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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve been trying to make a passenger jet but ot never takes off. Anyone, help?
  2. Boeing 747 This is one of my replicas of airplanes in real life. So, it is a little under sized, however, it is quite heavy, and thus I have to clip more engines into each other.
  3. This craft is a stock replica of the Boeing 747-8. This craft was largely inspired by the excellent works of Gman_builder and DavidN, whose accounts you can find here, https://kerbalx.com/DavidN https://kerbalx.com/Gman_builder For this craft I aimed to replicate the exact look, design, and function of the 747-8 as closely as I could, the resulting aircraft is my most accurate replica to date. One huge source of part count is the GEnx-2B turbofans, which all together contribute about 600 parts. Admittedly a lot for a purely aesthetic component. However, the craft would have looked a bit sill
  4. This is a stock 1:1 replica of the GEnx turbofan engine developed by General Electric. This engine was made for use on an Aircraft I am currently working on, but it turned out so nicely that I decided it deserved to be posted on its own. It’s basically just a Goliath with a fancy shell around it. The GEnx series of engines has seen service on the Boeing 747-8 and the Boeing 787-9 Dream liner. Download: https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/GEnx-Engine Part Count: 99 Subassembly Mass: 13.18 tonnes
  5. A mod aircraft called 747-8. It is very maneuverable and is very stable at both high speeds and low speeds. Takeoff speed is 50 m/s, landing speed is ~<100 m/s. Can climb straight up like fighter jets. Try it out for yourself! Please try it out and tell me about things that need improvement. Building tips are always welcome https://kerbalx.com/Ruddy3702/747-8 Pics for you guys
  6. So i made a 747 with many mods installed(don't ask how many,there are a lot,ill list em as soon as I can).It flies good but has some landing issues(very small).Vmu speed is 110m/s https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?qzcr7ih5dfb9f4q https://www.mediafire.com/?frn85ejyikdtbxd https://www.mediafire.com/?ja8xwlb3wwwwghl custom action group 1-engine 1 and 3 2-engine 2 and 4 3-flaps increase 4-flaps decrease 5-thrust rever
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