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  1. With kind permission of @blizzy78 , and continuing on from his excellent work, I've taken on this plugin that allows to use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) from within KSP. Now you can chat with friends without ever putting KSP into the background. Download GitHub Spacedock Source code on GitHub: https://github.com/timmersuk/ksp_irc Please note that this is an early version. It's not as comfortable as it can be, and it surely has its quirks. Let me know what you think about the plugin! Configuration Since this is just an early version, you need to configure th
  2. Proton-M / Breeze-M A realistic and highly detailed parts pack for Kerbal Space Program. See more images of the Proton M with Breeze-M Proton Medium, Proton Light and 5 Meter Fairings for Proton M+ (included) See more images of the Proton Medium, Light and 5 Meter Fairings Proton launch pad (included) See more images of the Proton Launch Pad Features Proton-M booster Proton Medium Variant (new) Proton Light Variant (new) 5 Meter Fairings for Proton M+ Variant Breeze-M upper stag
  3. INTRODUCTION: The stock communications system in 1.2 is like a cross between RemoteTech and AntennaRange. It has (optional) control issues similar to RT but the network itself links up pretty much like AR. If you've never played with either of those mods, then hopefully this tutorial will demystify the whole communications network thing. It's really not that complicated. If you're used to playing with AR, then you'll find stock pretty much the same except for the new antennae and the different performances of the old ones. If you're used to playing with RT, then you'll probably welcome t
  4. Mk-X Spaceplane Parts v1.0 (for KSP 1.2) (and none of the other versions of KSP don't ask for 1.1.3 support or I will riot) I don't really have time to manage any larger mods right now, so I've created this very small (4 parts!) mod pack that emulates the X-37b spaceplane in a very simplistic way. The parts are 1.875m wide and the cargo bay has space for 1.25m probes/payloads. Still needs some balance so all feedback welcome! Planned parts are winglets, adapters, an engine mount and possibly a dedicated engine and some crewed parts! SCREENSHOTS It goes
  5. As you can see in the screen shots, fuel transfer works within the same vessel but not through the Advance Grabbing Unit.
  6. Until 1.2 whenever I was piloting anything in the regular view (not map mode), I could see a green box indicating anything within several km long before I could actually see the vessel. This box also included a little bit of text telling you your distance from this nearby object. Not sure how far away it would start to pick stuff up, but it was significant, at least 10-20km. Since I installed 1.2, I never see the little green target box indicator at any distance. This makes rendezvous in orbit a lot more difficult for me, since I usually guide myself to the encounter for about the last km with
  7. I couldn't find the bug report thread. My two bases on the Mun were partially sunk into the surface of the Mun when I loaded into them in 1.4.3 with MH 1.2. Whatever patch of 1.4.3 was available for download about 10 minutes before I posted. Mac OS 10.13.4. Two mods: MechJeb and KerbalAlarm. Aside from Mechjeb the bases in question are completely stock. KerbalAlarm is just a timer or reminding me to pay attention to my vessels when they're coming up on maneuvers or whatever. All I did was go from the tracking station to two bases stationed on the Mun. When they loaded, the bases
  8. Sensible Tech Tree Version 1.0 Sensible Tech Tree is a mod similar to things like Historical Progression, and Unmanned before manned. The purpose of this mod is to completely rebuild the stock tech tree into something more sensible. Things such as planes from the start, probes before manned, and other such things that just flat make sense. Features - A whole new, more sensible tech tree has been built to replace the stock. - Most plane parts can be used from the start of a save, as before touching rocketry, we had planes for a long time.
  9. Colonists! for 1.4.X Colonists! Introduces a new kind of Kerbals the (tadadadaaaa) colonist. (A mashup between Engineers and Scientists). The intention to create them was to have some kind of kerbal wich can be dropped off on a planet with a rover and do some science without mystery goo or materials bay getting useless after the first use and without them and their rover getting stuck because a wheel suddenly broke. Without coding it is just possible to decide wich abilities to copy from a kerbal and wich not. So the possibilities for me are limited. This is exactly what I took/
  10. I'm starting a new career mode playthrough in 1.2 on YouTube, with the goal of making Kerbals a multiplanetary species! I'll be using a handful of mods, including Roverdude's USI Constellation. I'm hoping to post a few of these a week, so please check back on my channel!
  11. Release - IFI Life Support. 10-2-2016 : Release VER 3,21 for 1.2 (on Curse of Github) (ModuleManager no longer required for this Mod) or Project Page on curse Source Code available at GitHub Released Under GPL3 License. Author : Stavell Bugs can be submitted in this thread or at GitHub. If plug-in seems not to be working right you can enable Debugging log entries via the right click menu on any pod (recommended to be left off unless you are experiencing problems.) Released Under GPL3 License. I know that there are a few Life support mods in develop
  12. After the squad introduced us 1.2 with its new communication and relay system, we discovered many new possibilities. It was interesting to revive old probes, connecting kerbals that are separated by billions of kilometers from each other and making every meter on any planet or moon, a place, with great connection. But we often forget about relay, sometimes people don't even launch it, they simply use antennae attached to their craft. But what if we took the opportunity, and made a challenge out of it? I present you the “Butterflies and Hurric
  13. Today's Squadcast with @NathanKell, @Arsonide and @KasperVld at last had an Experimentals build of 1.2 ( to be exact ). I won't describe the whole thing here, just a few comments and screenshots; resolution is mine, not KSP's. New loading screen: New option in the general settings: Ease In Gravity, which from what NathanKell briefly said, sounds like the physics-loading easing that KJR does. CommNet settings, if it is enabled from the Difficulty Options screen: Some of the new antennas, plus an example of the level of KerbNet func
  14. Hey guys, I'm pretty new the forums as well as KSP. I have about 13 mods installed and have an aching suspicion that one of them is either out of date, or installed incorrectly: massive memory leak, when I go above the first layer of atmosphere, shadows and lighting get really buggy. What would be a suggestion from an experienced modder? Any advise would be appreciated. P.S. My apologies if this is not the correct place to post a topic such as this, as I said, I'm pretty new around here ...
  15. Continuation of economy challenge 1.2 with rules changed. Categories There are 3 categories each for Stock and Modded. I. DISPOSABLE LIFTERS - Reliable Disposables II. REUSABLE ROCKETS - Reusable Vertical Launch Vehicles III. SPACEPLANES - Cargo Planes got to orbit Scoring Score is given by {Expense} / {Payload mass} for the mission, for given Payload mass. - Expense doesn't include the price of the payload. Recovery cost is excluded from the expense for categories II and III. - All lifters listed will be the most efficient one a
  16. This is a thing I'm working on. Long story short: 1. Exterminate the ability to transmitt science 2. Set the science transmission to always 100% 3. "Clear out" the large crewed lab (no converting science anymore) 4. Give the now useless lab the only transmitter wich can actually transmitt science I never used the lab. And when I gave it a shot it seemed to be highly overpowered. I also think not beeing able to transmitt science form wherever you want and get 100% is a good idea, but I thought having a "base" from wich you could transfer your science back home wi
  17. Hello, since today i have a strange issue with KSP. I subscribed to the 1.2 Beta and then later switched back to the 1.1.3-Version. Now, everytime i start KSP it opens at the wrong display (i have two). When i try to unset fullscreen it doesn't react. I have to force it with alt+enter to exit fullscreen-mode. Now the fullscreen-setting reacts but also fullscreens at the wrong display, regardless of where i place the window with fullscreen switched off. I changed nothing in the system, just switched to 1.2 beta and back and now this occurs. I'm using steam and started it there and with CKA
  18. This is reboot of @tseitsei89's economy challenge, which was for 1.1. Categories There is 4 categories each for Stock and Modded. I. DISPOSABLE LIFTERS - Recovery doesn't count IIa. REUSABLE ROCKETS - No airbreathers IIb. VERTICAL LAUNCHED VEHICLES - Vertical Launch with airbreathers III. GENERAL - Anything is allowed Score Score is given by {Expense for the Mission} / {Payload mass(t)}. Expense doesn't include the price of the payload. Recovery cost is excluded from the expense for categories IIa, IIb and III. Rules
  19. Hello, So the other day BeardyPenguin released his Fall of Kerbin mod list. I was really excited to give it a shot but when I found out it was 1.1.2 I thought I could just go into betas in steam properties and find 1.1.2 but I cannot I only see 1.0.5 and 1.1.3. Is there any way to get 1.1.2? Any help would be most appreciated.
  20. I need load time to go down because I'm having to go down to my basic must-have mods, such as SVE, NFT, SpaceY, RealPlume, and nothing helps. I have KSP 1.2.2 x64 while forcing DX11 using 52 mods. These include UKS, USI-LS, and Stockalke Station Parts Expansion. ATM, Dynamic texture loader, DDSloader, and load on demand are all incompatible or unavailable. I don't know what else i can do. Any ideas?
  21. Enjoy Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/fJKmc Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/14el9zwq8uf0arc/Mikoyan MiG-29.craft?dl=0 Max Speed: Mach 2.57, 882m/s at 8000m altitude Max Altitude: 25600m Can withstand 10> Gs, can maintain level flight in 5 Gs and is capable of 10> G turns
  22. Hello. Today I installed Kerbal Space Program 1.2, but I immediately realised something was wrong. The game was really laggy, especially when building in the VAB. I've never had any lag issues in previous versions of KSP. Worth to note is that the same problem occurred while testing out the Pre-Release. General Info OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 Steam Client on Fresh Install No add-ons Kerbal Space Program 1.2.0 2560 x 1440 Resolution, Full Screen Specifications iMac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  23. So last night, I went to Eve and back for my first time ever. I brought a 42 ton sea level lander and with the re-entry and landing gear, 53 tons. I also took a small-ish return vehicle so that Jeb could come home afterwards. The mission went very well. Take a look at the pictures here. Anyway, I ran into two major issues with this mission. The first one was that I really need to work on my ladder skills. Jeb hit the ground two hard as well as falling off again and taking one of the solar panels with him. Luckily he survived that one though. The second issue is that I have six external t
  24. Internal antennas aren't combinable and can't be used for transmitting science (or relaying signals) - their only purpose is to provide short-range control to unmanned craft. It makes sense that probe cores would include an internal antenna, but why command pods? If you have a command pod with a kerbal inside, then the kerbal provides control and the pod's antenna provides no benefit. If you have a command pod without a kerbal inside, then you're not going to have control even though you have an internal antenna - unless you have a probe core as well, in which case you can just use
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