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Found 14 results

  1. In the last 23 hours (where i played ksp ground 4 hours) KSP crashed 20+ times, without any pattern. It crashed when loading a savefile, starting a mission from Making History, launching a vehicle, opening kspedia, recovering a vehicle, adding a part in the editor, reloading assets from the debug console or even when making a screenshot for another bug report. The crash itself is weird. Most of the time i only get a sound from Windows and 'poof' the KSP window is gone. Only once appeared a window saying that KSP crashed. Does this only happen to me? I'm wondering, because i haven't seen a
  2. I am currently running version 1.2.2 and haven't updated in a while to keep my mods operating in a compatible manner. From what I understand I have a lot of mods, but I am also not sure how many of them I am using. But I am having some compatibility problems and am looking at upgrading to a more current version potentially looking at getting the DLC. The big issue is that I have been running a career mode where I have several off-world colonies, bases and research facilities that I would like to carry forward. What I would like from people is feedback on what difficulties and resources work wi
  3. Hello guys, with the 1.4.0 came the map marker for the KSC. do you guys think there will be several possible launch sites in the future? that would be awesome.
  4. Does anybody know if most mods that are compatible with 1.4.0 are compatible with 1.4.1?
  5. I've noticed a HUGE difference in my Mk2 spaceplanes, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't something I was doing, so I made two identical craft in 1.3.1 and 1.4.1 and launched them with a launch testing script I adapted from the kOS tutorials. The difference is huge and makes pretty much all of my Mk2 based spaceplanes no longer viable. I hope this gets fixed. I loved some of those. Craft file here: https://github.com/quade-ksp/KSP_Craft/blob/master/Testing.craft kOS launch test script here: https://github.com/quade-ksp/KSP_Craft/blob/master/launch_test.ks Video here:
  6. Hi, I have been playing science mode. I recently sent a satellite up into orbit, ~265km Kerbin orbit. I left to view some other things in the tracking station, and when I went back on to the satellite, there was just blackness. I could see the sun, and it was, at times, blocked by Kerbin (but I could not see it). The map view still works fine, in fact everything does (moving, manoeuvres, burns, etc.). My mods are: x Science, Bon Voyage, EVS, Kerbal Engineer, SCANsat, scatterer and I have the expansion. I am on KSP 1.4.1. Thank you to anyone who helps me with this.
  7. Right now im still learning the mechanics of KOS, and while doing this i was trying to use air drag to calculate throttle during ascent. But when i started searching online i coulnd't find any proper scripts to do this, apart from the ones before 1.0. Everyone was saying that you couldnt calculate it now because we don't know the Cd value of ships anymore. But you can actually calculate it on the fly using: Thrust vector + Gravity Vector + Drag vector = total force on ship(Vector). After puzzling for a while with vectors i managed to come up with this script which returns the drag as
  8. So I wanted to use one of my premade planes but now when I try to fly them, they just spin out and go wild. Also I do use cheats in my science save cause why not. Though I only use Unbreakable Joints, No crash damage, Inf Electricity and Inf Propellant. I have accidentally click on the physics tab but went back. So I don't think I changed the aerodynamics myself as they worked the last time I play KSP. Was there a change I wasn't aware about? Also running 1.4.1
  9. Hey guys. Everytime I go from the VAB to the Launch Pad I'm getting a access violation. How can i fix this issue. Is it because KSP cannot get enough ram? or is there somewhere a memory leak? ----ERROR LOG Kerbal Space Program [version: Unity 2017.1.3p1 (02d73f71d3bd)] KSP_x64.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP_x64.exe at 0033:8e75c6f5. Error occurred at 2018-03-22_175032. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe, run by Jeroen. 34% memory in use. 16301 MB physical memory [10693 M
  10. [Removed by moderation] Ok yes it was taken down I am to busy to maintain this but it is pretty much KSPRC adapted to new versions. You see I didn't think people would care and yes most people don't but I will work on this and maybe someday release this without legal issues and stuff. But at the moment I i'm to busy so i am sorry and honestly I don't care anymore. Maybe some day when @Proot bothers to answer replies when i'm out of college I will remake this mod but right now i'm to busy and yeah i'm in middle school so yeah. So use this instead: or until i get premission it will
  11. I used the KSPI mod with 1.4.1 it worked very well until I used the warp drive. I charged it and activated it at 0.1c and it worked fine, the real issue was when I set it to 1c. For some reason the moment I set it to 1c it got completely destroyed. I also used another warp drive mod (warp drive standalone) and it had this problem as well. Is there some kind of limit now that I didn't know about? Whats going on? PS: I have a recording of it happening if you want me to show you
  12. I came across this issue when I was trying to find out what the periapsis should be over KSC if you want to land there. I noticed the orbit and location of my ship changing each time I tried testing the mission. KSP Version: v1.4.1.2089 (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us What Happens: Orbits created in Mission Builder do not save correctly. Mods /Add-Ons: All Stock (Fresh Install) Steps to Replicate: 1) Open Mission Builder 2) Open Mission Brief - rename - click ok 3) Select 'Spawn Vessel' node 4) Choose 'Creator Built' 5) Choose 'Create New Vessel' 6) Select 'Take me
  13. 1) Making History DLC. No mods. First mission. Third ship "Jebnik 1". Trying launch it... and new launchpad causing game crash... 2) New game -> Sandbox mode -> load any build-in ship -> select new launchpad -> Click Launch -> Crash
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