mods there is for KSP: Kopernicus. While you can simply download packs, some of you may be willing to give it a try for yourself. However, many of you probably have no idea what all those confusing lines and numbers do. I will explain
  21. With the idea of producing enough bombs to sustain two pulses per second? Not a chance. Do some math and calculate how much ore you would need to dig up just to feed the centrifuges. Then take a look at those centrifuges, how immensly huge those facilities are, and how long it takes to enrich uranium. And you want to make ~200 000 bombs per day. Not a chance. Making a facility on Earth that can produce 200 000 regular hand grenades per day would be an amazing undertaking.
  22. I’m really frustrated I captured a B asteroid instead of an E. So, I made a new craft called Cerberus with 3x the deltaV to catch an E. It massed at- one moment- 115 tonnes. I only have 1 launch vehicle that can manage that. (Because I don’t make a lot of massive rockets) The Jool-3C It can get payloads from 100-200 tons into orbit(Depending on the number of vectors.) At maximum weight, it weighs 1,400 tonnes. At that point, you need a LOT of launch clamps to hold it. I see why Stratzenblitz75 didn’t use the launchpad for his Low Solar Station. The korolev
  23. I created a small pull request on github that adds an option for dynamic control surface deflection. I always faced the challenge that crafts that are agile at low speed become super reactive at high speeds (by a user with keyboard but also by sophisticated PID autopilots) and would quickly disintegrate in flight at the slightest control input. Therefore I created a new option (disabled by default) that allows the user to select a speed after which control input decreases with a selectable exponent until it reaches a definable minimum. Example: if I choose start speed 200 m/s a
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