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Found 14 results

  1. Firstly I would like to give my thanks to @swjr-swis and @Snark for the multitude of suggestions on my little journey. Thank you! Now, After taking in the advice given by those fine gentlemen(or ladies) I have constructed this- These are screenshots of several versions of the plane I made. The first iteration, S-32, was too unstable so I added vertical stabilizers and shifted the canards forward and the ailerons back. S-32.2 had issues with heat so I added the nose cones to act as an ablative heatshield. I also added heat sinks for the engines and the nose cones. S-32.3, I added batteries at first because the craft was running out of electricity too fast from the heatsinks. After another test or two, I added that third engine to put her over 1700 m/s. The next issue to be addressed is how to eke out more power from the Rapier engine. When that is done I need a new method of dealing with the temperature without sacrificing aerodynamics. Would any of you kind fellas have some suggestions to help me achieve my dream of being the fastest air-breathing jet around? Many thanks, -guy
  2. After taking into account the wisdom of the last post I have created this- https://imgur.com/a/vAMcB4I I know she is small but she can reach a top speed of 1842 M/s before the wings disintegrate. That leads me to the present, the craft is far too unstable at those high speeds, and the pre-engine coolers are the first to be destroyed at those speeds. This is mainly because the plane likes to pull up but is highly responsive at the hypersonic speed she is moving at, so I am dammed if I correct and dammed if I don't. The issue with the Big S-2 elevons I am using as wings also need to be dealt with. I tried to fit heat shields in front of and in the middle of the wing but that seemingly does nothing. Here is the craft file for you to experiment or have fun with.(I made a few upgrades since those screenshots were taken.) https://kerbalx.com/JetGoFast/S-34 If anyone finds a solution it would be very appreciated if you could describe that you did the comments below. Thank you, -guy
  3. Please could you explain me how to use Kerbal Konstructs and how to build bases with it. I have KK and Kerbin Side installed, but I don't know how to use them. @NHunter please help if you can too.
  4. I've recently posted two videos to YouTube now. I think they're pretty good myself, but they're not without flaws. For one thing, twenty to thirty minutes long. I think the problem is that I want to add all the shots into the video that I've made. In the second one, I condensed each shot in an effort to try to shorten the video, though the problem is that I repeatedly put very similar scenes (e.g. the space tug reentering the atmosphere and landing) into it, still making it too long for a normal video. You can watch the videos here and give me some constructive criticism and advice so I can note it down for future videos.
  5. Hey everyone, coming back to the forums after a long KSP hiatus. I made a flag for my new corporation, and I would love help/advice on what to do with it. Mostly it has to do with improving readability. I like the design, but its kind of blurry at a distance. Any design advice would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks, Cadet_BNSF
  6. Having problems manouvering in space, especially executing manucer nodes. How do i make rockets that manover well preferably without adding WEIGHTMine currently have no reaction wheels and all parts are mirrired radially (sometimes double & tripple ect on same rocket). On the staging indicator (bottom left). There are the normal orange arrows and the pink ones that are off center. thanks
  7. I am planning a launch mission to plant a small, well not really small, space station on a D-Class asteroid with a LONG period, because I can. The crew will four 5-Star veterans. The trick is I am not sure when I should launch. My space station launch vehicle has 13,447 m/s of delta-V to work with. I know I should aim for a rendezvous a or shortly after the asteroid reaches its periapsis, but I'm not sure of the best way to do that. On the picture below I have marked the current location of the asteroid (red star), and the four options I can think of. As it says on the picture, the asteroid will reach periapsis in just over 1 Kerbin year. I would like opinions on which option I should use. Please note the asteroid's orbit is moderately inclined to Kerbin's, and descends below the ecliptic just before periapsis. The first option is marked by the green triangle, and that is the current location of Kerbin. The idea of launch now is to put the space station into an elliptical orbit out beyond Duna, and have the space station arrive at or near the asteroid's periapsis at about the same time as the asteroid and importantly on about the same plane, so I have to do is burn like hell to match velocity. An earlier launch attempt that I aborted because I only had one Kerbal aboard showed the delta-v required to match velocity would be about 6000 m/s. Perfectly doable with this vehicle. The the other options would involve direct flights, and not launching for at least a Kerbin year. The next option is to launch when the asteroid is at its periapsis, and I have marked the approximate location Kerbin will be in with the yellow pentagon. An advantage of this is that I won't need to muck around with timing arrival at the periapsis. I will also be catching up to the asteroid while it is decelerating, which might save some delta-v. The disadvantages are that I have to wait (I hate to wait), and rendezvous will probably not happen until the asteroid is out past Jool (meaning more waiting). The third option marked by the blue rhombus is to wait a few weeks after periapsis, and catch up to the asteroid as it decelerates out. In retrospect I think launch there is about the worst option. The forth option marked by the pink square is to launch when I can get the maximum boost from kerbin, in about 1.5 years. The burn to catch up the asteroid will be enormous, and as will the burn to match velocities. So which one would you choose. Below is a picture of the asteroid's orbit. I'm sending my Kerbals on a very long away mission. And I'm not sure I will ever try to get them back.
  8. Hello fellow kerbalnuts, I am here today to ask you a very specific question and here it is: Is Take on Mars worth 21 dollars?
  9. So, I want to create a plugin to add a wheel to the game to emulate a hovercraft.. The wheel should have the following properties: Invisible wheel, visible around the attachment point. Cannot be destroyed, even without cheats active. Does not affect aerodynamics. Has long suspension, meaning that too much stress can cause the vehicle body to scrape the ground. Has suspension in all directions, instead of just up and down, if possible. Constantly uses EC, otherwise the wheel will stop physical interaction, in addition to the EC required to make it move. Can slide more easily left and right than forward and back, if possible. Custom, or no sounds from the wheel hitting the ground. Can anyone help me outline the steps I should take to implement this idea? I've never written a plugin before, aside from some basic part cfg editing.
  10. Hey people! I bought KSP for PC 4 days ago, and I need some starting advice: 1) I understand basic vehicle building (well, except for aeroplanes. Nobody can build those right), but I REALLY want to send a spacestation into space in sandbox mode! Any suggestions on how? 2) It is INSANELY hard for me to get into a full orbit without undershooting it (running out of fuel) or getting an orbit but not going fast enough to stay in one, making me fall back to Kerbin. How do I solve this? 3) Is it possible to build a base on Kerbin? If so, any advice on how? I want to try to do this in sandbox mode so there are no limits. Any advice?
  11. hi guys, I'm going to Eeloo for the first time and I have done the calculations and I have more than enough. But as Eeloo is on an inclined elliptical orbit, and ksp.olex.biz assumes things are circular, which they arent. so how do I know the transfer window? and Idk how to use alexmoons thing so if someone could explain me that would be helpful
  12. Hi All, Been doing some browsing and have narrowed my options down to a couple of pathways. My current monitor is a >10yr old 20inch, 1680*1050 model. I can either: Get a decent 1920*1200 monitor OR Get a monitor with a lower, 1920*1080 resolution but with nVidia's G-Sync technology. G-Sync dynamically alters the refresh rate of the monitor to match each frame as it is produced, this has multiple effects on image quality and by all reports is quite effective. I am torn between enhanced image technology and increased resolution - up until now I have always regarded resolution as the most important factor in image quality. Right now my main attraction to greater resolution is greater viewable area rather than quality - 1920*1080 is still more pixels than I have now, but Im not all that fussed about having a *wider* screen over a *larger* one. But choosing 1920*1200 I am missing out on G-Sync, a potential waste of capability and basically free quality improvement. Thoughts? Thanks! ***original post*** Hi all, The next upgrade I want to make to my computer is a new monitor. The one I have now is an ageing (>10yrs) 1680*1050 Dell 20incher. I'm relatively au fait with computer components and the like, but as you can see I havn't bought a monitor in quite some time and there are a lot of new words floating around, such as "OLED", "IPS" etc. Basically I would like to know what I should be looking for in a new monitor. I don't need it to be huge, I have selected 1920*1200 as a target resolution (I can't be having with all this "HD" BS, thats for TV's and Xboxes...). Are there any display technologies I should look out for? (IPS, AMOLED etc.) Which buzzwords should my new monitor have on the box? ("SPLENDID Video Intelligence Technology"!!!, HDCP?) What are the most respected brands in the display world? Are there any brands (or anything else) that i should avoid like the plague? Lots of monitors now have some BS about "blue light control" or somesuch, is that just marketting speech? Which stats are the most important, and what are considered "good" or "great" values? (eg: response time, brightness, contrast ratio, refresh rate etc..) Thanks!
  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum, so I figured I'd ask you guys for some advice! I currenly have my space station at a 100km orbit of kerbin. And though I'm able to refuel it, I can't seem to make the process both cheap or fast (fewer trips).. Do you guys have any advice/designs that would make refueling my space station an easy task? Picture of my space station:
  14. My highest aim is to a collection of lessons and anecdotes learned the hard way from exploring beyond the Mun. There's some humor along the way- I hope it's appreciated. By now in my first career I've planted some flags, made some gravity turns, even scribbled some maths, but nothing could prepare me for the long journy of the Ike-razy.. In hindsight, it's over-engineered. I've been holding onto this idea of a re-usable lander for a while now. First I built a 10-ton Mk2 lander before I had the full-size docking port unlocked...First words of advice: Clamp-o-Tron Jr. is not a good option here unless you like maneuvering with a jelly noodle. So anyway I'm headed to Ike with this new 4-ton lander and a good crew now that I have me some humility, and here's the thing about my new clever lander: Make sure your CoM is spot on when something's riding the nose of your rocket! I thought it was good enough...but it was only good enough to keep me drifting southward throughout my ascent...needless to say landing was a bundle of joy as well. So Jeb is stranded in LKO at the moment and before I realized I was going on a three year trip, I figured he'd be fine. So I took Val, a scientist, and an engineer...or so I thought. Kerbals are tricksy creatures, always double check your crew manifest in between VAB edits. I'm not saying they pulled a switcheroo on me...but I'm not saying they didn't either. The end result was I took Val and two engineers to Ike and back, so much for that science grab... I'll gloss over the nitty gritty, there's lots of tutorials for that...I hit my window, escaped Kerbin, I even made a sweet aerocapture around Duna that helped me return to Kerbin with 1000 dV (almost 3x my planned margin!) So here I am in orbit of Ike...minus 1 RCS block and my lander's solar array...WOOPS! Yeaaaaa...when you're planning an aerocapture, don't skimp on retractable solar panels!!! Or just don't extend them? I dunno...there's a lot of details here. Now, the real mistakes come out...Probably don't cut corners on RCS when you're planning some interplanetary docking business either. I may have decided I didn't need RCS on my lander to dock it which, strictly speaking, you don't. But, especially when you DO put monoprop on it...just add the thrusters. Your one pilot will thank you when they don't have to EVA several times to get the un-stabilized crafts situated before docking. So I docked this sucker with an empty lander floating through space and an asymmetric RCS arrangment. I'm almost done, promise. Here I am on Ike, and then I have one thought to share about return. Pretty snazzy low-tech lander right? Yea...it's gone now. To my friends comtemplating interplanetary adventures for the first time: Returning an object to a Kerbin orbit that you actually WANT it to be in from a Hohmann transfer without aerobraking...is hard. Even with the 1000dV I returned to the Kerbin SOI with, There was NO WAY I was putting that glass house into a reasonable orbit...I jettisoned it and let 'er burn!! So, tl;dr, I like to learn things the hard way, and bite off more than I can chew. Learn from it, laugh at it. I thought I'd contribute something to the forum, it's been a huge help to my space program! To anyone good reading for laffs, I'd love build and maneuvering advice!
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