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  1. This is an unofficial continuation of Ferram Aerospace Research by @ferram4 updated to latest KSP version. The original thread can be found here. New source code repository: https://github.com/dkavolis/Ferram-Aerospace-Research All content now licensed under GPL v3. From the original thread: Update to version "Mader" (Note for Kopernicus users: DO NOT overwrite MFI that comes with Kopernicus since it is locked to that particular version) ALL USERS: NO LOGS OR REPRODUCTION STEPS = NO SUPPORT Original Review:
  2. Make hitting the ground a challenge A runway is a death trap designed to kill pilots who do not understand the concept of Ground Effect, a phenomenon created by communists to allow ships to fly with tiny wings. This simple mod adds Ground Effect to the stock aerodynamics, by applying extra forces over existing wings. It allows ground effect vehicles (GEV) to work properly. Features Increased lift over terrain and ocean Reduction in Induced Drag Up to 200% more lift at closest proximity
  3. Update to version "Liepmann", now with voxel-model based aerodynamics! ALL USERS: NO LOGS OR REPRODUCTION STEPS = NO SUPPORT CKAN USERS: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST Users who put issues on Github are awesome. Please consider being awesome. Original Review: Aerodynamic Failures: Building a spaceplane and talking about editor GUI stuff: Features Shape-Based, Vessel-Ce
  4. Release Thread This is a very simple mod that increases the lift of a lifting surface at close proximity to ocean, terrain, or buildings. It makes it a little harder to hit the ground. Though far from realistic, it allows ground effect vehicles to function nicely. Drag isn't decreased, but at least it considers wingspan. All of these are old: Ekranoplan of course: https://gfycat.com/TenderIllHedgehog Floatiness over the runway: https://gfycat.com/slowordinaryamericancreamdraft Test of old version: https://gfycat.com/HoarseFixedGroundbeetle Requires Module manager Test
  5. So I have been trying to model the physics in KSP for a while, using kRPC. I am trying to compute the air drag acting on my rocket so I can compute the trajectory. The kRPC states that the dynamic pressure is a measure of the strength of the aerodynamic forces (link) and the formula is 0.5 * air density * velocity2. Now the KSP wiki states that the atmospheric drag follows the same fomula with an extra constant (coefficient of drag * cross-sectional area). Hence I assumed that when I fly my rocker straight up, where the aerodynamic forces is basicly air drag downwards (numericly checked), the
  6. I am always wondering how aerodynamics is being calculated in KSP? For example, I want to know how does the game calculate the force produced by the wing(s) while flying in a specific speed. Any equations (as detailed as can be) will be appreciated.
  7. I created an SSTO to take to different planets on my Space Station. It worked perfectly without the ducted fans. With 1.9, I decided to try them to save fuel and weight. Now, every time it is airborne, it slowly twists to the left. I keep SAS on, but it does not help. All parts were applied in mirror fashion by the system. From what I can tell, my center of gravity is slightly ahead of the center of lift, just like it should be. Both are going down the center of vessel. After displaying my aero forces, the root of the problem is in the cargo, from what I can tell. It seems that the cargo is no
  8. as the wiki page states you need to have a understanding of the forces at play to get the most out of your turboprop i want to use the kal-1000 to dynamically change my angle of attack relative to my air speed but cant find a way to do so. alternatives are welcome because i cant find any way to change the attack angle passively that would be effective.
  9. To whoever may have experience with this kind of problem. I have recently encountered a problem in the 1.8.x versions of KSP in which a Mk3 spaceplane (stock + mk3 expansion) was struggling to break 300m/s with 11 tonnes stowed. When in previous 1.7.x versions the craft had little issue with a 40 tonne to orbit payload. This took some time to uncover as to why the plane lost so much performance over the update and it turns out that the stock mk3 cargo bay parts are no longer shielding any contained parts from aero forces during flight regardless of open or closed state. Because this is
  10. I saw in yt that ppl can make free-shape wings as they like (in the past version). Is there still a function like this stayed in ksp, or again add-ons?
  11. I have encountered a bit of a problem while designing how the re-entry of a large rocket will work. I have a 3-2 converter at the top of my rocket under my command pod. It would be the heaviest thing on the rocket with a mass of almost 17 tons while full. During reentry, the rocket would almost certainly flip and burn up. Question: Is there any way to drain all of the fuel off of a tank without accelerating or moving? If I could, it would reduce the weight to just under 2 tons which should be easily manageable.
  12. Hey, guys. This is my first post here but I have a question which I am hoping someone could answer for me. There is a certain common feature lots of the Russian rockets have like the Long March versions and the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX where the head of the rocket has a bigger diameter than the middle and then the end of the rocket has a diameter similar to the head. So the rocket has a thinner part in the middle. Is there any aerodynamic reason for this or is it simply to use up less material? I have no idea about rocket shapes and have every little experience with stuff like this but it
  13. Hi there, I'm an aerodynamics student and am looking to do the same kind of medium-fidelity aero modelling that's done with Ferram Aerospace - the calculation of aerodynamic coefficients, stability derivatives, and the like for some arbitrary body, and as functions of Mach number, AoA, etc. Does anyone know if the developers compiled a bibliography/list of references/papers for the algorithms they implemented? If not, is there any information on how their algorithms work, or could anyone recommend some papers I can look at to get started? (I'm familiar with basic flight dynamics theory already
  14. Hi all, Does anyone know how KSP computes aerodynamic heating on vehicles in the atmosphere of a body? I've found some basic relationships on aerodynamic heating in this chart package (slides 17-19), but I'd like to find out what KSP does and uses. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks!
  15. I would like this discussion to be a place to share personal interests related to KSP. Aerodynamics, rocket science, physics, chemistry, etc. People can ask questions about real life topics they're interested in and learn about things others are interested in.
  16. So I recently decided to make a larger plane than I normally do. But whenever I make turns or pitch it goes forcefully then goes back down. I've noticed it happens around 100 m/s. I's Guessing it is drag because I learned that with my rockets. Please excuse this horrible question I have very basic knowledge on aerodynamics let alone in KSP.
  17. So I wanted to use one of my premade planes but now when I try to fly them, they just spin out and go wild. Also I do use cheats in my science save cause why not. Though I only use Unbreakable Joints, No crash damage, Inf Electricity and Inf Propellant. I have accidentally click on the physics tab but went back. So I don't think I changed the aerodynamics myself as they worked the last time I play KSP. Was there a change I wasn't aware about? Also running 1.4.1
  18. I'm making some really big truss segments, but the procedural drag cube treats each part like it's clad in plastic. When falling through the atmosphere, it basically drifts down like a feather. I could just make the parts super heavy, but they're supposed to be made of lightweight materials. Anyone had a similar problem in the past? I could use the help
  19. Good day! We are looking for the best aerodynamic model, in passing figuring out the properties and characteristics of certain parts in KSP 1.2.1. Finding the golden mean between minimalistic craft and one large fairing is a very important aspect of the game. At this time, I've written a series of video experiments for you to see firsthand the effectiveness of different models. These five KSPeriments relate to Kerbin. How to make the perfect craft? Let's find out! I'm going to regularly update this thread with new videos. B
  20. KSP Version: (Windows 7 x64), fresh install, fresh sandbox savegame. I keep this particular KSP install for such testing only. Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Description: if there is a long enough part inside a cargohold that consists of two shorter ones, then drag is applied to the payload. (I think its because the game thinks that payload part is clipping through the cargobay. Although visually it is only clipping through its front or its back as it is longer than the cargobay.) I also think the problem is known. But I'm not sure. Also I'd like to know if it's gonna be fixe
  21. An audible sonic boom when a part surpasses the sound barrier would be a nice touch. It would add a bit more realism and satisfaction.
  22. My spaceplane somehow has more drag acting on the nose during re-entry than on the delta wing and tail, causing it to be unstable and flip to retrograde no matter what I do. Why is the drag so mismatched? The center of lift is well behind the center of mass.
  23. This rocket has been having stability problems on its 2nd stage. I have checked everything that normally makes rockets unstable. The center of mass is way above the center of lift, I checked for clipping parts, I strutted everything together. It hasn't helped. Through making the winglets into an entire wing, I managed to make the 1st stage only just stable, however no matter what I've done, the 2nd stage is still unstable. I've moved the wing as far down as possible, but it still flips. I have no idea why, and would like some help. I don't know how to upload the craft file, so I cant
  24. So, I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but ladders have a ridiculous amount of drag. I've had them create as much drag as a Big-S Shuttle Wing on some occasions. Now, is there any nice way to make drag cubes check for other drag cubes existing in the same space, or would this be an absolute nightmare for anyone to code? I don't know a thing about modding on KSP, so I am posting this as a request, but if anyone knows some of the basics on how to do this, I'd be willing to try my hand at it.
  25. I suspect that this one should be reported already, but I'd report this issue nevertheless. After 'Revert to Launch', payload in cargo bay gets draggy(Large reaction wheel in this case). It does not happen when the cargo bay is not the root part of the craft. Here's the screenshots to confirm this issue. Before the 'Revert to Launch': After the 'Revert to Launch': Here's the craft file: http://pastebin.com/YkVZPzCA I'm using latest version of 1.2.2, with V.O.I.D and Editor Extension Redux installed. I think this should happen in stock, though.
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