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  1. Remember the WIP B737 I posted progress of? It's finally completed! Truth be told, it was done a long time ago. I was just lazy to edit the video of it. Anyway, we'll skip the life story. You're here for the pictures. Cockpit instrument panels and overhead panel Forward and Aft Galley Forward and Aft Lavatories E&E Bay Passenger Half Rear Airstair Tail Compartment - Cable Drum APU Compartment Wheel Well Trailing-edge surfaces + more things. Look
  2. @katateochiTried this in KSP 1.11 (realizing it's not labeled for compatibility now) Got an exception after uploading craft. Could you update it for 1.11? ksp log [LOG 14:47:02.591] [CM] Loaded 2 craft from file [LOG 14:47:09.860] [CM] list height: 85 [LOG 14:47:15.697] [CM] creating upload data for: Big Rover TS wheel test [LOG 14:48:42.070] SCREENSHOT!! [LOG 14:48:45.242] [CM] Loaded 2 craft from cache [LOG 14:48:48.007] [CM] loading upload data for: Big Rover TS wheel test [LOG 14:50:24.310] [KerbalXAPI] sending request to: https://kerbalx.com/api/existing_craft.json [LOG 14:
  3. I have a question for you guys, cause i believe i am clearly doing something wrong... i love flying planes, actually i love building them and have the autopilot fly them, at least in ksp... so this is clearly a must have... however i'm having issues when trying to set up the correct approach, i also do like math, (don't know as much as i could though)... so in a few words... i spent the entire morning more or less trying to figure out my vertical speed setting to meet the correct glideslope selected on the KILS (kerbal ILS i woud say (?),) the thing is, i can't find to mathematically arrive at
  4. I'm trying this out and I'm having issues with the HUD. On some saves it will not show the HUD at all. I installed Steam Gauges and tried it out in my current game, everything seems to work fine except I can not get the HUD to show. On occasion I have seen it appear in the top left corner of the screen for a brief second or so when recovering craft. As part of troubleshooting I created a new sandbox game and the HUD started to work for that save no issues. I was able to configure the HUD and try out many of its configurations. So I decided to restart my main career game and crea
  5. The first animal in space was a fruit fly in 1947 or something The number of countries is actually indeterminate, but always 200-ish Zvezda is leaky
  6. 900 kg is a mass of the steel cap on top of the 150 m deep and 1.2 m wide vertical shaft above the charge. 2 t is a mass of the concrete collimator right above the charge, at the lower end of the shaft. After the collimator had evaporated under X-ray of the charge, the former-concrete gas/plasma cloud filled the shaft as a cannon barrel and pushed the cap lying on top. v = sqrt(1.26e12 / (2 * 900)) = sqrt(2.8e9) m/s v = 37,4 52.9 km/s The math lost an order of magnitude. The theoretical limit is below the 66 km/s. Also it magically assumes that the charge h
  7. I have a few more faces for pack. But I feel faces are pretty "done" now I need to get the "next era" of suits finished/added now....AKA "Soon" ...... I also have a few 1950's replica Planes & Rockets "ready" for RP1 use ALL Starting tech (ALL Tooled Costs): Speeds listed are at min/max of 0.01m/1m "climbing" horizontal/level flight (AKA: max sustainable flight speed, Mach 1 = aprox 343m/s @ sea-level & at about 12000m above sea-level its only 295m/s, see HERE if interested in why that is) Altitudes listed = Safe Ceiling, Max Ceiling OR AP/Downrange if noted as
  8. But at least they have a nice view while waiting to die!! I fixed the Explorer I was working on - the base FASA Jupiter-Explorer still won't quite reach orbit in JNSQ, but an improved version I made will. It even features a BG rotor to spin up the SRB stages for stabilization. It's easier to to that after first stage burnout though - I tried with a second freewheeling rotor to cancel the torque, and it didn't want to work at all. Then it was on to new designs. I haven't messed with the pods from Near Future all that much, so I built an "advanced" 2.5m crew vehicle b
  9. Hey. It is. This helped some time. I'm confused, but it keeps sending messages in log continues on. [WRN 21:36:13.796] ZeroMiniAVC started ... [WRN 21:36:13.816] ZeroMiniAVC destroyed... Hi! Yeah, my specifications really bad (Core 2 Duo, GeForce 200-series, DDR2, and other scary words. I get it. Thanks for your answer. Good luck!
  10. TONIGHT, ON SPACE GEAR: I FLY SEGMENT OF SS III FOR MINIMUS SPACE STATION CHALLENGE I CRASH A KERBAL INTO THE GROUND AT OVER 200 KILOMETERS PER HOUR AND MY LANDER IS DOOMED BECAUSE I FORGOT SOLAR PANELS AGAIN ok lets start: I launched segment one of SSIII for the Minimus space station challenge. The station is only maintain contact because of the relay sat in orbit (I forgot an antenna again). We proceeded to land at 30 m/s and almost explode. We hopped around because of the rough landing and eventually came to a stop. However when I went for a EVA s
  11. The magic number is 1 fuel cell per 2 motors, and indeed looks 1337, I tested it with a 6.3 ton model, 6 burners, 3 fuel cells and a t-200 worth of fuel for the cells, it managed to burn a bit over a third of the xenon. (8103m/s starting tank, at 1.8m/s) This should not only scale pretty well, but "tree" pretty easily, making detachable segments that stack and thrust together. (no idea of how to maneuver such a thing, not that far along in the process, but it's an interesting question.) I guess I'll get some practice docking stuff playing with it.
  12. This is what I get :- HECS Wet = 0.1T Dry = 0.1T Stratus V Roundified x 3 Wet = 0.3T Dry = 0.06T Placeanywhere RCS x 3 Wet=0.06T Dry=0.06T OX-4L 1x6 Photovoltaic x 3 Wet=0.0525T Dry=0.0525T Z-200 Battery Wet=0.01T Dry=0.01T RA-2 Relay antenna Wet=0.15T Dry=0.15T Totals Wet=0.6725T Dry=0.4325T 0.6725/0.4325=1.555 ln(1.555)=0.4415 2
  13. Right, so...if anyone fancies checking my maths. Satellite is made up as follows... 1 x probodobodyne HECS 3 x stratus V roundified monoprop tanks 3 x place anywhere 7 linear rcs ports 3 x OX-4L 1x6 photovoltaic panels 1 x Z-200 battery 1 x RA-2 relay antenna I worked out a delta v of 10195 Am I as bad at math as I think I am?
  14. So after too much GWA (Goggle Work Avoidance) this afternoon, i stumbled on this NASA index image - NASA-5-64-3704 or SPACE STATION by NASA Publication date 1964-01-01 Multi-module Operational National Multipurpose Space Station. Addeddate 2011-05-19 00:04:00 Identifier S64-03704 Year 1964 from the old Astronautix site i dug up this - http://astronautix.com/s/self-deploygspacestation.html "The Self-Deploying Space Station began with a design study in June 1960 by North American Aviation under NASA contrac
  15. Assuming each level is two floors, and each floor is just over 4 metres, and average human terminal velocity is 200 kph, a quick calculation gives us ‘about 12 minutes’.
  16. I figured out what was going on with my earlier question (on page 200) regarding the mysteriously high power drain from Lithium batteries and Megajoule capacitors. It is caused by using the "Heavy 5-Way RCS Block" RCS blocks. The stock RCS thrusters do not have this effect, but any amount (or at least 2) of heavy 5-way blocks always seems to draw exactly 5.00 MW (equiv. 1.4 kWh/s) of electric power while thrusting - even though they seem like they should be fuelled only by chemical fuel given the propellants and description. Is this intended or is this a bug? Moreover, I do not believe they st
  17. Did some more work on my JNSQ Mk 2 designs. The parachute is almost perfect - I think it's actually right where it needs to be now, but I haven't tested the latest update. The base Gemini-like design can make orbit with a few m/s remaining, and has two pairs of sepratrons for abort/deorbit. The improved General Purpose Vehicle mates the Mk2 to a payload bay and a full stage with just over 2000 m/s dV. The "base" model Dawngrazer-Acorn GPV can reach orbit with a few hundred m/s remaining - enough for LKO rescues, bringing personnel to a station, etc. The "extended range" version replaces
  18. 1 ton is 1,000 kg, which in reality is 1,250 litres of fuel, and in the game it is ONLY 200 units, there is no getting away from that fact. You don't need a TWR of 1+ for a non VTOL, so a 747 doesn't need a KN of thrust per Kg of weight. And you can see clearly when playing the game that planes can only fly a short distance on a large amount of fuel compared to in real life.
  19. Sorry, I was lazy and waited for the CKAN release. I removed the MM patch for BTW. I got about 200 NREs on parts on the first load. I just went to the main menu and exited. Example: I didn't see a pattern of why some parts had this error and some did not. I tried again and it did the same thing. KSP log It passed the sanity check... UPDATE: I just ignored the errors and everything seems OK. vOv
  20. Hi guys, i have the problem that my game lose fps when i build rockets/ ships with more than 200 parts .. not in VAB but when i wanna launch my vessel it becomes unplayable for me i installed 133 mods .. yeah its a lot i know .. but i've played games with much better graphic and way more mods installed. my pc specs: intel core i5-3550 (4 cores with each 3,30 Ghz) 24 GB Ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 (Gigabyte 4 GB GDDR5) KSP just uses 30 -40% of my cpu, 6 - 12GB Ram and round about 15% of my gpu i already tryed to lower the grapics and the physics settings of the game. but
  21. A 100 MW reactor or a radioactive waste pool hit by 1 Mt cause up to 200 000 km2 of uninhabitable territory first six months after up to 90 000 km2 5 years later up to 1 000..3 000 km2 100 years later Both reactor and pool destruction never achieve same radiation levels as 1 Mt even close (~1% of it) but contain long-living isotopes causing long-term low-level contamination. The silos unlikely could cause very high levels, as it's underground and protected and the hit would hit not the silo itself, but ground in one-two hundred meters away. The nuke power plants are usuall
  22. A 747 burns 4 liters (3.2 kg) of fuel per second while cruising; a (metric) ton in about 5 minutes. The tanks can hold on the order of 200,000 liters (160 metric tons), which would last about 13 hours at that rate. Kind of impressive that the discrepancy between KSP and real life is less than an order of magnitude, frankly.
  23. Phase 2 - 14 1970-09-12 - Utahime-01 was the first Hatsunese human spaceflight, launched on an M-1A rocket. With a mass of 2 tonnes, the Utahime (diva/songstress; literally "song princess") capsule was similar to Mercury and Gemini, and did not have much in capability compared to Apollo or Soyuz; it was only meant for the prestige and to prove technologies for larger, future spacecraft. The cone-shaped Core Module had enough room for one astronaut, several days worth of food, water, and oxygen, and a heat shield and parachutes to return from orbit safely. The Propulsion Module c
  24. No, the fuel itself, compared to real life. Aviation fuel for jet engines weighs 800kg per m3(1,000 litres), in this game you get 200 units to 1,000kg (1 ton). So if as OHara said 1 unit is 5 litres then the jet engines are buring 1L - 3.5L per second! No-matter which way you look at it, they have made either the fuel or the engines really unrealistically inefficient.
  25. No I haven't done any playing/testing with the scan arm. Yes it's JNSQ. Currently more focused on the FPS thing Yes if you think logically. That's why it's even weirder that the non-kerbal vessel + ROCs has a different outcome than kerbal-vessel + ROCs. Because of this I am very much interested in whether or not this can be reproduced by others having similar FPS problems to know whether they're related or if it's an isolated issue. Edit: I went through the log and followed the ShowFPS output for the moments where they change. There is nothing in there except "Packing
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