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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a mod that adds weather to KSP. I am not talking about simple clouds from EVE, but more functional, essentially a continuation of Kerbal Weather Systems. If anyone knows of an up to date mod, please notify me.
  2. The goal is to create a real world semi realistic sci-fi mod collection with the focus on (but not limited to) achieving off world self sufficient bases. It will probably be in the form of a "mod" (Real Solar Fiction) containing patches to glue everything together, based on my old project SpaceBori’s resource patches. I am not a developer, nor a graphic designer and I don't want to do work that has already been done. So the project should not be so realistic that it becomes too complex. For now we'll have 2 forks. One depending on Real Fuels and the other on Rational Resources. Both c
  3. I was wondering what the best version of KSP for playing modded playthroughs are, I wanted use scansat, part overhauls, warp drives, more planets, etc. Which version of the game is compatible with types of mods like this?
  4. Our researchers were digging in the Kerbal History of Space Flight and they tumbled over some long forgotten parts. Thanks to the work of our researchers and engineers here are the old parts from KSP. Download: SpaceDock Curseforge (3.7 available) Github Kerbal Historical Institute 3.7 is here!!! NEWS: - Updated the mod site after a long pause from KSP. It is still mostly working in 1.4 - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.7 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.6 is released. - Kerbal Historical Institute 3.5 is released. - Kerb
  5. **Announcement** I Am Not Going To Develop This Mod Anymore, See Page Two For More Information. And This Thread Has Been Locked As I Requested It. Valentina Kerman Rocket Development And Test Facility Public Development Release V0.6 "Moar Testing" | A Kerbal Konstructs Add-On Official Trailer By @miguelsgamingch or Me 80 > 100 Views from turning Unlisted To Public! Thank You Guys! (Launchpad 1A, Mods Used: FASA Saturn IB
  6. Kerbal Stories And Shouts (Kerbal SNS for short) is a plugin that is aimed at increasing immersion in your game. Ever wonder what your Kerbals do when you leave them on their bases? Ever wonder what your crew thinks of Jebediah? Ever wonder what the citizens of Kerbin really think of your space agency? Is Minmus really made of ice cream?? Kerbal SNS aims to give some 'personality' or 'story' to your Kerbals stationed on bases or space stations by answering silly questions like those above. Stories Building a base or deploying a station on another body is difficult, th
  7. Welcome to KSP-PAO, your space center's virtual Public Affairs Officer!! Introduction In real life the NASA PAO's (officers) do a lot! The one thing you might be most familiar with is their voice-over commentary during a launch or during mission operations. As a life long space nerd/geek/fan, I often have NASA TV on in the background, even while playing KSP. It was during recent ISS mission coverage that I got the idea for KSP PAO. Ever heard of the Telemachus mod for KSP? Well, it's an incredible mod that allows you to interact with KSP from a web browser or api. This has al
  8. FOR ROCKET USE ONLY: A Kerbal Sim-pit Build Log A name derived from the first piece I bought, a racing car ignition switch with "FOR RACING USE ONLY" printed across the top. This Project started mid 2016 and while its a matter of months off being in a completed form, like most maker projects, I don't ever think Ill be "Finished" with it Aim My aim is to make a sim-pit that surrounds a keyboard that includes a joystick (microswitch, not POTs) and as many switches and buttons I can. After many months of looking at layouts and design themes, I've settled on going for
  9. In the new Add-On I have the enoying bug, that the bigest fairing, the new 5m size one, is too big. It is larger than the bigest fuel tanks in diameter, and the fairing peaces are separated from an other. I have no mods installed, deinstalled it fom my original C:-harddrive, deleted all remains of KSP and I have reinstalled it on my other D:-harddrive as well. The bug is still there and I want to know if other people have this as well and if so, how to fix it, or that the KSP-Team fixes this bug, please.
  10. Hey guys, I want to ask something. What kind a good coding language for making addons?
  11. A mod inspired by 364, that had re scaled the distances to 6.4x and the planetary sizes 3.2x larger. This makes the game much more difficult, but still possible with stock parts, it truly is a game changer. Dependancies Module manager http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-130-module-manager-281-june-29th-2017-with-n-cats-physics/ Kopernicus http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/140580-130-122-kopernicus-release-4-june-15/ Sigma http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/126548-wip130-sigma-dimensions/
  12. Planet Staus: A Concept, No ideas or textures. Just Started making, May be a name and texture. First Prototype. May be planet pictures. Pre-Release: I will leave a link to download the planet for peeps to test. I want some feedback if you were to test it. PLS This means the planet is complete and it will be downloadable in a planet pack when it is released. The Planets Helios:A Hot-Jool style planet. it does not have moons yet. Moon 1: A lava moon. May have another small moon orbiting it Moon 2: A less Lava-y Moon. May have a big crack in it
  13. Hello I need some help with an idea for a little mod I thought of. I always thought that it was a little annoying that in order to build something in orbit, the only parts that are at your disposal are docking ports. To me, I feel like that is a problem. It limits your ships and stations to a more linear design because they do not support more radial construction effectively, due to their lack of fixed angles for alignment, and week strength. This is where my idea would come in. My idea is to add more parts for orbital construction for stations and ships. It will ad a couple pairs o
  14. These mods are all ribbon add-ons to Neried's Final Frontier, are were inspired by SmarterThanMe's Rank Packs. US MILITARY RANK RIBBONS Included in these mods are Enlisted Rank sets for the US Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, and Navy. Also provided are two versions of the Officer Ranks, one for the USAF, USMC, and USArmy, and a separate one for the USN, as their naming conventions are radically different from the other three even though they have the same symbols. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA RANK RIBBONS Requested by @slyfoxninja, these three packs are all inspired by
  15. I'm tired of having to use another piece or waste time on the bars to put the amount of fuel I want. If there is already this functionality in stock in some game or Mod would be happy to know. PS .: sorry for bad English
  16. Hello. Bluntly put: I don't know how to do this modding thing for KSP. I might not be the only one, and because I didn't see a topic already made for this sort of thing, this is open to anyone. I'll start it off I got three mods. I was an idiot and didn't write down the names although I could look it up in my history if that is needed. But I received this error message. https://gyazo.com/351f3ff1ee0d85a5402a3951330bd054 what do I do to fix this?
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