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  1. No I haven't done any playing/testing with the scan arm. Yes it's JNSQ. Currently more focused on the FPS thing Yes if you think logically. That's why it's even weirder that the non-kerbal vessel + ROCs has a different outcome than kerbal-vessel + ROCs. Because of this I am very much interested in whether or not this can be reproduced by others having similar FPS problems to know whether they're related or if it's an isolated issue. Edit: I went through the log and followed the ShowFPS output for the moments where they change. There is nothing in there except "Packing
  2. It's at 660 m depth in a desert. No. "Standard" 1 Mt crater is ~90 m deep (visible) and ~200 m deep (actual, but filled with ejecta). The rocks will crack down to ~500 m deep.
  3. Allright here is a full log @Lisias, clean KSP with only Contares and Tweakscale. https://yadi.sk/d/LhbhHX4WBUBBrw [LOG 06:45:11.730] ******* Log Initiated for Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us ******* Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz (4) RAM: 32713 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4018MB) SM: 50 (Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]) RT Formats: ARGB32, Depth, ARGBHalf, Shadowmap, RGB565, ARGB4444, ARGB1555, Default, ARGB2101010, DefaultHDR, ARGB64, ARGBFloat, RGFloat,
  4. No projects have ever been published or mentioned. It's known that in 1960s they were designing Orion analogs, ПК-3000 and ПК-5000 (from "Piloted Complex, 3 000 / 5 000 t of launch mass"). They were not interstellar, just interplanetary. Height of PC-3000 /-5000 - 60 / 75 m correspondingly. Launch mass - 3 000 / 5 000 t, including 800 / 1 300 t of payload. Pusher plate diameter 15..25 m. A new launch site at Far North. https://pikabu.ru/story/v_kosmos_verkhom_na_atomnom_vzryive_vzryivoletyi_sssr_i_ssha_5350553 http://www.cosmoworld.ru/spaceencyclopedia/publi
  5. Hi Kerbonauts, dont know where correctly drop my question, which is and dropped here: Is there any way to increase the range of 200 meters that grip at rendezvouing in orbit? Would like that large stations begin to spin to adjusted alignment much earlier. (Say 500 or 1.000 meters) Now i have to move into the 200 meter bubble, wait minuted till station align and then start docking. Docking at moving/spinning/rotating stations is a harrasment. Persistent Rotation dont help cause it work only at vessels, their reaction wheels/rcs can handl their weight. (And not at 800 or 1
  6. It is failing to transmit. Electrical power never drops below 190/200 on the craft. The status text in the upper left displays that the science has 100% transmitted with no success. I have three different antennas on the craft and have attempted transmission from all three with zero success. I cheated a new copy of the craft into orbit to try. thinking it may have been something with that particular part when it was created with no luck. Tried moving the science to a science container first and then transmit it with no luck. Each time I get a message saying it was 100% transmitted
  7. Hi. First of all I'd like to say I have used this set of mods for a while now and really like the concepts and the parts as they are on paper - a lot of very cool stuff and lots of ways to make some really cool craft. Love all the advanced nuclear engines, reactors, etc. But I've lately been a bit discouraged what look like bugs I've found, even in the newest versions, and thought I'd come here to ask about this. I'm not sure if this particular bug has been noted here before - my apologies if it has, but I don't know of any way to search this very long thread beyond checking every single
  8. Awesome Mod, great work, this brings so much more joy to exploring ksp! I have noticed some troubles when using TweakScale'd wheels with the Parallax collision. Especially the TR-2L Ruggedized Wheels, when scaled to 200%, somehow clip into the terrain, but at the same time the wheel surface doesn't seem to get any traction. The craft can barely move (not even with engine power) but the wheels spin freely. I have tried other wheels, scaled up or down and got mixed results, some work, some have the same problem, though downscaling usually isn't a problem. Let me know if you think this rat
  9. Interplanetary return at the regular 4,500 m/s, Nuclear tug separation, lander can blows up. The heat shield flies away, still with half ablator. The same re-entry setup worked on my Gilly mission, just with a bit slower re-entry at 4,200 m/s. Wat? And the worst part was it was after an Eve return. All that for a kaboom in the upper atmosphere. Edit: Ended up turning re-entry heating to 90%. Weird glitch after “cheating” to a safe splash down. My nuclear tug survived re-entry, and splashed down successfully. I tried a steeper approach, setting my apoapsis to 30 km. Instantaneous d
  10. Yes, I can see in that 2nd photo it's currently at 0.00°. Maybe try rotating the ports until they are far away from each other, out of magnet range, then rotate them back to 0 and see if the magnet reengages. I'm not sure if you noticed my "Docking Acquire Force" comment. You have it at 100%. Try boosting it to 200% (save your game first in case of physics glitches). If that still doesn't work, reduce it, then boost it back up, and that might shake the ports together. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod might let you use just one port, without the glitchiness of trying to get multiple
  11. A.S.E.T. Industries presents a work in progress [Pre-Release] the ALCOR capsule, "Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous". (v. 0.9.7) (clickable) It is loosely inspired by the Apollo landing module, and uses a lightweight frame-based design with very thin walls. It is meant to be used for both single-stage and two-stage vacuum landers that fit in 2.5m+ fairings as part of an 1.25m stack. Made from the finest cardboard co
  12. #1: If you enable Advanced Tweakables in settings, you can then increase the docking acquire force in each docking port's right-click popup window. It goes as high as 200% for me. #2: Install DockRotate and try wiggling the connected ports back and forth in 1 degree increments.
  13. THE 3,333 Meters of Delta V Challenge Welcome to the 3,333 meters of Delta V challenge. Im Dr. Kerbal and this is my third challenge I have submitted to the KSP community. In this challenge you are directed to build a craft in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) or the Space Plane Hanger (SPH) with 3,333 meters of delta v or less. How far can you go? To the Mun? Duna? Eve? There are no weight limits on the craft or any size constraints. However you may not use any modded parts. Please use stock Kerbal Space Program parts (any parts from DLCs such as Making History and Breaking
  14. Your logfiles show so many ERR:s that I'm amazed that it has ever worked, regardless of version. And I'm amazed that you managed to squeeze 200+ mods and 16GB ram,
  15. I am sorry to report that I encountered a situation very similar to what Friznit reported above. The "bug" actually had two different components. I am currently running Prior to installing BDBNIC, my BDB Saturn 1 and 1B were so overpowered on a stock Kerbin that they were nearly SSTO's. I had to power them down for realism's sake. After I installed BDBNIC, I noticed that neither of them, at full power and fuel, would achieve orbit! A full 1st stage burned through all of its fuel at only at 15-17,000 meters and at less than 500 m/s. Because of air resistance staging was disas
  16. There were cheers and pats on the back as the team stode into the briefing room for the post-flight debriefing... It had been a spectacular mission... flawless... perfect. The team set down in the massive Eastern Crater, set up a new Deployed science camp, and returned without incident... It was perfect... they thought... So why, then, did Gene look like his head was about to explode??? "Sit down..." "What's wrong?" Val whispered nervously... "What's wrong??? Gene whispered back, then slammed his notes onto the conference table, sending them flying in every direction... "WHAT'S WRO
  17. Got it! THE 3,333 Meters of Delta V Challenge Welcome to the 3,333 meters of Delta V challenge. Im Dr. Kerbal and this is my third challenge I have submitted to the KSP community. In this challenge you are directed to build a craft in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) or the Space Plane Hanger (SPH) with 3,333 meters of delta v or less. How far can you go? To the Mun? Duna? Eve? There are no weight limits on the craft or any size constraints. However you may not use any modded parts. Please use stock Kerbal Space Program parts (any parts from DLCs such as Making His
  18. Congratulations! I remember when I was working with the LandingSites.cfg file, and it gave me fits I keep telling myself that I'll go back and add landing sites for all the flats on Minmus, as I added the one for Greater Flats, and remove Negan's Place, but it's been two and a half years and I still haven't gotten around to it. The thing I continue to note about landing on Minmus is that if you start from a high orbit, say 250-300km, the Landing Guidance module is bullseye accurate. But if you start from a low orbit, it can be off by 200 meters or so.
  19. KK-Prize signature badge here The KK-Prize challenge takes upon inspiration from the K-Prize challenge, and takes it up a notch. Your job is to make a spaceplane that can get to orbit, land, then achieve orbit again, and then land again. Basically, the K-Prize times 2. Please provide some kind of proof, preferably images or a video. All who succeed will be listed below, and extra kudos if you manage to complete one of the extra awards. Rules 1. No stages can be lost or detached, all parts must remain intact from the launch to the second landing. 2. All parts must be
  20. Hello everyone! I have a quick question about scaling. KSP by default maxes out at 200% Scaling size, which is not enough for what I am doing. My Laptop (Dell XPS 15in 2-in-1) has a 3840x2160 resolution, which I have to say is CRISP as all get out, but no matter how crisp it is, I can hardly read anything on KSP While I had previously changed my Resolution to the next lowest with the same aspect ratio, I use a second monitor that is 1440x900. If I switch to my second monitor to look something up without going out to the Main Menu of KSP, it seemingly automatically switches me back to the Buil
  21. You can eject with a single Mun assist but that requires a large initial burn. Two or three assists mean that you can set up a better ejection with less delta-v expended. 44 years was just due to poor planning on my part. I don't usually wait for transfer windows. I've had 200+ year missions before.
  22. RP-1 Realistic Progression One v1.8 for KSP 1.8.1 - 1.10.1 Changelog from Previous Version KCT Bring back KCT simulations. Intended to supersede KRASH and fix a lot of the issues it had. New "Add to Plans" button in build list options (#1375) Fix launchpad dismantling Fix unlocking experimental parts creates a new vessel in edit mode (#1404) Do not allow autopurchase of experimental parts if there's insufficient funds Clear vessel editing mode in KSC and TS scenes Fix KCT main GUI state getting reset after visiti
  23. These supply missions clearly aren’t going to be following a real trajectory. It will simply look that way. I know, but how's the game going to handle a player building a craft with just enough dV to do the most efficient transfer in the nest 200 years?
  24. I mean, you're of course welcome to do what you want, but I do want to dig into this a bit more for the betterment of all. I don't think this is quite correct, the Squad ones are more in the 5x range. For example I've moved the deployables to 200/40/10, which is down from 1000/200/50. This is still really generous vs reality, the large TCS-alike items that the ISS mounts give 75 kW together, in SystemHeat that gives you a crazy 400 kW. In addition, things that make heat got 'nerfed' too! A standard ISRU in stock makes 200 kW, I've cut that down to 50 kW. I did this specifically
  25. Alright, so the parts are in research so I can at least see them in the VAB. 7,200,000 funds seems excessive indeed. I see some more problems: - no avionics (5000000t needed) - tank pressure - deltav is too low (3200 with a 100t payload - it explodes on the pad I'll continue the investigation, if someone has working configs I would be grateful1
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