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Found 3 results

  1. @Kopernicus:AFTER[KOPERNICUS] { Body { Welcome! PQS { Mods { VertexNiceTutorialMusic { music = idk doesThisModExist = nope isThisJokeGettingTooLong = true } } } } } All kidding aside, welcome to this tutorial on Kopernicus modding. So, let me teach you how to use perhaps one of the most creative and powerful mods there is for KSP: Kopernicus. While you can simply download packs, some of you may be willing to give it a try for yourself. However, many of you probably have no idea what all those confusing lines and numbers do. I will explain
  2. Arkas: Development Edition Back in September, this wonderful mod joined the KSP community Unfortunately, the developer of the mod is away from KSP for a while. Unfortunately, bugs began to appear that needed fixing. So, I have been given permission to maintain Arkas in the absence of Arkas' creator, @CoriW. Please know that I am by no means claiming his work of my own, I am simply maintaining Arkas and improving it wherever I can. So, without further ado, meet Arkas: development edition! Why the name? Because these are only in-dev 'placeholder' versions until @CoriW r
  3. Alright, other guides are still in the makings, but since gas giants are easy, I've written a quick guide on it. So, how do I create a gas giant with Kopernicus? The answer is rather simple: it's easier than 'solid' planets! Let's start off as usual. Step 1: Start as always @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = (your planet's name) cacheFile = (filepath) That's how you begin. Easy, right? Next step: the properties of your gas giant. Step 2: Planet properties Properties { description = (in-game description in the info tag) geeASL = (surface gr
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