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Found 4 results

  1. This page is no longer being updated! @Lisias has continued development here KSP 1.12.x Distant Object Enhancement Continued [] Last updated September 24th, 2021 Distant Object Enhancement Continued is a visual enhancement mod that makes objects realistically visible over large distances. It is an update of MOARdv's Distant Object Enhancement bis v1.9.1.1, which is a update of Rubber Ducky's Distant Object Enhancement. I have adopted the mod with permission of MOARdv Downloads CKAN SpaceDock GitHub This version keeps Ducktopia's CC Attribution 4.0 International license. Source code here: Github source
  2. First off, lets go over what this plugin is NOT. 1.) It does NOT make your display magically HDR. 2.) It does NOT automagically output HDR (it instead renders it internally in the games pipeline and sends it out to whatever you have). 3.) It does NOT require an HDR display for some of the benfits (though that would be helpful for full effect). 4.) It does NOT play nice with kerbals built in MSAA (antialiasing) modes. It DOES: 1.)Enable better color gradient handling 2.) Enable better highlight handling 3.) Work well with HDR displays and an autoHDR algorithm (such as what is now shipping in the Windows 11 dev builds) to give good quality HDR output. 4.) Eat a bit more vram than standard rendering. 5.) Allows modifying TUFX Paperwhite nits in HDR mode (this is how I use it). If you want this, setup is simple. Unlike prior mods that turned on this mode, this one features no extra baggage. There is just a config file in the zip folder that you edit with two properties. I'll quote the readme for that part: So download, extract to GameData, set settings and go. If you like, keep. If you don't, thow away. Simple. License is GNUv3 GPL. Source is at Github here. Releases here. No screenshots since KSP screenshots do not capture HDR anyways, though I am open to nomininations if you can find better gradient handling before/after instances. This is a very low priority project vs Kopernicus, but it works for me and I actually use it, so it will probably be kept working. Tested on a 55" LG B9 OLED in HDR mode with Windows 11 AutoHDR. Thanks for reading and hope you find this useful.
  3. Hello. In this topic I will be talking about various ideas I have and things I'm working on. If I ever release one of those, they will have it's own post on the Addon's Release section. However while on development, as I will only work on one thing at a time, they all will be here. As a disclaimer, I'm pretty lazy, I almost never finish a project. So most of the things I say on this post, may never see the light of day. Focus of the development Recently, I tried to start a career mode campaign. I didn't played the game since 2018, so there were many new things to see, and so many mods to test... However, to my disliking, I wasn't able to find the perfect mods to setup and balance my career. So I decided that is time to clean the dust of some of my never-started proyects, and start modding. My plan is to make various mods to enhance the experience of the career mod. I don't want to go really over the top, my plan isn't make a complete overhaul. There are many mods that changes completely how the game plays, and they are doing it great (Bureaucracy, Build Rockets Takes Time, Etc...), what I want is to do is make little changes, to have a funnier early game experience (because, for a returning player, early game may feel like an endless grind) and to give direction and things to do on late game. And everything, without removing the Vanilla feel of the game. So, this is my plan. First, I need to make small changes to the Technology Tree. I want a experience akin to what Unmanned Before Manned and Probes Before Crew offered, but I don't fully agree with his dispositions. Using Community Tech Tree as a base, I will make an addon to rearrange the first steps of kerbals on space exploration. My second step, will be science. Most of my concerns are already fixed by Science Revisited, a mod that already was revisited many times by diferent people. So it may be revisited one more time, as I have a different opinion on how some things should be done. Especially in how labs should work, I want to take special attention to them. Maybe even make a plugin if needed. After that, the focus will be the contracts. Right now, there are a lot of old contract packs. Most of them still work well (some of them with some bugs, like the Tourist Contract Pack) and they generally do the job... But in therms of displaying the missions, they seems cluncky and unorganized, as they have different ways of internal organization. What I want to do it's a mega pack, that should be used alone and that has everything well organized. Making good contracts isn't easy, so I will be using exisisting content when licenses allowed me, fix what is broken, give all the attributions necesary, and create what is left. At this point, a engaging career campaign is more than doable. However, there is a few more things that I want to revisit. One of them, is Strategia. As a mod cemented in stone, Strategia is probably the very core of most moded career campaigns. And what this glorious little piece of art adds to the game, is a overhaul of the vanilla strategy system. With little to no changes since it's creation, it's hard to believe that it could be improved. But sometimes questioning the very basis of your beliefs, may lead you to astonishing discoveries. Finally, only left to see if there is any old and unmaintained mod that I want to use and it's worth to revive and maintain. Finished mods: Better Early Tree Currently working on: KSP Module Parser for Python Python it's a well known programming lenguage. I use it pretty often, from facilitate the deploy of some other code, to read, analyze and process big chunks of data. Rigth now I'm working on implementing a Python wheel to parsing and reading all the CFG files of the game, and from mods. The idea is to first being able to read and analyze stock modules, and latter add the capacity of Module Manager to read and process patches, so you can even test your patches without opening the game. The idea behind this came from a small script I made to facilitate the creation of my Mod, Better Early Tree. The script looks torugh the game files to find parts, and then it printed a file with a list of all the parts, and the Technology with they appear on the Reasearch Center. After that, another script read through a list I wrote, and generate all the patches that relocate the parts on the new tree. These script were quite simple and just work for my specific situation, so I thought of making a more general solution that worked on most situations. Right now I'm starting to redo most of the code, as I thought that RegEx could do most of the job, but it can barely do it if it's used alone. So it should rely a little less on RegEx. Github Repo This Python Module, after finished, could lead to some interesting things, other automation scripting to facilitate modding, or patch testing... for example, a script to easily create/update a Parts Catalog Website from a mod.
  4. KSP: version - All DLC - 64Bit Problem: KSP always crashes after loading. (As in, when the initial loading bar fills and then it begins to transition to the main menu with the circular loading indicator in the bottom-right, it freezes momentarily and then crashes.) Mods: Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (FMRS) Continued (FMRSContinued Advanced Textures (AdvancedTextures 1.8.1) AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Pads (ModularLaunchPads 2.1.2) Animated Decouplers (AnimatedDecouplers v1.4.2.2) Astronomer's Visual Pack (AstronomersVisualPack 2:v4.05) Astronomer's Visual Pack-2k Textures (AVP-2kTextures v1.11) B9 Part Switch (B9PartSwitch v2.17.0) Basic DeltaV (BasicDeltaV 6.0) BreakingGround-DLC (BreakingGround-DLC (unmanaged)) ClickThrough Blocker (ClickThroughBlocker 1: Commonwealth Rockets - Stockalike British Rocketry (CRE v2.1) Community Category Kit (CommunityCategoryKit v5.2.0.0) Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack 1.4.2) Community Tech Tree (CommunityTechTree 1:3.4.3) Cryo Tanks (CryoTanks 1.5.6) Cryo Tanks Core (CryoTanks-Core 1.5.6) Cryogenic Engines (CryoEngines 1:1.2.1) Custom Pre Lauch Checks (CustomPreLaunchChecks 1.8.1) Deployable Engines Plugin (DeployableEngines 1.2.3) Distant Object Enhancement Continued (DistantObject v2.0.2.0) Distant Object Enhancement Continued default config (DistantObject-default v2.0.2.0) Dodo Labs - Stockalike Electron (DodoLabsStockalikeElectron Dynamic Battery Storage (DynamicBatteryStorage 2: Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) (EasyVesselSwitch 2.2) Engine Lighting (EngineLighting 1.5.1) Environmental Visual Enhancements (EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements 3:1.10.1-3) Kerbal Actuators (KerbalActuators v1.8.3) Kerbal Attachment System (KAS 1.7) Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEngineerRedux Kerbal Inventory System (KIS 1.28) Kerbal Reusability Expansion (SpaceXLegs 2.9.1) Kerbal-Konstructs (KerbalKonstructs Kerbin Side Remastered (KerbinSideRemastered 1.0.1) Kramax Autopilot Continued (KramaxAutopilotContinued 0.4.0) KSC Extended (KSCExtended 2.2) Making History (MakingHistory-DLC 1.11.0) MechJeb 2 (MechJeb2 MechJeb and Engineer for all! (MechJebForAll Module Manager (ModuleManager 4.1.4) Near Future IVA Props (NearFutureProps 1:0.6.4) Near Future Launch Vehicles (NearFutureLaunchVehicles 2.1.2) Near Future Solar (NearFutureSolar 1.3.1) Near Future Solar Core (NearFutureSolar-Core 1.3.1) Omega's Stockalike Structures: No Textures Required (StockalikeStructures 0.0.12) RecoveryController (RecoveryController 0.0.4) Retractable Lifting Surface Module (RetractableLiftingSurface SCANsat (SCANsat v20.4) scatterer (Scatterer 3:v0.0723) Scatterer Default Config (Scatterer-config 3:v0.0723) Scatterer Sunflare (Scatterer-sunflare 3:v0.0723) SmokeScreen - Extended FX Plugin (SmokeScreen SpaceX Launch Vehicles - Real Size (SpaceXLaunchVehicles 6.5) Stockalike Station Parts Expansion (StationPartsExpansion 0.5.3) TextureReplacer (TextureReplacer v4.3.1) Textures Unlimited (TexturesUnlimited Toolbar Controller (ToolbarController 1: Trajectories (Trajectories v2.3.4) Tundra Exploration - Stockalike Dragon V2 and Falcon 9 (TundraExploration 3.3.0) Tundra Technologies (TundraTechnologies 3.3.0) Tundra's Space Center (TundraSpaceCenter 2.0.1) TweakScale - Rescale Everything! (TweakScale v2.4.4.5) Zero MiniAVC (ZeroMiniAVC 1:
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