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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Kerbalnauts! We've got some exciting news. We need your help in creating videos that commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon mission! We'll be creating two videos; one to commemorate the launch of the Saturn V rocket and a second video to commemorate the landing of Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon. Each of these videos will predominantly be made up of in-game footage video submissions sent in by all of you! Your creativity and dedication as KSP players has been a great contribution in expanding interest and passion for space travel, and we want to showcase your amazing work! These videos are a thank you to NASA and to you, the players, for being a part of the monumentally large effort of furthering humankind’s reach across the galaxy. So you’re probably asking yourself: How do I send in my rad video submission?! Fear not, submission is easy! Simply follow the submission guidelines below. When capturing in-game footage feel free to recreate/replicate both the launch of the Saturn V rocket, the landing of the Lunar Module, and planting of the flag. While we’re excited to see how exact your replications can be of the Apollo 11 mission, adding your own unique Kerbal twist to things is also welcome. For video tutorials on building these historic vessels, please see the Tutorials section below. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Your video should be uploaded in the highest resolution possible natively to this Reddit thread. Gifs will not be accepted. 2. When capturing in-game video, audio is preferred but not required. 3. The deadline for video submission is Tuesday, July 9th by 11 p.m. Eastern Time. 4. If your video is selected to be featured in one of the videos and you would like to be credited in the credit section, please include the following statement in your submission: “I would like my Reddit handle to be included in the credit section of the video.” Any Reddit user handle that’s flagged as inappropriate will not be shown. If you would not like to have your handle shown, we will reach out to you via direct message to confirm. HISTORIC BUILD TUTORIALS: If you have the Making History DLC – Saturn V Build (including Lunar Module) - (thank you Raiz Space!) Another Saturn V tutorial if you have Making History DLC (more detailed) - (thank you Admiral André!) For Enhanced Edition console players If you don’t have Making History DLC, you can use this mod Downloadable craft build if you don’t have Making History DLC Lander Module Tutorial (If you have Making History) THE FINE PRINT: Inclusion of your video submission in the final video is not guaranteed. We appreciate all of your work and creativity Kerbalnauts! It's time to take one giant leap for Kerbalkind! It's time for a Mun Landing!
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