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  1. You have reached 200 posts! Congratulations!! :D

    You are also almost to 500 rep points!

    1. Stormpilot


      Oh hey your right! Thanks!


      I would like but the forums say: YOU HAVE GIVEN TOO MANY REACTIONS TODAY :( 


  2. Almost at 200 rep, thank you all so much! :happy:

    1. SpaceX_Boi


      5 more!! :D :D 

  3. Remember the WIP B737 I posted progress of? It's finally completed! Truth be told, it was done a long time ago. I was just lazy to edit the video of it. Anyway, we'll skip the life story. You're here for the pictures. Cockpit instrument panels and overhead panel Forward and Aft Galley Forward and Aft Lavatories E&E Bay Passenger Half Rear Airstair Tail Compartment - Cable Drum APU Compartment Wheel Well Trailing-edge surfaces + more things. Look
  4. Hi guys, i have the problem that my game lose fps when i build rockets/ ships with more than 200 parts .. not in VAB but when i wanna launch my vessel it becomes unplayable for me i installed 133 mods .. yeah its a lot i know .. but i've played games with much better graphic and way more mods installed. my pc specs: intel core i5-3550 (4 cores with each 3,30 Ghz) 24 GB Ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 (Gigabyte 4 GB GDDR5) KSP just uses 30 -40% of my cpu, 6 - 12GB Ram and round about 15% of my gpu i already tryed to lower the grapics and the physics settings of the game. but
  5. Hi Kerbonauts, dont know where correctly drop my question, which is and dropped here: Is there any way to increase the range of 200 meters that grip at rendezvouing in orbit? Would like that large stations begin to spin to adjusted alignment much earlier. (Say 500 or 1.000 meters) Now i have to move into the 200 meter bubble, wait minuted till station align and then start docking. Docking at moving/spinning/rotating stations is a harrasment. Persistent Rotation dont help cause it work only at vessels, their reaction wheels/rcs can handl their weight. (And not at 800 or 1
  6. KK-Prize signature badge here The KK-Prize challenge takes upon inspiration from the K-Prize challenge, and takes it up a notch. Your job is to make a spaceplane that can get to orbit, land, then achieve orbit again, and then land again. Basically, the K-Prize times 2. Please provide some kind of proof, preferably images or a video. All who succeed will be listed below, and extra kudos if you manage to complete one of the extra awards. Rules 1. No stages can be lost or detached, all parts must remain intact from the launch to the second landing. 2. All parts must be
  7. Hello everyone! I have a quick question about scaling. KSP by default maxes out at 200% Scaling size, which is not enough for what I am doing. My Laptop (Dell XPS 15in 2-in-1) has a 3840x2160 resolution, which I have to say is CRISP as all get out, but no matter how crisp it is, I can hardly read anything on KSP While I had previously changed my Resolution to the next lowest with the same aspect ratio, I use a second monitor that is 1440x900. If I switch to my second monitor to look something up without going out to the Main Menu of KSP, it seemingly automatically switches me back to the Buil
  8. The KC-200 'Silverback' is a cargo aircraft capable of lifting nearly four times its own dry weight. As with all other Kestrel aircraft, the design focuses on performance and simplicity, as well as a good aesthetic quality. Part count is low at only 64 parts, meaning complex loads can be carried aboard without negatively impacting KSP's performance. If a light load is carried, a range of well above 3600km can be achieved, but even with moderate to heavy loads the KC-200 will achieve good range and takeoff/landing performance. Large flap surfaces and powerful turbofans allow for high-AoA, short
  9. What an FPSO ship is, and the history of the Petrojarl Cidade De Rio Das Ostras. This is copied mostly word for word from the "history of the real ship" segment in the models instructions. (thankfully it was in English this time, tough somewhat broken. JSC is a Polish company, so a lot of the descriptions/history of the real ship, bit's are in Polish only). Technical data: Length: 182,97m Width: 32,2m Draught:12,9m Capacity: 45574 DWT Propulsion: Diesel engine Man B&W K7SZ70 / 125BL Production: 15,000 barrels a day Storage: 20
  10. OD-200 Once the Naval Masters update came to WarThunder, i had a bunch of new opportunities for replica projects, as tough i had a pretty good scope as far as bigger WWII warships go, i hadn't really done much research in the torpedo-boat/gun-boat sized category (partly due to interest, and partly cause their isn't as much info on those), so before this i didn't know of any specific boats. The German M-class minesweeper, was probably my favorite from the smaller ships (smaller than destroyer class), so it was on top of my replication list, but i decided to start making a
  11. 1,200 posts, 1,199 rep. EPIC!

    1. Fraston


      Now more rep than posts.EVEN MORE EPIC!

    2. Coca992



  12. "Station MK9" Celebrating my 200th Craft Release! Take a 29-Ton Space Station Called "Station MK9" to any planet in the Kerbol System. Most of the travel will be with 5 Dawn Engines. Station MK9 got it's name from the 9 Lander Cans being used. It's a Core/Station that can be added on to it's couplers. The craft was built in 2015 and never released because the Launcher was still needing lots of testing and tweaking. The early stages of this build is the Jebediah Version of this Station that can be found on Kerbalx. Often this project was put aside to complete other projects and
  13. I've been testing to see why may science, funds, and reputation are missing from the top of the space center screen in my career mode game on 1.5.0. I've discovered that it was none of the mods I installed, as I removed them all to test. What I found was that any UI scaling above 170% on my 4K monitor would cause some UI elements to disappear, this included the currencies on the space center screen, as well as the UI for any mods that used the KSP skin instead of the unity smoke skin. At 170% scaling the UI elements appear broken with only parts of them appearing on screen. The highest scaling
  14. The RQ-200 Widow Maker High altitude technology demonstrator [Block-1A] Download latest model here The RQ-200 Widow maker is the first of a long line of kerbal-less technology demonstrators. Taking several prototypes before reaching a final airframe design. Now upgraded to Block-1A. Development of the RQ-200 will be carried on in the pursuit of perfection. Several variants are planned and are currently being developed for release along with upgrades to the original version. The main variants will include and extended-range model, a high-altitude model, a
  15. I just hit 200 hours in ksp and I was wondering if there is a challenge/celebration I could do? , Just in case you need this info I have done a lot of missions to the mun and minmus and one to Duna and a rover on eve and i made a space station, but I know I can do better.
  16. So I'm starting to build outer planetary bases in KSP with a relatively decent computer. I find it weird because I've built lots of stations in orbit in the past and they've presented no problem to my computer with an average fps of around 30+ and these can be stations with over 200 parts. However, when I started landing modules of bases on other planets, once they've exceeded 50 parts, my computer experience extreme unplayable lag that can reach 3 to 4 fps which I find unreasonable given my PC specs and me launching rockets with over 100 parts with no issue. For example, this Europa base of m
  17. I’ve been having trouble with my interplanetary transfers that I’d been blaming on my own sloppy piloting. But this time it wasn’t me. Honest! Flight to Jool. Got my transfer window from AlexMoon, Found the departure angle, put my ship in an elliptical orbit (9000km x 100km) w/ Pe at the departure point. Plotted a perfect departure burn; intercept just at Ap, which was just at Acending Node (actually was plotted as collision w/ Jool) Ship has a low TWR, so it’s a 15 minute burn. Can’t start 8 minutes before the node, that too early, so I go 4 minutes early, and the burn is going to
  18. Yay! Outer Space got 200+ downloads! :D

  19. After pre-release of the Mk2 parts, SCJ quickly pre-ordered them and threw(quite literally) together the SCJ-200! comes complete with 2 panther engines. other stuff: i know its 11:30 eastern time but i needed to put this out today because i go on summer vacation soon. and because i did that i had to rush a bit. im working on SCJ-300 and i have pictures of the original so it wont take long. The SCJ squad will be only using Panther and Whiplash engines for supersonicyness. EDIT PLEASE READ:because i cant edit the craft file now that its posted, remember to bring the delta
  20. Hi! I was hoping i could get some help. I updated from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 and have noticed a fairly game breaking glitch within my install. I get really good 40 - 60 FPS below 200 ish parts, but as soon as i go over the FPS drops to 5 to 10. For seemingly no reason. Happens to all vehicles excedeing 200 parts and FPS doesnt drop any lower for craft that even have over 1000 parts. 0 - 200 parts = 40 -60 fps Greater than 200 parts = 5 - 10 fps. I really need some help with this please anyone. All my projects are craft over 200 parts. Before the update i would get no lower than
  21. "Yes I am a pirate, 200 years to late.  The cannons don't thunder, there is nothing to plunder, I'm an over 40 victim of fate..."  Jimmy Buffet

  22. http:// The model is made in blender and im very new to modding, looking for help with textures
  23. I've FINALLY gotten to 200 rep!

    Thanks to @daniel l. for this achievement!

  24. Sure would be nice to be able to run KSP in native resolution (2560x1600) for my monitor. With the UI scaling option(s), things have gotten better. Setting those to 150% makes the game just painful for my 64-year-old eyes at native resolution instead of unplayable. Sure would be nice if the UI scaling could go to 200% instead of maxing out at 150. I've been running KSP at 1280x800, which seems like a throwback to days of yore. The 1.2 prerelease prompted me to check out resolution issues again. It seems sort of ok at 1920x1200 and 150% scaling, but I ought to get a lot sharper display running
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