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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to the "OneOscar" Fan Club! This is a standardized craft build to test your piloting skills at their smallest and most stylish limits! Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! "OneOscar" Biplanes make a wonderful addition to any aircraft collectors hangar! ("OneOscar SG" Featured) Craft Tutorial for "OneOscar FG" Below* The challenge is simple: Become a Member of the "OneOscar" Fan ClubTM How to become a member: **Build a "OneOscar" biplane, then use it to complete, or compete in, a community challenge. Suggestions are: "Threading the Needle" by @milosh "Lightest to the Island Airfield" by @azgar "Fastest Under the Bridge" by @Meta Jonez Join your chosen community challenge with your "OneOscar" and be sure to brag about your cool paint job or spin. Let them know which variant of "OneOscar" you ride so they can look at you in awe. Once you've completed that, submit a screenshot of your "OneOscar" with the addition of a link to your external challenge submission. (to get the link to your external post, click on the three dots at the top of your submission) *More detailed craft specifications and naming guidelines below for those who wish to build without watching the video. **Craft files for each variant will eventually be uploaded for enthusiasts who wish to fly, but not build. The challenge is to "use" the craft, express your Fandom over it's whimsical prowess, and otherwise brag about it in the appropriate thread, including and especially this one! Non-Club Members (guests) may still post in this thread, but membership will not be awarded until the main challenge mission is completed. Sample Submission: CLUB MEMBER BENEFITS Members will be eligible to wear earned Flair in their Signature. All members automatically earn the "OneOscar" Coin. "OneOscar" Club challenge coins (see post below) can be earned once you are a member. Coins are optional. The real joy will be the OneOscar in your arsenal. Other membership perks: Once you've completed the initial challenge your name will be added to the club database* at the bottom of this post and you will be eligible to earn Club Badges! (Badges are currently under development-Check the reply below) *Remember this is a club, not a gang. But if we start needing our own subcategories within challenges, then so be it. Build Tutorial: For above pictured "OneOscar FG" Shared Craft on the Forum "OneOscar FG"- "R2-Redo" (Pastebin) Other Club Compliance Guidelines and Specifications: "OneOscar" Wing Specs and Other Specifications: MEMBERSHIP ROSTER
  2. Don't be shy, brag about your accomplishments! The KSP Ribbon Generator lets you easily create a fancy collection of KSP awards. Ribbons are awards you give yourself for accomplishing feats of daring in Kerbal Space Program, using images created by Unistrut. Things like getting into orbit and landing on another planet - ya know, all in a day's work. The Ribbon Generator lets you choose which goals you've done, and combine them into a fancy image that you can put in your signature, or wherever you like. You can see mine in my siggy below. Version 2.0 ~ Now with the Grand Tour Shield! Kerbaltek is proud to be the home of the KSP Ribbon Generator. Unistrut created all the great ribbons and artwork used by the generator and developed their rules for use; and Moustachauve originally developed the web app, which has been completely rebuilt by us at Kerbaltek. www.Kerbaltek.com/ribbons Please feel free to contact us here or on our site with any support or other issues you might have. We'll do our best to address everything in time.
  3. I'm really hoping that KSP2 has steam achievements, and that one of them will be "return a kerbal from the surface of Eve". I did this in KSP1 but it was a huge (fun) struggle that consumed my weekends, all free time, and 6 failed Venera spacecraft. The whole time I was like: dang I wish I could just build a launch pad on the highest peak! Well guess where I'm building a colony in KSP2... Anyway, while Eve will still be challenging, the colony buildings and enhanced engines will probably demote Eve from "the final boss" to simply "really hard". I was thinking... if Ovin has an atmosphere, it may become the same monster that Eve was in KSP1. To be fair, we've only seen a few celestial bodies so the new "Super Eve" may be unrevealed or non-existent. It may be possible that Ovin fills a completely different role - maybe it doesn't have an atmosphere or is so huge that nothing is expected to reach orbit from the ground.
  4. What are your proudest moments in ksp? Mine was not eve in KSP. Mine was in Google. I typed 'Jeb' into the search bar, and -adiah Kerman was the first result.
  5. I've been wanting KSP achievements for the longest time and i think many others do too. We need to get squad to add this as it would add a new goal to the game if you will. Currently the game is fun as hell but if there was achievements in the game then we would actually have a REASON to go all these miles away to land on these empty planets and moons. Achievements for Landing on all the moons and planets like an achievement for each one as well as an achievement for landing on every body in the "Kerbol" System (except all asteroids maybe just one or something) or an achievement for crashing into the Kerbol star you know just some fun but challenging achievements would make the game have more purpose to explore and do challenging things. Yeah i know i said achievements a lot but that's because we NEEEEEEEEEEED them! It's important we let squad be notified and see this!!(I personally would like around 50 to 75 achievements for the game)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. There are https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Kerbal-Space-Program/achievements, how to make it work on Win10 KSP Steam version? Should a Win10-XBox-app layout be summoned by Win+G on KSP?
  7. Im pretty sure there will be a similar post, but couldn't find it and as i feel nostalgic tonight, id want to know your most positive memorable moment(s) playing this program. For me it will ever be the first manned Mun landing. I felt like all the NASA and Neil Armstrong itself! Also with the first interplanetary missions, specifically manned Duna landing (and returning! I also remember before checking forums the catastrophic rocket design miscalculation for Eve return, that granted my first stranded Jeb). Regards!
  8. (quote from devnotes here, emphasis mine) Graphics are being worked on for an achievement system, currently for consoles (it seems), though the achievements may be ported to the PC versions as well. What do you think? Do you think adding achievements to the PC version is a good idea, or do you think they would take away from the games experience/immersion/charm? Do you have any ideas for achievements you'd like to see? I think an achievement system; if well implemented and with good, interesting achievements (not "recover 1,000 pieces of debris") would add a lot to the game, helping add early goals and progress indicators for new players, and add interesting challenges for experts.
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