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Found 4 results

  1. Latest Release Source Wiki CKAN - When dev is finished License: Source code is GPLv3, artwork is All Rights Reserved Sandcastle is inspired by NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge as well as NASA's In Space Manufacturing experiments ongoing at the International Space Station. Features include: Print parts in 3D printers compatible with the stock EVA Construction system. Build bases through EVA Construction, with additional support for @taniwha's Extraplanetary Launchpads. No complicated resource chains- uses stock Ore as the building material, but Sandcastle can easily support other mods via Module Manager patches. And if desired, the parts you print can require other parts as prerequisites! Restock-alike texturing. Currently, the mod is just a plugin with the 3D Print Shop and a recycler that are added to the stock Mobile Processing Lab, but there's more on the horizon including a couple of dedicated 3D print shop parts. A couple of pics:
  2. I looked around the net and found no good 3d models of the Seamoth from Subnautica, so I made my own. https://imgur.com/a/ulPFh Apparently Imgur albums are broken
  3. I may have access, thru various contacts, to a rather fancy 3D printer. The fact that it resides at a prominent university and costs are gov funded are also a big plus. I'm told if I can get my craft file into a .sti format. I can print it. I figure is to maybe load craft into Unity? ...but not sure what's been done in terms of a plug-in that would accept a .craft file. On the other hand, I've seen pics of people holding what appear to be KSP printed craft, so I know there must be some way....
  4. It would be awesome if there was something that would make a .craft file into a .gcode or other kind of file so that we could 3d print the crafts we design, like a pretty nice lander that you made in career mode that you want on your desk. it would be nice if there was something that could do that, and if there is, then please tell me.
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