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  1. With the idea of producing enough bombs to sustain two pulses per second? Not a chance. Do some math and calculate how much ore you would need to dig up just to feed the centrifuges. Then take a look at those centrifuges, how immensly huge those facilities are, and how long it takes to enrich uranium. And you want to make ~200 000 bombs per day. Not a chance. Making a facility on Earth that can produce 200 000 regular hand grenades per day would be an amazing undertaking.
  2. I created a small pull request on github that adds an option for dynamic control surface deflection. I always faced the challenge that crafts that are agile at low speed become super reactive at high speeds (by a user with keyboard but also by sophisticated PID autopilots) and would quickly disintegrate in flight at the slightest control input. Therefore I created a new option (disabled by default) that allows the user to select a speed after which control input decreases with a selectable exponent until it reaches a definable minimum. Example: if I choose start speed 200 m/s a
  3. I’m really frustrated I captured a B asteroid instead of an E. So, I made a new craft called Cerberus with 3x the deltaV to catch an E. It massed at- one moment- 115 tonnes. I only have 1 launch vehicle that can manage that. (Because I don’t make a lot of massive rockets) The Jool-3C It can get payloads from 100-200 tons into orbit(Depending on the number of vectors.) At maximum weight, it weighs 1,400 tonnes. At that point, you need a LOT of launch clamps to hold it. I see why Stratzenblitz75 didn’t use the launchpad for his Low Solar Station. The korolev
  4. Inspired by the great works of our most prominent KSP modders, for the last few weeks I've been semi-secretly toiling away at a bunch of parts of my own. With enough content (and courage) to warrant a development thread, I present this mod under the working title of Some Very Alien Stuff (SVAS). Not surprisingly, the focus of this add-on is kerbalkind's discovery and utilization of various bits and bobs of alien origin. As of now, it is planned to depend on Angel-125's magnificent "Blueshift", as it reuses some of its assets, resources and anomaly spawning mechanics. Presen
  5. Continued working my way through - and adjusting - the tech tree in my science save Surveyor-1 launched to the Mun on an Atlas-Agena Bill also wrapped up his day in orbit - his final sunset before reentry Then it was time to launch another probe, an Argo, atop the new Titan launcher After reaching orbit, the Agena upper stage doesn't have enough dV to do too much more than push the Argo out of Kerbin's SoI It does become the first kebin-made object to leave Kerbin's SoI a few days after Surveyor-1 completes its Mun mission. I'm actually trying to
  6. Neptune Camera Download and Releases (GitHub) Source Code (GitHub) Only compatible with KSP 1.10.X and above. Neptune Camera is a utility to add basic camera functionality to parts. Images produced by the camera are saved to the KSP Screenshot folder. The following features are present: Different camera types (Full colour, Red, Green, Blue, Ultraviolet*, Infrared** and Greyscale). Optional errors (dropped pixels) on images taken. Optional noise grain. Configurable FoV and resolution. Full colour cameras can produce separate Red, Green, Blue,
  7. But Microtransactions are still a possibility. I'm not going to stop worrying about them until KSP 3 is released. Just imagine: "200 KerbCoins to unlock this part of the tech tree early in our official KSPOnline servers!"
  8. Preciselly, 1.27.1. I DON'T think I did something special: I landed on Mun and noticed my kerbal was not jumping high enough. Then I checked the resources and he a little above 200 units of snacks. Afraid of messing with the mission, I edited the save and changed it to a little below 2. Since I haven't completed all the monolith's contracts (I restarted on KSP 1.11.2), I'll have to try again. Looks like a typo...
  9. But that takes away 1/3 of damage, which could be eradicated with 200 tons of active sheilds, very heavy but doable on an ion ship like I'm doing. Needs 200 ec/s, so you need big solar panels, like Dream Big's. At least Eeloo isn't hellish in terms of radiations belts, and at Jool its pointless b/c it will barely have an effect with the overwhelming radiation.
  10. ScaledVersion //Updates what your celestial body looks like from in space. { type = Atmospheric //Does your celestial body have an atmosphere? If not, write "Vacuum". fadeStart = 70000 //Altitude at which the surface starts to fade out of view fadeEnd = 75000 //Altitude at which the surface is completely faded out of view. Now, the ScaledVersion textures are visible. Material { texture = (filepath)/Sule_color.dds //Put your KittopiaTech-generated color map here (if your celestial body has an ocea
  11. Chapter 9 The ground crew rolled Skyranger out to the pad, attached the winch cables, and winched it up the ramp. Then they backed it onto the strongback and bolted it to the structure. Once satisfied, they rotated the Mk-33 vertical and swiveled the crew access arm into place. Skyranger was ready to fly... * “Perfect, guys,” Fabner Kerman, the Community Manager for Orbital Dynamics, said. “Now, let’s get a shot of you with your helmets on.” Scott, Mabo, and Frolie- another veteran astronaut recruited from KSP, w
  12. One Small Step Saturn Sarnus Lindor to the Stars Hello everyone! My name forum name is Misguided_Kerbal. You might have seen me around the forums, whether it's in KASA, the Megathread, or somewhere else. Alright, alright, enough with the intro. So, what is this? This is basically what the subtitle is. This is a kerbalized version of the Saturn program, with some ETS (Eyes Turned Skyward) stuff mixed into it. It'll be played in Sandbox, on 1.9.1, with many mods, with the most important being BDB and JNSQ. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! Chapter
  13. There is a difference between a billionaire using personal money and an organization using state or corporate funds. Once Starship flies, it will be an option, but apart from billionaires using their personal money, it is too risky for anyone else. NASA's endorsement does raise confidence, but keep in mind they are also the same people sticking to the rather impossible 2024 date. I'm sure the reaction at Roscosmos is one of "what are they thinking?" when they heard the announcement, although the continued use of the 2024 date despite the White House wanting to review the schedule may also
  14. First of all one of the best mods ever. Thank you @FreeThinker. I am experiencing interesting issues with Computer Core. If I use Computer Core on a ship then following happens: 1. Something is starting to eat up processing power of the threads on which the game resides, and the game turns into a slide show, but when I do NOT use the computer core everything behaves normal. IHAL does not have this issue 2. When "Auto Stabilizing" is set to "Enabled on either Computer Core or IHAL translation using with RCS is not possible unless the ship is ordered to rotate first, that does som
  15. Got some strange behaviour with the simulation tool. For ease of mathematics I reduced snack consumption to 1 per day. I've got the mod tracking only a few crewed vessels at the moment - two space stations and one surface base. All of them have several thousand snacks on board, only a few crew, and the simulator is reporting a snack duration of precisely 1 year, 407 days, 1 hour, 27 minutes and 35.38 seconds. Like the mod has hit some sort of upper limit on the number it can display. I have the same behaviour in the VAB as well, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with existing ve
  16. Mission Realizing that the next great conflict shall be settled by aerial gun chariots animated via the electrical airscrew, we have commissioned you to build such a contraption or a team of such contraptions in order to secure victory in battle against other such craft. Required Mods Reasonably Modern version of KSP with Breaking Ground DLC. Ferram Aerospace Research Continued, 16.0.1 or latest, and dependencies. BD Armory Continued for Runway Project, or latest, and dependencies. Aviator Arsenal 1.5 or latest. Optional mods B9 Pro
  17. The current Moon mission plan looks like this: Send crew on Yellow Pain-au-chocolat (lunar rated Apollo block 3, up to 5 crew) to Yellow Profiterole (lunar space station), complete contracts; Send Yellow Yum-yum (Moon base) out to the Moon and land it somewhere interesting, with lots of biomes nearby if possible; Send Yellow Crumpet (Moon lander) out to the station and dock, crew can then transfer over to lander; Land beside base, complete contract; At some point, send a proper Moon rover out to the Moon so crew can drive long distances to different biomes without
  18. Looks like I found another one: an EVA kerbal was jumping too low and I observed the snacks he was carrying was 200 (two hundreds)!
  19. I already filed a bug report on Github at https://github.com/ChrisAdderley/NearFutureAeronautics/issues/24 but I'll also post this here to increase the chances of it being seen ASAP. The medium sized lift fan in Near Future Aeronautics seems to be broken, it can't be clicked in the editor after placing it so I can't tweak the settings and can't even remove the part without Ctrl-Z'ing. This is on a vanilla KSP 1.10.1 installation with only NFA and no other mods. The large and small sized fans work as expected. Demo GIF of me furiously clicking my mouse and nothing's happening: https
  20. No one's answered this yet, so... When deploying a ship from the SPH, VAB or Space Center, there is an icon/button depicting a launchpad and gantry and you may notice that, at its lower edge, it has a tab to hover over to pull down that will present a radio-button list to select launch site. It was made available some time after 1.3 and since at least 1.7. Enjoy. Not a terrible suggestion about angling the gear. But doing so will pay a small penalty in drag from the gear whilst retracted because they
  21. Its updated and i usually keep part counts below 200. I also noticed some severe framerate drops in map mode that can crash the game, that go away if you delete the manuver node, if present. But i dont understand why the graphics are worse than PS4. Its kinda why i bought the PS5 and a real big let down. I was hoping for equal or better graphics and less crashes but that is not the case. Is the PS5 update an older one than PC and other consoles? And thanks for replying.
  22. I found that the USSR had a Yak-38, which was VTOL, but the engines were: Powerplant: 1 × Tumansky R-28 V-300 Vectored-thrust turbofan engine, 66.7 kN (15,000 lbf) thrust for lift and cruise thrust Powerplant: 2 × Rybinsk RD-38 turbojet engines, 31.9 kN (7,200 lbf) thrust each lift-jets in fwd fuselage behind the cockpit
  23. Chapter Five - The Arrival (that sounds ominous) Even after getting my pending agenda done at that time, even after getting the Duna satellites into place, laying down my Minmus operations, running more tourist and rescue missions, testing a few additional craft, there was still like sixty to seventy days left before the main DoD I fleet arrives at Duna. Now I could spend the remaining time productively, taking on contracts to earn more Funds, research more Science from the gobs of data from the Artemis I mission, rescue more Kerbals and take more tourists all over Mun and Minmus...
  24. So, i decided to make a station in KSP v1.4.5. This station consists of around 200 parts. Hope you like it! Link: https://kerbalx.com/KSPBaron145/Space-Staton-MKIII
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