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Found 5 results

  1. RULES: I post a thing that could fail horribly, and does. The next poster comes up with a set of famous last words to match the failing thing, and comes up with another dangerous system. This just continues for 1 eternity. Let's go! A man walking along a cliff falls off.
  2. Your challenge is as follows: 1. Select a historical spacecraft to replicate from the list below (but don't forget to Kerbalize it!) Sputnik 1 (LKO) Hubble Space Telescope (LKO) JWST (HKO around Minmus's orbit) ISS (LKO) Apollo 15 (Mun) Apollo 11 (Mun) Curiosity (Duna) Juno (Jool) Voyager (flyby of Jool to Kerbolar escape) Viking (Duna) Venera 11 (Eve) Luna 16 (Mun) 2. Land one of the following on its target body. 3. Submit your ship! Required screenshots: 3-A. Your ship in the VAB, with part count and mass. 3-B. Your ship on the launchpad. 3-C. Your payload in the target orbit. (For lander: Your ship in orbit of the body to be landed on) 3-D. Your lander(if used) on the target body. Badge (any completed mission) Featherweight Badge (any mission below 10 tons) Above and Beyond Badge (exceeding requirements, i.e. realistic launcher, realistic orbit, etc.) Please note: Every time you do a mission, you get a badge. MODS ALLOWED DLCs are, of course, allowed. MechJeb and other autopilot mods are allowed. Ask before you use a part mod. Mods that actually add any of the ships above are NOT allowed! That is classed as cheating. A major part of this challenge is the creativity needed to create these replicas. LEADERBOARD Unmodded @Akagi -Juno mission. 250,350 funds, 66 parts. 850.198 tons. STOCK. Done without NERVs or ions. Accurate orbit, semi-accurate launch vehicle. Above and Beyond! @QF9E - Apollo to Tylo. 220,959 funds, 212 parts. 561.069 tons. STOCK + DLC. Above and Beyond! Awesome down to the ULLAGE MOTORS! @Akagi - Sputnik 1. 20,034 funds, 93 parts. 17.316 tons. STOCK. This one and Juno are the only two ones I'm going to do. @Kerb24 - Sputnik 1. 29,572 funds, 48 parts. 55.678 tons. STOCK. Using accurate engines for once... @Falcon 09 Andy - Sputnik 1. STOCK. @QF9E - Luna 16. 32,797 funds, 74 parts. 75.134 tons. Above and Beyond! A spectacular lander, a not-so-spectacular launcher... @4D4850 - Venera 11. funds, parts. tons. Inaccurate launch vehicle, but no parachutes! *unfinished* @QF9E - Venera 11. funds, parts. tons. Accurate launch vehicle, no parachutes! *unfinished* Modded @Scarecrow71 - Sputnik 1. Stock + DLC. 19,459 funds, 23 parts. 43.420 tons. Above and Beyond for accurate orbit and launch vehicle! @BuranAce - Juno. BDB for Atlas V and solar panels. funds, parts. 0.00 tons *unfinished*
  3. It's REALLY simple. Poster 1: What will he say if Harry Potter plays KSP? Poster 2: "How can this thing fly without magic?" What will she say if Marie Curie plays KSP? This game shall end when this forum is end. I will be the first: What will he say if Tony Stark plays KSP?
  4. Go to The Three words story thread before playing this. The rules is: 1: Post 1 sentence each time. 2: Post 3 words each time. (The last thing you googled is equal to 1 word.) 3: Have Fun! 4: Never forget to announce a new page! I will start first. There's a ICBM Sorri for mi misspell.
  5. Jeb is on a vacation with his friends now. But KSC have a emergency mission! Jeb doesn't want to go back, so he calls his friends to help! Meanwhile, a group of assassins got a mission to kill Jeb! All you need is choose a side, and fight for your mission! Sides: Jeb's friends: Make sure that Jeb is alive and not going back to work! KSC: Make sure that Jeb is alive and bring him back to work! Assassins: Kill Jeb in all costs! CCC(Center for Chaos Containment): Stop this everyone from destroying the world! Examples: Poster 1: My side is Jeb's friends I take Jeb to the mun. Poster 2: My side is KSC I drive a rocket to catch Jeb. Poster 3: My side is assassins I throw a bomb to you. I'll start first: My side is Assassins I sniped Jeb.
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