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  1. Why would a unit of fuel be 1 L? Everyone seems to agree it’s equivalent to 5 kg, which makes your 200 units perfectly equal to 1250 L of aviation fuel (assuming a density of .8 kg/L). What you seem to want is that a unit would no longer be 5 kg, so that the same tank would show “1250 L” instead of “200 units,” everything else being the same. Is that really it? Does it matter?
  2. No, because they ARE underpowered and I am suggesting making them sensibly powered. And if you believe it is arbitarry then it would not matter. The ONLY sensible argument was that the planet is smaller so they seriously reduced efficiency, but seeing as the game is not limited to the small planet that still does not make total sense. The fact is that in reality they have given us 200 units of fuel per ton, which seems to be the equivolent of only 200 Litres, when in reality it is 1,250 Litres of aviation fuel per ton.
  3. Phase 2 - 18 1973-01-04 to 1973-10-22 - Sakura-5a, 5b, 5c, and 5d were launched by M-1B rockets and their "Hakuba" hydrolox upper stages to form a new geostationary communications network spanning most of the globe. Advances in antennas made longer-range applications of communications satellites possible. The network was used to maintain almost-constant connections for future satellites launched into Earth orbit. It was also used for communications between places on Earth during emergencies, or to remote areas. Sakura-5a was positioned over Hatsunia and the western Pacific Ocean, 5b over th
  4. *** Kerbal professional and personal skills should be growing. But they should not be individualities until they deserve to get a name. You bring a pack of nameless Kerbals to the rocket and to the colony. All of them are just "Hey, you! Come here!" When a Kerbal becomes enough skilled to be individually noticed, you press "Who am I ?" and the program generates his name and bio. No need in evolving all 10 unskilled Engineers in your base individually. Just with some probability upgrade someone of them from Eng.1 lvl to Eng. 2 lvl and so on. So, you had brought 4 Eng 1 l
  5. Chapter Three - The Climb (I can almost see it/that dream I'm dreaming) Every Duna mission architecture, like every Mars mission architecture, represents an underlying philosophy. Das Marsprojekt was Von Braun's translation of Age of Sail and polar expeditions into what they knew of getting to and operating on Mars at the time, carrying the same virtues and sins of his forebears. His final Apollo Applications Mars architecture was admittedly a desperate attempt to show that the Apollo hardware, Mars (and to a degree the manned space program) was worth the effort and expenditure. Mars Dire
  6. The idea really is that it is a standalone part. You have to fill it with colonists (let's say that the colonists are either in suspended animation (deep freeze) or self sufficient in their taxi (more likely) but you never see them. The head canon is that there is no interacton with anyone outside to keep the environment regulated. You ship some more colonists in with a taxi tank, but you can't move the interest resource. At this stage you won't be able to 'retire' kerbonauts into the colony, although the 'accident' mechanic in MoarKerbals might be the way to achive that. I'll wa
  7. Hey. I requested that you put brake discs on landing gears that heat up when we brake. And there ware some problems with applying this. Well here are some ideas that may work. So first was when and how will this be applied. Well can it be done that when we engage the brakes wait for like a sec and the brakes turn red. Second. I get that the previous way may cause some problems like hot discs when stationary but brakes engaged. So is it possible to detect when wheels are spinning then when the brakes are on wait for like a second and start heating up. And turning (relatively quickly)
  8. Predict 200 kg ones can be made but with non existent range, just enough for takeoff. A probe core is 40 kg, rwheel 50 wing 50 and motor and propellor for takeoff vtol. Then solar and battery. Flag can be used as wing, very light.
  9. so i got a big fat stimulus check and i have no idea what to do with it and it is a terrible time to buy computer stuff. replacing the 8086k is still difficult. even going with the ryzen 7 5800x seems like more of a sidegrade. i get a couple more cores at a cost of a couple hundred mhz on the base clock. high end video card is out of the question due to stock issues and my 2070 super is still pretty solid for gaming (recent interest in some light crypto mining would be the main driver for that if it was possible). only real rule is the machine has to be improved. one of the driving forc
  10. Hi all. I'm new in the KSP modding and Unity hooks too and I was hoping you could help on something I cannot understand. I'm trying to build a layout window using GUILayout class on which I want to draw a simple graph / curve. public void OnGUI() { // Register the window. Notice the 3rd parameter logWindowPos = GUILayout.Window(GetType().FullName.GetHashCode(), logWindowPos, WindowGUI, "Landing Control", GUILayout.Width(logWindowPos.width), GUILayout.Height(logWindowPos.height)); } protected void WindowGUI(int windowID)
  11. Well, using the Liebherr HS 8300 as an example, and saying that 1 potato weighs 200 grams, the Liebherr HS 8300 could lift, maybe, 1,500,00 potatoes? If you think that's impressive, think about how many potatoes this crane could lift. The Liebherr LR 13000, the world's largest conventional crawler crane, with a 3,000 metric ton maximum capacity. I think, not including the weight of the container all the potatoes are in, it could lift 1,500,000,000 potatoes, if I did the math right. Or THIS crane... That's a lot of potatoes. How did we get to talking about
  12. about 200's hours or less... idk but my goal is 300 hours
  13. So thats what... 2 years 200 some odd days for the next window then 3 years 260 some days of travel time.... Hang in there Val Bill and Bob!!!!! Help is on the way!!!!
  14. Sorry, turns out that was a poor example. The "Meadow" is from Blue Dog Design Bureau. Here's what I'm seeing in my tech tree: R-3B Radar Altimeter > Basic Science [min:100 - ideal:500 - max:700, Scan Type: AltimetryLoRes] MS-1 Multispectral Scanner > Basic Science [20- 70 - 250, Biome, VisualLoRes] R-EO-1 Radar Antenna > Electrics [50- 10 - 500, AltimetryLoRes] SAR-X Antenna > Advanced Electrics [70- 250 - 500, AltimetryHiRes] SAR-C Antenna > High-Powered Electrics [500 - 700 - 750, AltimetryHiRes] SAR-L Antenna > Experimental El
  15. @Nertea Not sure whether to report this bug here or in DynamicBatteryStorage. I have a ship with 4 JX-200 Z-pinch fusion engines, and an FX-2 fusion reactor. At high time warp it was running out of electricity, and the NF Systems Manager was showing "Required Buffer: 0.00 Ec" under the compensation system. I also noticed Systems Manager was reporting a negative 3300 Ec/s Power Flow, even though this wasn't the case and the ship was generating plenty of power. Digging into the power consumption details, it turned out the fusion engines (which had Engine Charging enabled) were each rep
  16. depends, really. if you are an experienced player, and you are mining your own fuel, then a jool 5 is nothing special. land on each moon, restock on fuel, move on. it becomes difficult if you add objectives. if you want to do it without carrying any mining equipment, only with the starting fuel, then it becomes harder, because you have to carry a lot more. as a rule of thumb for deltaV: - LKO to jool, 2000 m/s. You can save some with gravity assists, but it always results in convoluted trajectories and very long travel time. - jool intercept: free. you can get captured in t
  17. Thank you, camacju, for your participation! To be perfectly honest, rather embarrassingly, I am still on KSP 0.22 and I did not even realise the Rapier is stock... I've been trying to do this using two nuclear engines and a pile of jet engines with a whole stack of intakes (plus aerospikes if they help). Since you roundly crushed the original challenge, are you (or is anyone else) up for hardereresterestest mode with these engines only? As for your suggestion, let me confirm what you proposed: LKO - Mun encounter - Kerbin orbit (?) (with high eccentricity) - Mun encounter - ...
  18. For cheese @Stormpilot? Why hello! @adsii1970? (hey llok 200 rep points for me!)
  19. Isawise Kerman was piloting a cargo SSTO on his own for his first solo flight to prove his good piloting. He approached the muns surface at about m/s. He ignited the engines at full throttle roughly 20 seconds to land. However, only the weak nuclear engines were set to on. He only notices the ground approaching faster about 5 seconds from impact. He crashed about 200 meters away from the base he was trying to land at. Leo Kerman Crashed into the sun.
  20. I have a question for you guys, cause i believe i am clearly doing something wrong... i love flying planes, actually i love building them and have the autopilot fly them, at least in ksp... so this is clearly a must have... however i'm having issues when trying to set up the correct approach, i also do like math, (don't know as much as i could though)... so in a few words... i spent the entire morning more or less trying to figure out my vertical speed setting to meet the correct glideslope selected on the KILS (kerbal ILS i woud say (?),) the thing is, i can't find to mathematically arrive at
  21. I'm trying this out and I'm having issues with the HUD. On some saves it will not show the HUD at all. I installed Steam Gauges and tried it out in my current game, everything seems to work fine except I can not get the HUD to show. On occasion I have seen it appear in the top left corner of the screen for a brief second or so when recovering craft. As part of troubleshooting I created a new sandbox game and the HUD started to work for that save no issues. I was able to configure the HUD and try out many of its configurations. So I decided to restart my main career game and crea
  22. The first animal in space was a fruit fly in 1947 or something The number of countries is actually indeterminate, but always 200-ish Zvezda is leaky
  23. Remember the WIP B737 I posted progress of? It's finally completed! Truth be told, it was done a long time ago. I was just lazy to edit the video of it. Anyway, we'll skip the life story. You're here for the pictures. Cockpit instrument panels and overhead panel Forward and Aft Galley Forward and Aft Lavatories E&E Bay Passenger Half Rear Airstair Tail Compartment - Cable Drum APU Compartment Wheel Well Trailing-edge surfaces + more things. Look
  24. 900 kg is a mass of the steel cap on top of the 150 m deep and 1.2 m wide vertical shaft above the charge. 2 t is a mass of the concrete collimator right above the charge, at the lower end of the shaft. After the collimator had evaporated under X-ray of the charge, the former-concrete gas/plasma cloud filled the shaft as a cannon barrel and pushed the cap lying on top. v = sqrt(1.26e12 / (2 * 900)) = sqrt(2.8e9) m/s v = 37,4 52.9 km/s The math lost an order of magnitude. The theoretical limit is below the 66 km/s. Also it magically assumes that the charge h
  25. @katateochiTried this in KSP 1.11 (realizing it's not labeled for compatibility now) Got an exception after uploading craft. Could you update it for 1.11? ksp log [LOG 14:47:02.591] [CM] Loaded 2 craft from file [LOG 14:47:09.860] [CM] list height: 85 [LOG 14:47:15.697] [CM] creating upload data for: Big Rover TS wheel test [LOG 14:48:42.070] SCREENSHOT!! [LOG 14:48:45.242] [CM] Loaded 2 craft from cache [LOG 14:48:48.007] [CM] loading upload data for: Big Rover TS wheel test [LOG 14:50:24.310] [KerbalXAPI] sending request to: https://kerbalx.com/api/existing_craft.json [LOG 14:
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