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Found 1 result

  1. Link to the old thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/135965-jool-500-kolonization-challenge/&page=1 Before I get into the rules and everything (which I mostly copied over from the original thread). I am still in the process of editing it to comply with KSP 1.2. Rules Mods are allowed and some are required for certain difficulty levels, but some (of course) are banned for balance reasons. No cheating (e.g. the f12 menu, hyperedit, any other similar cheats). Re-entry heating and resource abundance must be set at atleast 100%. If a mod is removed from the list of allowed mods (which is unlikely), you may keep any craft that use it that were created before the mod's removal, but you may not launch any new craft with parts from that mod. Calculate your score according to the system outlined near to the end of this post. There is no cost limit. If you need to get some of your kerbals through recovery contracts you may not use any part of the recovery spacecraft as part of this challenge. You may also farm money from other planets and moons to collect enough funds to hire Kerbals. You are allowed (and encouraged) to mine resources from Jool's moons for use in the colony. You can send fuel back to Kerbin to generate money to help hire Kerbals or pay for vessels. Part clipping is allowed, but don't do things like hiding 12 fuel tanks inside 1 fuel tank (or other similarly cheaty things). Kerbals can't respawn, and there is a penalty for them dying. You must end up with 500 kerbals inhabiting the Jool system. If any die, you must send more to complete this goal. Reverting flights and quickloading is allowed, except for career more submissions. For career mode quickloading can be used only to undo kraken attacks. Make sure your landers are safe! Kerbals can not be sent to Jool in the bases they will inhabit, or in rovers or other vehicles. Dedicated crew transports should be built and are encouraged. There must be atleast one ship (not part of a base) capable of returning at least 25 Kerbals to Kerbin orbit. Methods of minimizing costs without cheating (such as sending some of the vehicles in the cargo space of crew transports) are entirely acceptable and are the reasons behind some of the vehicle specifications. FOR ANYONE USING THE ATOMIC AGE MOD: The turbojet is banned due to the fact that it doesn't consume any resources other than intake atmosphere. This may change if this engine gets a depletable fuel source, but for now it is banned in this challenge. FOR REMOTETECH USERS: Disabling the time delay is allowed in Normal difficulty, but is not allowed in Hard difficulty. If you are playing in Hard then I recommend installing a mod with an autopilot function for maneuver nodes (MechJeb or kOS are what's currently allowed). Reusablility is allowed, however you cannot repurpose vehicles launched before you began attempting the challenge. The only exception is if you have clear documentation of it's launch and missions. If it was refueled you must also show clear documentation also. The Challenge You are probably wondering how to complete this challenge. The method is fairly simple: follow the guidelines for the Jool program according to the categorized contracts below, document all important aspects of your missions (use Imgur or make videos), and try to complete as much of it as you can. You don't need to complete the CHALLENGES in every difficulty, but doing them will get you more points. Craft aesthetics are not required and are up to you. Sometimes it's cool to see put appearance after functionality. It's not absolutely required to complete every contract listed below (except for completing certain CHALLENGES), but the more you do the more functional your colony will be and the more points you will get for completing them. Now for the categories: Satellite Network and Probes Each moon, as well as Jool itself, should be explored by machines in advance of sending kerbals. Also, the colony will need a satellite network for communication. Send a resource scanner to a polar orbit of each moon and scan for ore. You may reuse the same probe for all moons, logic being once you scan it you have the records of where the ore is. (+1 point per moon) (+3 points per moon if each moon has a seperate scanner.) Send at least 1 lander probe (max. mass: 3 tonnes, or 5 tonnes for Tylo) to each moon and transmit some science data back to Kerbin. (+1 point per moon; science from every biome gives an extra +2 points per moon (rovers are permitted)) Send at least 3 communication satellites to each moon as well as in orbit of Jool, to provide a communication network for your kerbals. At least one of these must be capable of transmitting data back to Kerbin, or to a satellite in Jool orbit that can transmit back to Kerbin). Stock relay networks are allowed and encouraged but Remote Tech users may use Remote Tech if they want and there is no penalty for doing so. CHALLENGE: GROUND COVERAGE. Ensure that the entire surface of the moon is accessible by satellites. This requires 3 satellites equally spaced in equatorial orbit with line of sight to each other, and 3 satellites equally spaced in polar orbit with line of sight to each other. (+9 points per moon) Bases and Outposts For a colony to be a colony, it must have permanent residents. You must have space for a minimum of 50 kerbals on each moon (rovers do not count, these living spaces must be stationary), and a minimum of 10 kerbals at any one outpost. (There's no real difference between outposts and bases, 'outpost' just suggests a smaller base than usual). But in the end atleast 500 kerbals must be somewhere in the Jool system. Launch and land your bases in advance of sending your kerbals. Send at least 1 base to each moon (though more are recommended). It's best to send your bases as modules rather than assembling them on the surface. +3 points for each biome; +3 additional points if every biome has a base (including the Sagen Sea on Laythe); +1 point for every 10 kerbals your base can support (not necessarily all at once, not including the 10 that are required in each base. Requires life support mod); +1 additional point if the base has at least 1 science lab; (points are awarded per base)) Life support replenishment is not required at each base, but can be useful where the biome's resources allow it. (+1 point for partial replenishment of life support; +3 points for full replenishment of life support; (points are awarded per base)) Transport between bases and moons can be a hassle, so it helps to have a place to refuel. (+1 point for ability to replenish fuel, +3 points for ability to replenish uranium and xenon; (points are awarded per base)) CHALLENGE: COLONIAL PLANNING. Have a base or outpost in every biome on every moon, have fuel and/or life support replenishment on every moon at at least one base, and have space for at least 100 kerbals in bases on every moon. (+50 points) Rovers and planes The ability to transport kerbals and equipment between your various bases is important for a colony. You should send a number of transports to each moon so that kerbals can move around the surface. All vehicles should be specialized to handle the terrain of the moon (amphibious vehicles and/or seaplanes are recommended for Laythe). Previously rockets weren't allowed, but dedicated point to point rockets are fine as well (assuming you can budget fuel to them). Short-range scouting rovers (or boats) (max. mass: 10t) are a must-have. Send at least 1 to every base. They must be small and lightweight, and must be able to generate power, carry at least one and at most six kerbals, and be equipped with a few science experiments. (+3 points for each base that gets a small rover/boat (you can send any combination of rovers and boats to your Laythe bases, as long as each base has at least 1)) Resource transportation vehicles are not required but encouraged. Each should be able to carry a resource container at least the size of the Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank. It would be convenient to make these vehicles modular. Send at least 1 container for all relevant resources (life support, fuels, etc) to every base, and at least 1 resource transports to move them around. (resources not generated/consumed at a base do not need containers; +7 points for each fully implemented resource transport system at a base; (points are awarded per base)) Long-range transports (rovers, boats, or planes) are required for your colony to be a success. Send at least 2 to each moon. Each should be able to transport at least 5 kerbals. (+1 point for each long-range transport vessel that can carry atleast 1 short range vehicle (+1 point per vehicle carried). Ideally they should also be able to generate power. (+4 points for each long-range transport; +1 additional point if it can carry two resource transports; +3 additional points for any fuel-using transports that can replenish that fuel; +1 additional point for transports that have a science lab). CHALLENGE: STARSHIP. In addition to the transports mentioned in #4, send at least one point-to-point transport rocket capable of boosting at least 15 tons of cargo between bases on each moon (3 tons for Laythe and Tylo). Each should be capable of generating power. (+2 points per point-to-point rocket). CHALLENGE: REDUNDANCY. All of the above (excluding #5), completed for every base on every moon(+10 points; +15 points if including #5) Space Transport Building this colony is great, but useless if your kerbals can't get between the moons, or from Kerbin to the Jool system. Construct a fleet of spacecraft to take kerbals from Kerbin to the Jool system or between moons. Each interplanetary vessel should carry up to 100 crew members, and ideally should have a significant cargo capacity. No limit on the amount of transport vessels. (+5 points per transport; +1 point per 10 tonnes of cargo mass; crew do not all need to be sent to Jool at once, as the transports can make any number of trips between Kerbin and Jool. (but please don't get ridiculous, actually you can get as ridiculous as you want it's Kerbal Space Program) Large freight transports are going to be important for your colony. Each should be a highly specialized vehicle able to lift or drop at least 50 tonnes of cargo from the surface of the moon it is sent to (or 25 tonnes for Laythe and Tylo). Each freighter should be able to get into a stable orbit of that moon with a full load of cargo (50 tonnes),and return to their moon's surface with another full load (50 tonnes) of cargo. Send at least 1 to every moon. (+10 points for every transport; +1 point for every 10 tonnes of cargo capacity to/from the surface of that moon; +4 points for ability to replenish fuel; (points are awarded per transport)). You will need transport for colonists between the moons as well. You can integrate this into the freight transport system or interplanetary transport system.(+2 points per freighter-compatible module that can transport 10 kerbals) or you can make rockets specifically for this purpose. Each rocket should be able to transport at least 10 kerbals to/from any of the moons without being refuelled until it lands or is refueled in orbit. Send at least 1 to Jool. (+8 points for each crew transport rocket; +4 additional points for each rocket with the ability to replenish fuel). NOTE: You can also set up a system to ferry Kerbals to an orbiting transport ship so that you don't need to fly from one moon's surface to the next. CHALLENGE: ADVANCED TRANSPORT. Rather than docking freighters from different moons to transfer their cargo in space, every freighter (still a minimum of 5 overall) must be able to transport cargo between any two moons without refuelling in space (the most difficult journey is probably Laythe to Tylo, but it depends how you build the freighters). (+45 points). CHALLENGE: ORBITAL HABITATION. To enhance your crew transfer, make a station in orbit of each moon (that can support at least 20 kerbals which count towards you 500) and replace your every-moon-capable rockets with a lander specific to each individual moon (must be able to take at least 20 kerbals to/from the station in moon orbit) (+35 points). Other Things to Consider You're probably playing with a life support mod, so be careful to include enough supplies in all of your vehicles and bases. Safety is important. Make as many systems redundant as you can within a reasonable price range. Launch escape systems on crewed, escape pods, etc. (USI has some good stuff for safety and redundancy). -5 points for every kerbal that dies. Be careful, rockets are expensive. You're allowed to re-send vessels, but if a vessel crashes you lose the points that you gained from that specific vessel and cannot regain them by sending another (this does not affect points gained by completing multi-vessel contracts). Launches from Kerbin are unlimited. Interplanetary transport vessels may stop and refuel at any destination you see fit, however I doubt anybody is going to refuel at Moho before heading off to Jool. There is no time limit, but be wary of running out of life support supplies. When playing with USI Life Support, any kerbals who run out of life support are counted as dead and suffer the same points loss, despite the fact that USI Life Support doesn't actually kill them. If you think some of the specifications for some of the vehicles are unusual or arbitrary, feel free to debate me about it. If you have a good point I will allow it to happen if you run it by me first. CHALLENGE: COMPLETIONIST. Fulfil all contracts and all CHALLENGES. (+50 points) Scoring and Difficulty The way you judge how well you do on this behemoth of a challenge is fairly simple, and takes into account how many points you score overall, as well as the funds you spent on the colonisation program. I'll go over difficulty first, as it influences your score with points multipliers. I will also go over game modes, since you can start in either Career or Sandbox modes. Difficulty Level Easy (points multiplier x1 in sandbox, x1.5 if in career.): Play in sandbox or career (sandbox recommended); RemoteTech, Community Tech Tree, and any Life Support mods are not recommended; CHALLENGES are not required. This is the difficulty level to play at if you want to use stock parts. Normal (points multiplier x2 in sandbox, x2.5 in career): Play in career or sandbox; must use life support (USI, TAC, or Kerbalism); RemoteTech and Community Tech Tree are optional; do at least 3 CHALLENGES. If you want to, you may disable the time delay on RemoteTech if you are using it. Hard (points multiplier x3): Play in career; you must use RemoteTech, and Community Tech Tree; must use life support (USI, TAC, or Kerbalism); complete all CHALLENGES for your Hard mode entry to count. You may not disable the time delay on RemoteTech; mods with autopilot functionality are recommended for dealing with maneuver nodes. Game Mode Depending on your difficulty level, you may start in Career mode or Sandbox mode. If you play in science mode you will be counted as sandbox. Starting in Sandbox allows you to proceed with the Jool 500 challenge immediately. You must set re-entry heating and resource abundance to atleast 100%, allow quicksaves and reloading (only for use in case of bugs), and disallow respawning of dead crew members. Starting in Career is the more challenging option, as you will have to earn funds through contracts until you can start the Jool 500 challenge. You start in normal mode, but the maximum starting science and science rewards are allowed (since science doesn't count towards score), and otherwise the same settings as a Sandbox playthrough. Funds spent on missions to anywhere other than Jool are not counted, (the same is true for using gravity assists). Score Calculation To calculate your score, keep track of the total cost of everything you launch from Kerbin (and subtract any funds you get back by recovering parts of launches). Add up the total number of points you get by completing the contracts and CHALLENGES, and multiply this by the multiplier given by your difficulty level. Then take subtract 5 points for every Kerbal that died during the colonization program. The larger your overall score, the better you did. Mods If you want to know about a particular mod, use ctrl+f to search for it on this page before making a reply asking about it. IMPORTANT: Some of these mods are not up to date with the current version, I use mods that are not current in my save and they work just fine so I didn't remove anything. If you try a mod and it's broken or has a current version on a different thread tell me so I can update/remove it. Recommended Kerbal Alarm Clock (Because of the amount of vessels you'll be dealing with at once) USI Life Support, TAC Life Support, OR Kerbalism (except in Easy difficulty) TRP-Hire (Makes hiring kerbals significantly cheaper for career mode submissions) Optional All other USI mods (except Alcubierre Warp Drive) (these are highly recommended as they will enhance your colony immensely) Any visual enhancement mods Atomic Age Behemoth Aerospace Engineering Buffalo MSEV B9 Aerospace CactEye Telescopes Color Coded Cannisters Colorful Fuel Lines Community Tech Tree Connected Living Space Cormorant Aeronology Shuttle Lifting Body DarkSideTechnology Deadly Reentry DeepFreeze Continued Deep Space Exploration Vessels DMagic Orbital Science Editor Extensions Redux EvaFuel Ferram Aerospace Research Final Frontier Fuel Tanks Plus HabTech Infernal Robotics KeepFit Kerbal Historical Institute Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Stock Part eXpansion KIS/KAS (highly recommended) TRP-Hire (formerly known as KSI) (useful for hiring kerbals) Lithobrake Exploration Technologies Mark IV Spaceplane System MechJeb, KER, or similar mods that are purely informative Mk2 Expansion Mk3 Hypersonic Systems Moar Mk1 Modular Rocket Systems Near Future Technologies NRAP Orbital Utility Vehicle Pathfinder RemoteTech RLA Stockalike SCANsat Science Revisited SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded Stockalike Mining Extension Surface Experiment Pack (requires KIS/KAS) Tantares and Contares Tarsier Space Technology Taurus HCV Universal Storage VX Series II Engine Pack (Vanguard Astrodynamics) M.O.L.E Outer Planets Mod Any dependencies these mods have (e.g. Firespitter, ModuleManager, Community Resource Pack) If there is a mod that you think should be added or removed from this list, please bring it to my attention along with your reasoning as to why it should be added or removed. Please also notify me if any links are incorrect or outdated. Banned Any mods that are not on the above list (unless I add them after being asked about them) Alcubierre Warp Drive (and other warp drive mods) KSP Interstellar Extended Extraplanetary Launch Pads (and other mods that allow you to build spacecraft off of Kerbin) Hyperedit (you are allowed to use it for testing your spacecraft, but not for any craft that are going to be used as part of the challenge) Kopernicus Any other mods that are unbalanced or cheaty in some way The Endurance Ship from Interstellar Mod, it's plasma engines have an isp of around 5000 and provide alot of thrust. Again, please bring to my attention any mods that you feel should be added or removed from this list along with your reasoning for the requested change. Notes/Recomendations If you are starting out with stock parts but planning on modding (with life support) later, I highly recommend sending as many probes, bases, and vehicles as you can before the mods are updated, without sending any crew. Then, when you do send the crew to Jool (which should be done as late as possible to reduce consumption of life support) use KIS/KAS to attach life support containers to your bases and vehicles. This way you don't need to wait for life support mods to update before you can send your transports or bases. Alternatively, in the case of bases, you can plan for the presence of life support storage modules and transport them once you install the life support mod. If you are planning to play in career mode I suggest making everything as reusable as possible to help you save funds. Submission Submit your entry to the challenge on this thread in the form of an Imgur gallery (or multiple galleries) or a video (or more likely a series of videos). That should be everything for this challenge. If some aspects seem unclear please let me know and I will attempt to explain in a more effective manner. If I have missed anything important, please also let me know and I will edit this post to amend the lack of clarity. I hope everyone who chooses to attempt the Jool 500 Kolonization Challenge will enjoy it, and I wish you all luck in what is possibly one of the most extensive kolonization programs some of you have ever tried to undertake. Completed Colonies - @jinnantonix Playlist here. 3082 Points.
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