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Found 20 results

  1. Action Groups Extended Version 2.2 Can be found on the CKAN as Action Groups Extended Joystick and Controller Users: See this post for specific instructions to assign joystick/controller buttons to action groups. This mod respects career mode VAB/SPH progress and only shows unlocked action groups by default. To override and always have all action groups available, find the KSP\GameData\Diazo\AGExt\AGExt.cfg file and change the "OverrideCareer" value to 1 (one) from 0 (zero). You can also use the new stock ActionGroupsAlwaysAvaialble option in-game, found under Custom Diffic
  2. A little idea, i would want sensors so i can activate certain action groups when they detect things like distance, preassure or temperature :DDD (i'd love if this was added in both KSP and KSP2)
  3. I hope this hasn't been posted yet, didn't find anything. It would be nice to be able to add regular parts to the KAL robotics controller, like deployable solar panels, landing gear, etc. I'm trying to put solar panels on a hinge but they deploy too soon. Being able to sync them with the robotics stuff would be really useful.
  4. Hello, guys! Despite DOZENS of great mods and official improvements, still there are a few things I believe would be AWESOME to have in stock game, as it seems to me they are no challenge for professional programmers to add. 1.) Once you have a LOT of scientific experiments on your vessel/station - and we are going to have A LOT more with the upcoming DLC -, there would be great if we could open some kind of list/menu which shows them all in our assembling, so to, somehow, use them "remotely" while in IVA; 2.) The action groups are great and pretty much useful! And, yeah, 10
  5. I believe there's a mod which allows thrust-limiting engines through action groups, but I can't remember its name for the life of me. Could someone post a link? Thanks
  6. I'm having trouble with the new parachutes. They're great and fun to use, but I want to deploy them without right-clicking on my kerbal. So I took to the code. I searched the landing gear, lights, and RCS-related parts and couldn't find anything related to action groups. So how do you set them? I know it's possible to assign action groups and staging to kerbals, just get in an EVA seat. I know next to nothing about this stuff, so a video tutorial would probably help the most but I'll take any help I can get.
  7. Right now, SAS is hardwired to the SAS action group. As long as something can have SAS, it's toggled with SAS and ONLY with SAS. I think you should be able to remove and change this binding via the action groups menu. The SAS group would be automatically applied to every command pod/probe core/???. This way, you can toggle SAS with other action groups and have an action group that can invert itself briefly without any unintended results. An (extremely complex) example of where this would be useful is in a supermaneuverable fighter plane with an ejector seat; something I just happen to hav
  8. Holy sciencey title Batman! Basically what I'm suggesting is for SAS to be a module on command pods/probe cores that's automatically assigned to the SAS action group but can be removed and set on other action groups, just like the brakes on wheels and lights in lights and crew parts. What this would do is open up an entirely new action group with new properties. I know you can already set things to the SAS action group, but it's basically suicide to disable SAS mid-flight, especially in some aircraft. As for the "new properties" I mentioned a sentence or two ago, the SAS action group can be on
  9. Hi KSP dev team I found that toggling/deploy/retract drill in action groups for drill has been removed in the recent update, so I cannot toggle drills from action groups, it is annoying that toggle drills one by one, Also if it is possible that we can re-define the action group in flight.
  10. One last ditch effort. I can add and remove actions groups in runtime in my PartModule plugin, but they can't persist from editor to flight (probably also on vessel load/spawn), so i gave up on that front. To elaborate : i've tried with Action Groups Extended by @Diazo to have a look into mechanics of action groups in flight scene, and while i can add actions on the fly and use them, KSP "forgets" them from SPH/VAB to vessel launch. Next, i've discovered by "type - compile - run - duck and cover" testing i can add multiple [KSPAction("somename"]) above a single function and hav
  11. Hey guys, quick question here. BTW, I tried my best to search for an answer, but couldn't seem to find one, so I apologize if it's been asked before. Are there hotkeys for the SAS hold buttons? I especially use the 'hold prograde' throughout a lot of the ascent of my rockets. I'm visually impaired, so it's been a thing where I have to pause the game to give me time to find and click the button, and it's kind of getting old. Might there be a mod that allows me to assign these SAS holds to action-groups? Thanks!
  12. Need I say more? It was useful to be able to quickly switch a rover from a faster, stabler mode to one which enabled precision parking.
  13. I'm playing with the Iktomi build I did earlier this month, assigning an action group to all of the science instruments. Figured it would be handy for very brief passes through a planet's upper atmosphere. I'm finding that, with the exception of the Materials Bay and Goo, I can only trigger an instrument once using an action group. With the Goo and Materials Bay I can trigger a cleanup with a mobile processing lab, and then I can use the action group to trigger those experiments again. Not so with the remaining instruments; even after collecting the data from those instruments to the MPL
  14. I like to use action groups for things like toggling solar panels etc, but I find, if I haven't used any actions for a while, it takes two presses of the relevant number key before anything happens. Is this by design (maybe so you don't have something happen if you have hit the key by mistake), a bug, or something unique to my KSP world? It's not really a huge issue, I'm just curious! Regards Clipper.
  15. Hello guys, I am running a 64 bit 1.1.3 version of KSP with following Mods (updated) installed, but note that the problem did occure long after any game file changes. B9_Aerospace, Deployable engines, EasyVesselSwitch, Firespitter, Hangar extender, JSI, KAS, KAX, KIS, Kerbal engeneer, KW rocketry, Mark IV system, MechJeb2, NavyFish, Near future Props, Planetary Base, Procedural Dynamics, RocketSystems, OPT, Tac fuel balancer, Tweak scale. Actual Problem: I build a heavy lifter SSTO spaceplane using the MKIV system and the Sabre engines from B9 with the corresponding precool
  16. Okay, so the ability to set thrust limiters on engines is great, and with the exception of solid fuel engines, those thrust limits can be adjusted while in-flight. This is quite handy for things like reducing thrust output to make fine maneuvers without overshooting, or when using a VTOL craft with downward facing nozzles that need to be adjusted to balance the thrust across the mass. However, it does come with the limitation that trying to do this while in flight and (especially) under thrust is incredibly difficult. On a single engine craft this is kind of possible, on multi-engine
  17. 1.1 has removed the separate "Extend Legs" and "Retract Legs" options from the actions that can be assigned to Action Groups on landing gear, which was present in 1.0 and prior versions. Before 1.1, "Extend Legs" and "Retract Legs" were separate Action Group Actions, included alongside the "Extend/Retract" option. I'd made extensive use of that with my spacecraft setup, as with limited numbers of action groups available, my action groups were set up to do things based on what the ship was doing, rather than grouping similar types of parts. Having "Extend Legs" as an Action Group opt
  18. I had this mod, AGX. I didn't install it because I needed all that fancy sff and 250+ action keys... No, why would I have more keys programmed than my memory can remember... I installed it to cover a specific "flaw" in the game... That is, the impossibility of programming action groups in flight. Either because I forget to do so before launch or because I attach 2 or 3 ships and I don't want the action groups to do unwanted things... problem is, although AGX mod has some nice stuff, like the ablity to choose hidden parts, to include in actions, its interface must be one of the most d
  19. Hello, probably this has been suggested before, but i wanted to ask if the development team still is aware of this issue: When inflight, you often dock/undock vessels, and while the scrambled staging can be fixed inflight, the action groups cannot. For example: If i dock a ship to another and want to toggle all my solar panels by pressing (2), the game won't allow this. Or if i switch to a ship i haven't activated for a long time (Jool mission return crew saver rescue vehicle you know what i mean....), i simply can't remember i used (2) to activate the drag chutes, and PLOP
  20. The options that some parts have for action groups seems rather limited (or even a bit arbitrary). For example on an Elevon you can set action groups to toggle, extend and retract. But on the context menu for the same Elevon there are quite a few more actions available; state toggle (which covers the action group options), deploy toggle (inverted or normal) and a toggle for pitch, roll and yaw. The action group options "extend" and "retract" are kind of pointless when you have "toggle" and the really useful one to have as an action group (the deploy toggle) just isn't available as an
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