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Found 4 results

  1. if I could embed, this is my glorious flag! okay! this is my first mission report! um...how do I start this? lets start with the modlist! and that's the modlist, yet I still call it lightly modded...strange... and here are the pictures of my great and powerful space career so far! ooh ooh! and GIFs! cant forget GIFs! okay, by now you should have skipped through all of those photos, glancing all of my glorious failures, and such now to the first thing! my Rover! here's a picture of the Rover, or I'll just stop talking like this: my first rover that actually worked, wasn't all that a success, Named Kavvor after...random letters, it went badly from the launch, the Glovma OLV usually has a very stable launch, never varying from 90* or wherever you needed it in polar launches, but due to the offset center of mass of the payload the rocket wanted to drag northwards, leaving the rocket on a highly inclined orbit of maybe 4* inclination relative to the Mun, the badness didn't stop there. https://db.tt/jyikUamJlC during the ejection burn the transfer stage wanted again, to drag southwards, so there was even more inclination, not all that important, but it still was signaling even worse things to come, the sky crane designed for landing the probe was expected to probably get to orbit after deploying the rover but due to a mistake in building the fairings, it ripped off both of the expandable solar panels and a deployable antenna, so no comsat. the sky crane when landing the rover was supposed to lean forwards and be decoupled so the rover didn't crash straight down and stand straight up, but here comes the offsetness again. during the capture burn, the transfer stage burned a bit to long and put the rover on a suborbital trajectory, so I just went ahead and tried to land on Minmus. I went ahead and decoupled the safety of the transfer stage, looking back, if I simply landed with the transfer stage I could've saved the mission, oh well, but I detached the sky crane and tried to land, but since the size was smaller, the CoM indifference was much greater, making the spin happen, the spin made the spacecraft...well...spin! it messed up the landing and made the speed stay the same throughout the first burn, I combated this by doing multiple smaller thrusted burns and having the SAS point always towards prograde (because I had no way to make it point "retrograde") it worked, but it didn't give me enough time to slow down, so I was forced to go back to full thrust, it didn't work. even though that didn't work, I managed to do something productive, I just decoupled and went flying (and I cheated a bit, I used timewarp to stop the rotation) I landed upright(ish) but lost one of my back wheels, and I'll let the pictures do the talking, you've read enough https://db.tt/AOYKjtyZnb https://db.tt/p8yeSeyXrS https://db.tt/zQZsQoOavB https://db.tt/U6H3FQD5Tw yeah, I crashed... if you read through all of this, thank you! feedback is appreciated, next time I will have more pictures and hopefully less text! Thank you!
  2. I realy think that ksp should have stock vostok 1/2/3/4 parts,and a stock soviet pack! We also know that 'yuri gagarin'was the worlds first man in space. Well,i thought that Squad should add 'gagarin kerman' but not too replace jeb of course! Also i would like a Lunokhod rover and a N1 moon rocket. My dear kerbals i am a fan of the N1!
  3. anyone ever tried that? i dont know if this counts as a challenge but it would be an interesting idea, everythijg would have to be tiny and efficient, how would you get something like a science lab to orbit?
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