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Found 9 results

  1. It is a nice, bright morning here in sunny England. I makes a change, but then again, Dracula sees more sunlight than me. Every tuesday I get the house to myself (excluding cats and dogs) until 2030hrs. It is also the time of year when I stop working...20th July until my wife goes back to work in september. So, this tends to be the day I test out all of the awesome designs I have collected during the pervious seven days. No rushing. However, there is just me, so if I find a 'problem' i'm doomed. My idea is that 'we' could band together and show-off what we are testing, WIP, and any o
  2. After a few days After The first Atlantis Launch They Had the second time they had a crew To Test The Newly Made robotic arm It is Told That It Is Hard to find and Build In a few hours They will return for a runway landing The Last flight til now Was Unmanned and Landed Near By the KSC And Tried to Land at the Runway But didn`t have enough runway space for a landing The Next Part will be in a few hours
  3. Guys, Sorry for the simple question, but i'm new to this! Currently i'm trying to complete the heat shield testing (.625) and I was curious on the altitude part. The requirement is 30-36,000m, does this mean the testing needs to take place within this altitude or needs to be tested through the entire range? Also, does it matter if i'm ascending or descending? -Thanks so much!
  4. Hello All, More and more frequent I have problems with developing spacecraft for extrakerbestrial atmospheres. To minimize the weight I like to keep my probes and craft to a minimum with proper weight distribution. However the atmosphere's and gravitational pulls on other planets make testing things sometimes hard. I cannot develop something, send it to eve, only to discover that once there it cannot make the liftoff, of that my angle of re-entry is either too high, or too low. Especially spaceplanes really need the ability to model/simulate in a windtunnel to see how they will behave. I
  5. Hi everyone! Update 1.2 has just entered Experimentals! We’re eager to finally start the next phase of testing and getting ever closer to the 1.2 release. During experimental testing a crack team of experienced and hand-picked KSP players will throw everything they’ve got at the game to make it bend, blend and break in many ways. The goal is to catch as many bugs as we can, and to make the game as stable as it can be before we make a public test build available. Those of you who’ve been around for the 1.1 update will remember that we released a ‘pre-release’ test
  6. My former teacher sent me a link to an article about the test firing that NASA did Thursday to help man-rate the new SLS launch system. http://www.universetoday.com/130110/nasa-successfully-test-fires-mars-mega-rocket-engine-with-modernized-brain-controller/#
  7. I have conducted an experiment on the effects of physical time warping on take off. here are the details. CONSTANTS- same spacecraft used throughout, same mass(3.515t), SAS enabled before launch, Time Warp enabled before launch, Same pilot used.(Richwig Kerman) Control (no time warp) Max Altitude Max Speed TEST 1- 9,946 m 342 m/s TEST 2- 9,945 m 342 m/s TEST 3- 9,945 m 342 m/s Warp x2 ------------------------
  8. Hi, I think this Place can be used not only for construction but also for testing "with faster loading" it will be much easier to test surface bases docking. also adjustable gravity can be useful to rovers
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