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Found 2 results

  1. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Humble Beginnings (you are here) Preparing for Ground Humble Beginnings Investor facility tour, 1/7/2021 Greetings investors! We here at U.S.E.C. are thrilled to introduce you to our operations. Chartered in 2019 under the United Kerbin Space Alliance, we specialize in extraplanetary construction & long-term operations in the most extreme, distant, hostile environments known to kerbal. Here at the start of 2021, we are proud to announce the completion of a major milestone in our Phase 1 program: the Mu Gateway space station. In addition to Mu Gateway reaching operational readiness, SAR satellites have been busily returning natural resource data from both of Kerbin’s planetary children. The Mu Gateway includes upgrade plans as part of the Luna program to support onsite resource operations. Up to 12 crew members can live in relative comfort aboard the station, enabling easy rotation with ground operations. The station includes room for raw material stowage and connections for fuel & processing modules on the underside of the Industrial Expansion Displacement- … yes? Oh… I see. Right away Ma’am. *ahem* Corporate has asked me to inform you, investors, that the module has been renamed to Industrial Extension Truss, and that the individual responsible for the initials “I.E.D.” has been sacked. The truss features two couplings on its underside. We currently pan to seat fuel storage and resource processing equipment in these positions in support of orbit-to-surface transit. Primary attitude correction, thermal rejection, and electrical generation are all provided by the Service Utility Module, with the science lab receiving its own onboard auxiliary power. Habitation is provided by a rigid-wall module adjacent the command module and by inflatable living space attached to the main hub. The station currently orbits at 240 kilometers above the rocky surface and is prepared to receive crew at once. Our Satellites In addition to our crown jewel orbiting our nearest celestial neighbor, we have three operational satellites in two proven patterns deployed to our moons. Our autonomous operations provide communication relay & natural resource scanning via synthetic aperture radar. The Archangel (center, left) mapping satellites have already returned valuable terrain data on both Mun and Minmus and identified a number of promising deposits of natural resources using powerful synthetic aperture radar. Paired narrow-band transmitters provide low-power, high-bandwidth communications to download scan data from anywhere in Kerbin orbit, and an included boost stage provides roughly 1,670 meters per second of delta-V, in addition to the vehicle's onboard fuel supplies of 1,220 meters. With upgrades to the communications hardware planned and additional sensors in development, the Archangel spacecraft will continue to be a U.S.E.C. staple for the rest of the decade. The smaller, lighter weight ComStar vehicle has a storied history. Over 500kg lighter than an Archangel bus, the smaller ComStar vehicle is purpose-built for relay operations around Kerbin's moons. A smaller thruster and smaller onboard tanks provide 770 meters per second of delta-V, in addition to the upper stage it launches on. No boost stage is packaged with the vehicle, which resulted in range limitations of initial launches. Both ComStar 1 and 2 failed to insert into acceptable munar orbits and had to be terminated. ComStar 3, in conjunction with relay antennas aboard the Mu Gateway, services the far side of Mun. Thank you everyone for visiting our facilities. U.S.E.C. would like to remind all investors, current and prospective, that any information not included in marketing or promotional materials, official press releases, and legal filings is considered confidential. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please direct them to our fundraising director.
  2. Chapter 1: 'SILENCE, Mission Control! I don't wish to do science anymore, I just want to be happy..' (The surface of the Mun. Dauntless-1 mission. Year 1, Day 344) "Oh, so NOW you are worried about safety? You sent me to the surface of the Mun on a garden chair, had me drive 600 kilometers under the harsh sun and NOW you are worried about me? I have not been able to eat for 19 days because I can not lift my helmet visor up in vacuum of space, and NOW you worry about my safety?" Bob Kerman, one of the best minds of Kerbin ranted over his radio. His radio cackled after a few moments and he heard Mortimer Kerman's voice. "We are not worried about you, we are worried about the science that you might lose if there's no power in the unlit side of the Mun. Moreover, if you overuse the fuel-cells then we might not have the delta-v for ascent. Also we would be hard pressed to send a rescue if you get yourself stranded." Bob sputtered with indignation before throwing his arms up."You know what? Now I am even MORE convinced that this is a good idea." He prepared a course for the unlit side of the Mun to collect temperature data from an anomaly that had been bugging scientists for quite a while. He found some curious surface features on his way and took the time to study them in detail. Once he had collected the data, Bob began dismantling the rover. First it was the science equipments, then the long range comms followed by wheels. The resulting vehicle was no more than a plank aboard rocket fuel and engines. Bob used his limited piloting skills to get the now decapitated rover into orbit and rendezvoused with the crew capsule in high munar orbit. After 19 days in his EVA suit, he found the cramped interiors of the Mk1 capsule to be very comforting and cosy, much like a mother's warm embrace. He ripped apart the first packet of snacks he saw and started devouring it like an animal without even bothering to unwrap it. His stomach reacted to the sudden influx of material after not having a morsel to eat for nineteen days and Bob vomited the contents of his shrunk stomach and then ripped another packet of snacks open, eating it more leisurely this time. His primal howls and grunts would haunt mission control to this date. As Bob was not in any position to follow orders anymore, mission control took over the vehicle's function and charted a course back to Kerbin. Once the crew pod with the science was recovered, KSC found itself richer by 3000 science points. The nerds at the R&D department started analyzing the data and discovering/inventing new stuff. The known universe had just expanded 2.5 times its original size almost overnight. This precious science could help us understand what increased the radius of Kerbin from 600 km to 1500 km. Meanwhile, Bob was crouching in a fetal position in his quarantine cell eleven days after his quarantine period ended, crying and begging to meet his deceased parents. Linus was pleased by this turn of events. He had an excellent opportunity to study the psychological effects of prolonged EVA on kerbals. Bob is smiling in this picture. He is happy. He had just landed the Dauntless one Rover/Lander, a bare-bones lander and exploration vehicle that allowed KSC to explore six Munar biomes for science and doubled as a low budget ascent vehicle on the end of mission. This concept allowed KSC to explore Munar surface using just two 10 ton launches instead of investing in a heavy lift launch vehicle. But was this worth the Kermanity that KSC lost over that mission? Do monetary gains compensate for driving an individual to insanity? The age of Space Exploration is so messed up, that the majority would answer the above questions with a resounding YES. Unless they are the ones who are getting the short end of the stick. In that case they would be singing a different tune.
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