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  1. The trick with this is producing astronauts should really come with a cost, otherwise why wouldn't you promote everyone? This implies a training module of some kind that requires energy, time, or both to churn out upgraded Kerbals. Its kind of the reason I like the idea of booms producing kerblings rather than full-on colonists, because it would give players a buffer period after the boom to build new habitation and LS capacity rather than needing to guess at the size of the boom and overbuild capacity ahead of time. It could also be cute if the nursury was like a pond that they all lived in
  2. KSP 1.11.x Community Tech Tree [3.4.3] Last Updated December 23, 2020 The Community Tech Tree is a mod designed to extend the stock technology tree to accommodate many community mods in an inclusive and extensible manner. This takes the form of expansions to the current tech tree. It provides new and extended branches for command pods, thermal management, ion engines, nuclear power and propulsion, and many more useful nodes. You'll need to install ModuleManager version 2.7.1 or higher, if you don't already have it, in order to extend
  3. Including Iridium Next, New Horizons and soon many more! (Check roadmap for what is coming) Join me on Discord! (DEV talk only) (Special Gojira Guide HERE) Tundra Exploration pics: Tundra Technologies pics: Planned features Roadmap Known issues IVAs are weird. A future update will be focused on IVAs! Is your Starship black? Go to the main menu > Settings > Graphics > Make sure the Reflection Refresh Mode is on. "No tank type named 'RR_CryoMLOX' exists" means you have RR but not CRP, or you have RR, CRP, and WBI classi
  4. Welcome to Kerbalism Hundreds of Kerbals were killed in the making of this mod. Kerbalism is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that alters the game to add life support, radiation, failures and an entirely new way of doing science. Go beyond the routine of orbital mechanics and experience the full set of engineering challenges that space has to offer. All mechanics can be configured to some degree, or even disabled if you don't like some of them. A big part of the mod is fully data-driven, so that you can create your own customized game play with only a text editor and a minimal amo
  5. so: I played 2B2T for around 2 and a half hours: 1. I wouldn't advise you to play it, and even if you want to play it, turn off the chat, because the stuff that is said in there is some of the worst stuff that exists. trust me. just turn it off. 2. There is pretty much no mercy: Someone comes to you, the seem to be new like you, then they take their sharpness 4 axe out and kill you. 3. They also actively hunt new players because they want to ''preserve their server culture'' 4. The only good thing (IMO) that I saw where the signs scattered over the world. some are date
  6. This is the KSPI-E support thread where you can ask questions on KSP Interstellar Extended If you want to chat about KSP Interstellar you can do it at our KSP Interstellar Discord Server For talk about new development and features request you have to be in the KSPI-E Development thread For any release related news or issues, please discuss them at KSPIE Release thread KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPIE) is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program, designed to encourage bootstrapping toward ever more advanced levels of technology as well as utilizing In-Situ resources to expand the
  7. KSP 1.11.x Near Future Propulsion [1.3.3] Last Updated April 16, 2021 This pack contains advanced electric engines for deep space travel. Generally engines split into the following categories: Gridded Ion Engines: like the stock Dawn, they have low TWR and great Isp. They run on Xenon fuel. Hall Effect Thrusters: similar to Gridded thrusters, but with better TWR at the cost of some Isp. They run on Argon fuel and are pretty cheap! Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters: with the best TWR of all electri
  8. All US space efforts are "commercial." NASA builds nothing, contractors do. Most look at the USAF and NASA as the customer, then design capability to exactly service that customer in a "commercial" setting as we commonly talk about it. Others design specific thing to a NASA spec, bespoke—SLS for example. Mueller (designer of the Merlin engine) was referring to the case for SpaceX. If they built it, aside from Mars (which doesn't generate revenue, it costs money), what is it good for? One use case is selling lunar missions to someone with deep pockets... the US government. SpaceX was gonna
  9. Hi, friends! I’m Nate Robinson, senior producer on the KSP2 team, and I watched a lot of Apollo 13 as a kid – to the point that I practically wore out our family’s VHS copy. Naturally, I always imagined myself in the role of astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert. Every 90s kid wanted to go to Space Camp, become an astronaut, and fly on the Space Shuttle, and I was no different. But a funny thing happened a couple of decades later when I watched the film again as an adult: I didn’t find myself associating with the astronauts. I, of course, had long ago moved on from any dreams
  10. I am loving this but want to talk to matt need 5 posts please help
  11. Hello! I love to listen to your youtube videos but I can't talk to you till I have 5 posts approved
  12. This challenge was continued with permission from the previous thread manager @sdj64 LINK to the old Jool-5 thread There are over forty-five pages of entries and discussion, so look and see what made it and what didn't LINK to the older Jool-5 thread. There are hundreds of pages of entries and discussion, so look at it to see what worked and what didn't! CHALLENGE RULES Given the scale of this challenge, everyone who completes the mission successfully gets a spot in the hall of fame. 1. No cheating, including the stock debug menu cheats, HyperEdit, kraken driv
  13. I've understood all the talk at least (in this case fro Bridenstine among others) that they mean not flying throw away spacecraft. The purpose is to eventually have a facility on the surface that is more akin to ISS. A long term goal obviously ISRU of water there. BO seems to reach this just by "land there, then eventually they mine water and refill a hydrolox lander" I guess.
  14. Audacity Memoirs of a Kerbonaut by Martina D Kerman Contents: Chapter 0 - Maps and stuff Chapter 1 - First Contact (scroll down!) Chapter 2 - Perseverance Chapter 3 - Darude Chapter 4 - Aftermath Chapter 5 - Gategrash Chapter 6 - Overture Chapter 7 - Progress Chapter 8 - Expectations... Chapter 9 - ...and reality Chapter 10 - Ablaze with stars, part 1 Chapter 11 - Ablaze with stars, part 2 Chapter 12 - Ablaze with stars, part 3 Chapter 13 - Love, and loss Chapter 14 - On a knife-edge Chapter 1
  15. There's a lot of speculation that this award is because the SpaceX option was the only one they could afford, and even then they had to talk SpaceX down in price a bit. There is further speculation that, because Congress probably won't be happy with this choice, that this also serves as a play to say "We'll have two landers, we'll give you what you want, if you properly fund us."
  16. @Spaceman.Spiff Gotcha, that sounds super cool! I've always wanted to try Beyond Home or one of the other big total-conversion type planet packs, but, well, RP-1 caught me. Maybe another Multiplanetary Species type base-building series is in order? @jimmymcgoochie I was going to just get into orbit first, but I was spooked by the 50 m/s I was going to have remaining according to PVG, and also my 1.5 hour battery life! It... seemed necessary? Although even the RP-1 devs are telling me I overcomplicate my missions these days... Anyways, let's cool it down a little after that spicy miss
  17. I can totally understand your concern-- I'm super paranoid about privacy, myself, and very protective of my data. However, based on the actual facts involved, I think you're probably in the clear, here. It sounds as though your concerns, as laid out above, have been addressed. I'd strongly suggest that you carefully read this statement by the KSP community manager. It's a long read with quite a few paragraphs, but details are important and I'd recommend that you read the whole thing: I can summarize it thus: Where collection & transmission of your data are concerned
  18. Since we're not talking about the same people, nor the same thing nor the same way of doing it, it's pretty safe to assume that such people lack basic knowledge about the gaming industry. But since 4 pages of discussion were enough please don't even bother replying to me if you're going to talk about ksp1 or its bugs again.
  19. This topic is used to talk about flags created by everyday people and the largest modders in KSP alike! We welcome any flags, as long as they are Safe For Work. I guess that's it, keep sharing your flags! (eventually I will make a picture of a vessel with all the flags on the topic, to participate you must include a link to your flag in the description as well as the pictr) Posting NSFW flags on this topic will be reported to the moderators.
  20. I was playing KSP1 earlier and got to thinking about it. In my opinion it would be great for fixing things on outposts (like in the current KSP), exploring and just all around immersion. Have you guys heard anything and if not, what do you think?
  21. Shhh!! Let the kids argue! What people are forgetting is that the Open Source guys, more than once, ported games between Engines - and with Unity getting a lot of attention these days, you can bet your mouse sooner or alter someone will write a wrapper over it in the case they cease to support Linux. It's a hell of a work, but it was done before. A full report on how this could be achieved is, obviously, against Forum Rules (that Legal Boundaries thingy), so I will not talk about here. But, and again, it was already being done in the past. It can be done again in the future.
  22. The problem with mapping onto a sphere is that a sphere has topological charge of +2, while a flat plane has topological charge 0. That means that no matter what you do, there will be a distortion, and it has to be concentrated somewhere. (Closely related to Hairy Ball Theorem. [snip] Worse, if you are dealing with a mesh, the distortion has to be concentrated in discrete points. And now you are playing a game of balancing it out. The good thing about polar projection is that all of the topological charge is concentrated at the poles at +1 each. That's a lot of distortion, but it's all in
  23. Excellent - I really enjoyed writing it and I hope I get more opportunities to talk about some of the other cool new systems we're working on! Heck, I could easily write another post about this system alone - I really only described the basic implementation that my first prototype used. If you were to implement it as is you might notice some edge cases where the triangle heuristic doesn't quite cut it. If you look closely enough you might even notice some slight differences between what I described and the behavior in the renders (which use the current version of the system) That'
  24. There is a LOT of great stuff going on in Fanworks and Mission Reports now, with some new stories and some continuing ones. Some are all text, some are text and screenshots, and there are at least two graphic novels. I've had some good conversations with other writers in PMs and thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can talk about things like characterization, canon/fanon, plotting, tone, things to avoid, etc, etc. If I may be so bold, I propose a few ground rules to start: All of the Forum and Community rules apply. They apply VERY much. Don't criticize an
  25. Hi, my name is Shana Markham and I’m the lead designer on KSP2. I’m the “why” and “how” to Creative Director Nate Simpson’s “what.” I work with him to ensure what we’re building meets our vision for the game, and that it results in the most enjoyable and worthy successor we can build. I’m more of a scripting-and-spreadsheets sort of designer, so you’re going to get some “interesting” art here. Sequels are a balancing act. If we only added more content, that would be better done as DLC. If we revise gameplay wholesale, then we run the risk of not making a sequel anymore. How do we make sure w
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