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Found 6 results

  1. Kerbal Space Program Communty Rewind 2018 An unofficial representation of the modding community. I wanted to make a KSP video about some of the mods we've been playing this past year. Mods that changed the way we think, play and mods that will forever be in our GameData folder no matter what KSP version. I wanted to make a video to appreciate the modding community by making something that truly represents what we as modders can bring to a world full of little green men and women. I've asked your opinion! I wanted to know what your #1 mod is and why. So by the end of the year I had a v
  2. The new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer just dropped, so I made a discussion thread about it. Here's the trailer below I'm excited for the movie, what are everyone else's thoughts on it?
  3. Seeing that there is no such thread yet, I have given myself the liberty to create one destined for the discussion of the Lunar Eclipse scheduled for today. If you want to check whether you will see it go to this link: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/globe/2018-july-27
  4. I am having trouble with the pitch of my plane. The plane takes off perfectly however 3-4 seconds after launch the airplane tilts down. I have tried moving the COL behind the COM but that doesnt seem to help.
  5. This is the place to upload and discuss your results for the Kerbal Dakar 2018. Please keep this thread clean from smalltalk since this is the place for me to do the judging thingy. Some pointers, - Put up a screenshot showing your vehicle. - Use the spoiler function to show us your 14 or more screenshots. - give some information about your propulsion, mods used etc. Example post: A stock vehicle using solar powered batteries. Total time: = 02.01.19 Use this template to make my life easier,
  6. YOOOOOOOO is anyone here planning on going to the IAC 2018 in berlin? also the website is down so i think they're adding somethings to it, eg ticket prices and all that stuff. www.iac2018.org have a nice day, alan
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