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Found 1 result

  1. What is the best mission you saw an image/s of on #ksp2-screenshots? How has the rough launch of Early Access affected the overall mood and productivity of team members and developers? How does your team stay motivated through all of the hateful comments that get thrown towards the development and marketing teams? As a long time KSP1 player, I was very worried about the future of KSP2 after the rough release. However, I must say I and many others have a renewed faith in you and your team after the success of this first patch (awesome job guys). That being said, what can you say to calm the concerns of some of the die hard fans that are still worried we may never see certain road map goals fulfilled due to funding? Can you give any more detail about how the automated "trade routes" are going to work? Will we see ships automatically landing on / taking off from the launchpad or will it be more of a in-the-background kind of thing? How will the game handle changing delta-v requirements due to different planetary alignments? Can we get anything in writing related to the planned structure/function of multiplayer within the game, and how you plan to work around certain speedbumps like time warp or two player craft docking (I.e. where is the processing for this done?)? How much time and research goes into deciding what kind of rocket/space plane parts get into KSP2/KSP? In regards to the decision to leave wobbly rockets within the game. Are there plans to make this feature more detrimental to rocket design and progression? Or is this simply an early implementation of something that'll become more elaborate and significant? What was your favorite thing to work on in KSP2? What was your least favorite thing to work on? What has been the most challenging feature to work on? What was your initial introduction to KSP? How has community feedback shaped your vision and priorities for the game? what has been your favorite part or experience in developing ksp 2? Will certain resources needed for colony construction be planet/biome specific? Has there been any piece of community feedback/content that you and the team find especially motivating ? how often does the dev team play the game? What non-KSP game/piece of media has inspired you and the team the most? Will there be more tutorials in game, such as the ones being uploaded to tiktok etc? When interstellar is implemented, are the different solar systems going to be stationary or are they going to orbit something (to simulate a galaxy)? Procedural wings are great but are there plans for other procedural parts? Maybe for fuel tanks? Are there going to be any significant changes to the science system in KSP 2, or any changes that you feel are worth talking about? What is your favourite ksp 2 mod so far? What has the morale been like throughout development? For the far off colonization update. How will buildings work? Will we assemble them ourselves by landing modules (or making them on site) and moving them into position, or will it be more of a prefabricated type of building system? When will the water physics be fixed and properly added? Now that the first patch is out, what are you mainly focusing on ? Any plans to have a solid planet that is about the size of Jool or perhaps larger? Will there be XL sized launch engines, and if so, are there any estimates on when they will be added? Will we have and when realistic plasma/smoke tail after reentering spacecraft and different colors of heated plasma because of different speeds of reentry? Was there ever a bug in early development that was so hilarious that the team still references it today? Will atmosphere-rich celestial bodies have weather patterns sometime in the future? What is one feature/part/idea you really wanted to implement, but would not/could not for whatever reason? Once the game is "Complete" with everything on the roadmap implemented and debugged, is it possible develompent will continue with new features? Will interactable IVA'S be a thing? What's your favorite KSP2 creation thus far (by you or by anyone else)? Do you plan to add life support to the game like the USI life support mod for ksp1? Do you plan to add telescopes and asteroids early in the game already? Many community members across the modding scene have noticed that certain models often contain INSANE polygon counts. Will those be reviewed for optimization passes too? Will we see many more star systems and other interstellar objects added throughout the game's map as the years go on? Will asteroids make a return? Or foreign bodies in general? If there will be smth similar to "carrer" mode, will you add planes challenges/contracts? Can we get a wind tunnel at KSC for testing aerodynamics? Will robotics be implemented in a future update? Are there plans to have collaborations for missions and/or other scenarios in game with IRL space agencies such as NASA, ESA etc.? Who is your favorite Kerbal? will we be able to terraform planets in the future? like eve and duna? What event in IRL space exploration that you experienced/learned about had the most significant impact on you? What feature of KSP2 are you most excited for, and why is it interstellar travel? What is your opinion on people datamining the game - do you feel bad that stuff is getting leaked, or are you excited that the datamines give the community a lot of hope for this game? Any thoughts on adding vr support to KSP2 in the future? Now that we have a boat launch option, is it likely that we will get dedicated boat or submersible parts at some point in the future? Which aspect of the development (or which upcoming feature) do you really think will make the game unique when compared to KSP 1? Do you think the current performance problems will stick around or become more prominent as new features start getting added, Orbital colonies have been mentioned. Will they have a set orbit once the first part has been built, or will they be able to move with engines like other spacecraft? What suggestions from the community do you think where helpfull? Will Rotors and hinges be coming back at some point? How useful will orbital construction be and how awesome are the colonies? Does the terrain system support overhangs and caves, or is it still using the old heightmap system? Will there be secret launch sites added or will you be able to build custom launch pads on other planets? will we be able to reach the speed of light and/or FTL? What are the goals and visions for multiplayer? How do you want to see players interact with each other? Will players be able to go on collective missions on the same crafts? Will players be able to share colony buildings (Once that comes out) and create? What is your favourite book? Will we have rough/insulation surfaces for spacecraft parts instead of a metallic to paint spectrum ? Will there more colony parts than what shown in the trailers? Will the surface of moons and planets in space and when landed be more detailed in the distant future? What would you say was the most troublesome feature to get working over the course of KSP 2's development? What kind of size range can we expect with colonies? Will all colonies be roughly the same size, or will we be able to have small 1-2 launch research colonies along with our gigantic industrial ones? Will there be any upper size limit? Do you expect multiplayer KSP2 to overtake singleplayer KSP2 in terms of player count and development when it releases? In other words, will singleplayer KSP2 become mostly obsolete? What is the reasoning behind not allowing early access players the ability to use the debug menu? Since it is a sandbox game its omission seams odd, especially for early access. Will it be included at some point for single player campaigns? Will KSP2 wheels finally work as intended? Hello! Besides Kerbal Space Program 2 what have you worked on before? Do you play any games outside of KSP? If so what games? Who makes all your awesome "KerbalSona" profile pictures? The performance has improved slightly with the latest patch, but unfortunately it's still not enough. Will the performance be further improved with the upcoming patches? How different will the science and science gathering be in KSP2 vs KSP1? Or will it be similar? are big features like science or interstellar on the backburner until the game is better optimised, or are the big features being developed alongside bug and performance patches? Do you have an estimated date to release support for controller setups such as HOTAS stick and throttle sets, custom controllers designed specifically for KSP, or maybe even racing sim equipment to use for rovers? Do you think spending so much time on KSP2 alone has taken a toll on your mental health? Have you ever, at one point during development, thought about giving up on KSP2 due to ... reasons? If so, what made you continue anyway? If not, what kept you motivated? What was launch day like at Intercept Games? When is Jebediah getting his own TV show? do you pour the milk before or after the cereal?
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