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  1. Currently under Development. Avionix's Planet Pack is a proposed mod that will add two or three star systems. Work in progress. I will continually update this page about what is proposed. This mod can be used with Avionix's Visual Pack. This is what we have so far: Version 1.0: Blue Star - Lumiere Hot Planet - Eden Venus like planet - Arion Rocky planet with no atmosphere - Vakishka, Moon - Artemis Gas giant - Idepus, Moon - Sar, Moon - Jana, Habitable moon, Ice moon - Powhatan, Cracked moon - Galba Ice planet - Irby Red dwarf - Pohlia Scorch
  2. Scott Manley made a 1.1 preview video! Obviously not by me
  3. Share what mods you are planning to get for 1.1, with 64 bit allowing infinite RAM usage! I went slightly overboard with the mods; my list has exactly 100 mods.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I am super hyped about 1.1, but I'm wondering if it will solve the stability and bug issues. I think those two issues are the main problem in the fantastic game that is KSP, for example if you go to the negative reviews on Steam, (almost) the only thing you will see is that the game isn't stable, especially with mods. My question is will 1.1 make the performance of KSP significantly better? A read people saying that it the improvents will be huge and compare it with Besieged (that also recently updated to Unity 5 with a huge performance boost). And I also read about that
  5. We are all very excited for the 64-bit upgrade included in KSP v1.1! But will it last? What will happen if the 32-bit edition is seen as more stable or as less buggy? If users and modders make the mass exodus back to 32-bit, I worry that 64-bit will not get the attention it needs. Modders may drop support 64-bit. Squad may mark 64-bit as "experimental" or "unstable". The universe as we know it may collapse into a singularity. Or I might be worrying too much and none of these things will be an issue. What do you think? Either way, think about taking the 64-bit pledge: Pled
  6. In 1.1 each vessel will have 1 CPU thread to play with. In most cases, this won't load your CPU very heavily. I'm gonna cut to the case here, what if you could have multiple vessels rigidly connected, but not considered a single merged vessel according to the physics engine? I'm proposing a type of decoupler or docking port. This could be used for: 1. Dividing space stations 2. Dividing large interplanetary ships (i.e. propulsion stage and lander) 3. (My fav) Dividing payloads from their launch vehicles. Problems/solutions: P: Any time the ships are on rails
  7. Joe (Dr Turkey) announced on Squadcast today that 1.1 will not have the new 'antenna-range like' comms system included. Personally, I don't have a problem with this. There's enough important stuff under the hood in 1.1 that I'm not stressed over the absence pushing back of this feature to the following release. Happy landings!
  8. I have decided to drive the hype train because I have not seen anyone else do it anyways Let us all share our hype for KSP. I am hoping for multithreading because I have an 8 core cpu.
  9. I was wondering, will 1.1 break my savegame? This would be good to know since it would make me play a bit sandbox and stop pushing my career mode. I mean craft breaking is okay. The thing I'm worried about is alle the science I gathered (almost all in the SOI of kerbin).
  10. Hi master developers Do we have a release date for 1.1?
  11. I think this is in the right place... I am about to launch a long-term project and construct it in Kerbin orbit. I know that the comms parts will be changing, and I am wondering if they will break ships with current comms parts on them. Should I wait until 1.1 comes out?
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