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Found 1 result

  1. Merry Christmas folks. Time to finally upload something that's been sitting around about 4 years. A giant papermodel of a KSP craft im very fond of. The Fouglas FC-8 is one of my older designs, the first one i built when the new MK-3 cockpit arrived along with some of the other revamped parts. It was a very exiting time. The first thing after checking out the new parts that i wanted to do, was to build some form of a 4-engined passenger/cargo-plane and this is what i came up with. Looking at it now, i still really like the overall design, even tough it definitely has it's flaws. As-well as being really fond of this design, there was another important aspect that made it perfect this sort of thing. Because it was built at such an early stage, the offset and rotation tools hadn't been added yet. It's all nice and easy to do ingame, but try offsetting a bunch of paper part's inside one-another. Back then i didn't really care about the overall size of the project, i wanted something big and that's exactly what i got, and then some. The model had 23 pages of parts, with a lot of them having to be duplicated many times, added to that was the Shuttle that had 10 pages of parts. The length of the model is prettymuch exactly 100cm, the wingspans is also brobably about 90cm As i mentioned above, i started this project 4 years ago, back then there where no issues with space, as at that point i had basically the entire upstairs of our old house all for myself. I worked on the project for a while until it went on a pretty long pause. By the time the project continued, we had already moved to that small apartment in the edge of city that was way too small for me, and witch could not have fit a model of this size. Now i finally again have the space for such a thing, as-well as the time and motivation. Here is the state of the project after those 4 years. Bit's and pieces of the model where stored in 4 different places, and im amazed everything was still there. There was the assembled fuselage with the nose-gear installed, the box of assembled small bits, skins for the elevators and rudder, and finally the pile of bits that form the skins for the main-wings. Yep, the wing surfaces where so massive i had no choice other that to build the piece by piece just like in the game, tough i had to technically do it twice as i had to build the lower and upper surfaces separately. The elevators and rudder followed the same theme. Rest of the aircraft was also built pretty-much like in the game, piece by piece. The nose gear for instance has 2 tires, two I-beams, two small cubic struts, and a rokea lamp. My original plan for the wings was to cut a piece of cardboard and glue the skins on to that, but i decided to instead make some wing-spars from 1mm thick iron-wire and some cocktail-sticks. The model is still a real pain to try and store as it is simply massive. It's also pretty-much on a clock right now, as im pretty sure it's going to share the same fate as the giant airship model, tough this time i have a plan. By just cutting some bits of tape, i can quickly slide the wings and the wing-spars off. The fuselage itself is really strong, aswell as the landing-gears, but the wings are simply too large and don't have the appropriate supports in place. even if the thing does fall apart, it doesn't really matter, im just super happy i actually got the thing built and to stay together in the first place. As the main function of this aircraft kinda turned in to that of the SCA, i taught it'd make sense to build a shuttle to go along with this one. I taught that recreating my original shuttle would not be the best idea as it would result in a lot of repetition as it's built from a lot of the same parts, so i chose the KOS shuttle instead. Tough now that i look at it, it looks a little too cartoony on top of the FC-8. Maby one day i will design something special to go on top of the FC-8. The version of the FC-8 you see in that pick, is actually a special "papercraft" version i made of the aircraft. It's a mix and match of the different features that appeared on the different versions of the FC-8. I basically kept on upgrading it as new revamped parts appeared. It was also built in a way that would make it even more papercraft friendly. And there it is, another version of my fondest design, i hope you enjoyed taking a look . PS: i doubt ill make anymore KSP related papermodels, but i do have some more 3D-printable stuff on the works.
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